[Recap] Her Legend – Episode 2

The next episodes are pretty generic but necessary to understand what will happen when the young characters are adults. Brace yourself for more clichés, you know you love them!

Her Legend-Episode 2 (1)

Do Young saves Jung Soo from the loan sharks. Since Jung Soo doesn’t know her uncle’s address or phone number, Do Young takes care of her after reporting to the police that a child might be missing. They spend an amazing day together. Jung Soo even takes her to her old house which happens to be in the same town (coincidence #1, remember?). It’s heart-warming to see how Do Young finally gets to feel like a mother and Jung Soo finally has someone who cares for her like her mother used to do.

Her Legend-Episode 2 (2)

As they’re about to have dinner, Jung Soo can’t no longer hide how much her stomach hurts. Do Young takes her to the hospital right away and finds out that Jung Soo is suffering from a bad infection caused by an overload of stress * cough * Mi Yeon * cough * She only needs some antibiotics and rest, which is a relief because we weren’t ready for our lead character to get that terminal disease just yet. Uncle Ki Jung, who, to his credit, had the courage to confront the loan sharks to bring back his niece, and Aunt Mi Yeon come to the hospital after the police contacted them. Mi Yeon made a point not being subtle about how they have no money to pay the hospital bill and how hard it is for them to take care of Jung Soo. No matter how conflicted she is, Do Young has no other choice but leave Jung Soo with her legal guardian. Still, she pays for the hospital bill.

Her Legend-Episode 2 (3)

Once Jung Soo is better, she gets discharged from the hospital and goes back to her uncle’s where Mi Yeon still complains about their misfortune and their poor lifestyle. Jung Soo still thinks about Do Young, her “Ajumma”, who had lent her a pair of shoes since Jung Soo had lost hers while running away from the loan sharks. Uncle wants to be nice and buys her a new pair of red tennis shoes which he totally fails to give her without triggering Mi Yeon’s and Kyung Hee’s wrath because he dares spend the little money they had on an orphan while he apparently never gave anything to his own kids. (Again, I do understand their resentment and where they come from, but do they have to be so freaking mean about it? Leave that poor kid alone) Mi Yeon wants Kyung Hee to have the new shoes and Jung Soo to have Kyung Hee’s old shoes. (Cinderella much?) However, Kyung Hee doesn’t stand how Jung Soo is willingly offering her the new shoes because it makes her feel being looked down on while Jung Soo seems to be almighty and generous when she actually can’t afford to be. Kyung Hee throws the shoes at her.

Her Legend-Episode 2 (4)

Do Young misses Jung Soo so much that she goes back to the cabaret right before it gets taken down. She manages to save Jung Soo’s books and few other personal items, then she heads to Seoul, happy to have an excuse to see Jung Soo. Since Mi Yeon is sick, Jung Soo wants to make her her mother’s special medicine which requires some honey. The pot is on the highest shelf in the kitchen cabinet, so she asks her cousin Kyung Ho to help her aaaaand he breaks the pot, then runs away, leaving Jung Soo taking all the blame as Mi Yeon mourns over the loss of this very expensive honey brand and doesn’t care at all that Jung Soo was just trying to be nice to her. Do Young walks into the drama and asks to talk to Ki Jung. While waiting for him, she takes Jung Soo away for a private moment and Jung Soo gives her back the pair of shoes but asks her to keep the box with her belonging since she doesn’t have her own space at Mi Yeon’s house. It’s like you can see Do Young’s heart breaking as she tells Jung Soo to always speak her mind whether she’s happy or sad or hurt, because that’s what brave people do. They’re not afraid to say what’s in their heart. Before she leaves, Do Young buys another pot of the same expensive honey for Jung Soo to bring it back home. (In your face, Mi Yeon)

Her Legend-Episode 2 (5)

Do Young keeps thinking about Jung Soo and suggests to her husband she might have found someone to adopt. The next morning, Jung Soo asks Mi Yeon to send her to school and promises to help her at home in exchange. Mi Yeon says no because they have no money. Jung Soo promises to give her money when she grows up which Mi Yeon laughs off. (Woman, why so much negativity?)

Jung Soo is left alone and receives a phone call from Kyung Ho who lies and says he forgot to take the money his mother had left for him. He asks Jung Soo to bring it to him. However, as Jung Soo is taking out the money from Mi Yeon’s hiding place, Mi Yeon comes home and starts nagging again about how Jung Soo is a thief and a liar for trying to blame Kyung Ho. Mi Yeon kicks her out. Literally. Jung Soo is left standing outside, crying. This is where Do Young finds her and witnesses Mi Yeon slapping Jung Soo. Do Young tries to talk some sense into Mi Yeon, but whatever. Mi Yeon only speaks money, so when Do Young asks if she can take care of Jung Soo, Mi Yeon sees an opportunity and needs time to think about it which means time to figure out how to make Ki Jung accept to “sell” Jung Soo. (I mean, that’s exactly what’s going on in here, no matter how pure Do Young’s intentions are). Anyway, Jung Soo really wants to be with and runs after Do Young to let her know. They cry in each others’ arms.

Her Legend-Episode 2 (6)

After visiting Do Young’s beach house and unsubtly asking for a big amount of money while pitying her for not being able to have children (really, Mi Yeon?), Mi Yeon promises to convince Ki Jung to give away Jung Soo. Ki Jung eventually gives in, seeing that this might be actually the best he could do for Jung Soo to have a bright future. Kyung Hee is so furious and jealous to see that once again Jung Soo is the lucky one while she’s the one stuck in the poor family with no perspective of the ambitious future she dreams of.

Her Legend-Episode 2 (7)

Jung Soo moves in with Do Young and lives in a dream. Mi Yeon and Kyung Hee come visit. Kyung Hee almost faints from jealousy and runs away after seeing how big Jung Soo’s new room is. Kyung Hee cries and cries, telling her mother she should have died to give Kyung Hee a chance to meet and be raised by a nice ajumma like Jung Soo is about to. (Kyung Hee, why so mean? I don’t like Mi Yeon, but dang that must hurt to hear so much hate from the child you’re sacrificing your life for). Kyung Hee really takes it at heart as she cries herself to sleep while Jung Soo is being tucked in by kind Ajumma. Let’s take a moment to look at the face of Envy.

Her Legend-Episode 2 (8)

Because the episode had to end on a tragic note… On their way to the airport and pick up her husband coming home early to meet his new “daugther”, Do Young gets into a car accident. Jung Soo and her are injured.

Her Legend-Episode 2 (9)


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