Kim Jho Kwang Soo – Kim Seung Hwan : “Why is our wedding such a big deal?”

Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon’s wedding was the talk of the first weekend of September. This upcoming weekend  should be all about director Kim Jho Kwang Soo’s since it’s the first public gay wedding in the history (?) of Korea.  Here’s a short interview…

“If you don’t make a fuss, the world won’t acknowledge you.”

There’s only one week left before film director Kim Jho Kwang Soo (48) and Rainbow Factory CEO Kim Seung Hwan (29) get married. The meeting took place in a coffee shop in Jongro-gu, Seoul. “There isn’t just one or two things to take care of,” they said, looking obviously tired yet showing the sweet excitement of a couple about to get married as they answered this interview.

“To be honest, the reality of the situation hasn’t sunk in yet. My concern is having everything prepared the way it should be. Since our wedding will be like a festival, we must make tremendous preparations to make something great.  We have 5 daily meetings for the wedding. It’s driving me crazy.”
(Kim Jho Kwang Soo)

“I’m so out of my mind that I don’t know what to say to my parents when they call me. A call came not long ago. My mother told me : “my friends want to come, so what are you planning to do for the meal?” . It was indeed a fair question, but I was so lost that I told her “Mom, I’m too busy right now, so you’ll have to help yourself”. She must have been hurt, right? (laugh) Practically speaking, the food question is a tough problem because we’re having an outdoor wedding and we invited more than 1,000 people just a month ago.”

Film director Kim Jho Kwang Soo is planning a marketing strategy like for a movie premiere. Thanks to his connections to manhwakas (Korean cartoonists), he created cute stickers and a poster for his wedding.

“I wanted to let people know about our wedding as if it were for a movie. I wanted it to do it in a fun and creative way. It’s true that a lot of people hate gay people and the idea of gay marriage. I wanted to defeat this hate by creating cute, beautiful posters and postcards. This aversion is the reason why we decided not to wear wedding dresses for our wedding. There’s still a great aversion toward men showing things considered to be for the female gender.  It wouldn’t be ok to have these people feeling uncomfortable about our wedding just because of that, so we gave up on the idea to wear wedding dresses.” (Kim Jho Kwang Soo)

The wedding will be held on September 7th next to the Chungkyecheon Kwangtong Bridge. Finding a venue was a long process. Because it was a “gay wedding”, they were turned down many times until they were able to secure a venue by presenting it as a rally. This wasn’t their only problem. They had to struggle also to select the master of ceremony, someone to sing the congratualtions song and guests. “A lot of celebrities told us they wanted to come but they couldn’t because of their agency. I asked one or two idols groups, top stars to sing at our wedding, but just like I thought, it wasn’t an easy matter.”

(for the record, they asked SHINee to sing and Kim Hye Soo to be the master of ceremony)

Film directors Byeon Young Joo, Kim Tae Yong and Lee Hae Young that were brought together for the EBS program called “Cinema Paradiso” will be the masters of ceremony.  Gang Heo Dalim (강허달림), Joyful Island (신나는 섬), Idio Tape (이디오 테잎), Huckleberry Finn (허클베리핀) will sing at the wedding.

Was it also hard to have guests for your wedding?

KJKS: Some of our guests are coming but asked us not to write down their names on the list. They disregarded their agency’s opinion for us. A lot of my friends were sorry, so I told them to be at ease and it was okay. When you think about it, stars rely on their popularity to eat and live, so isn’t natural for them to be sensitive and careful about the public opinion? I told them I understood.

Aren’t you accused sometimes to show off?

KJKS: Aren’t we a part of a minority? Our wedding’s title is “the natural/righteous wedding” because this isn’t just our wedding, it is meant to ensure that our society will change. The world doesn’t change if you don’t make a fuss to be heard. It’s not because it’s about us and our personal story that this is such a big deal.

KSH: At first, I didn’t really like coming forward this way. I wouldn’t have come this far if it weren’t for the social meaning this “rigtheous wedding” stands for.

You made your coming out and are preparing your wedding. Do you feel a change around you?

KJKS: When we were looking for a venue for the wedding, we didn’t really feel that the social atmosphere had changed. We realized once again, more than what we expected, how the doors are still closed for the minorities. However, it is true that the number of people willing to accept us keeps increasing. Not long ago, I was a part of a street awareness campaign and it was surprising to see such a good response. I feel like young people will make the changing process go faster.

KSH: Seems like our wedding is more worrysome than the Seoul candlelight vigils. (laughs) [t/n: he probably refers to the 2008 US beef protest.]  (laugh)

You held a press conference in front of the National Assembly on August 22nd. What was the Congressmen’s reaction?

KJKS: That day, anti-gay groups made a bigger impact than we did because it’s a systematic move from Christians who loathe gay people. However, the Congressmen’s assistants were very friendly. The response was good.

KSH: They said they were hurt because they hadn’t received an invitation to our wedding. It was cute and interesting to see this kind of reaction.

It seems like the fight to get gay marriage legalized will be much longer than having a wedding ceremony.

KJKS : Indeed. I think it will be a long fight. I’m working on a documentary to plead our cause. It won’t just be about the two of us. I also want to show gay couples raising a family and being happy. The first who wanted to participate was a lawyer. This documentary will also help to form an advocacy group.

Do you have any regret of making this tough decision?

KJKW : I think that the fact we’re together makes me feel like we can do it. I’m an overoptimist. I feel more excitement than worry. I have this feeling that we have troubles ahead, but they’ll be outweighted by the good stuff that will happen.  I’m noy saying this is a mortal combat. We just want to show that gay people can have a happy and non-messy life. It will break the prejudice. We do need to fight and take our protest to the streets, but we will also fight in our own bubbly/clever way.

KSH:  In the end, the only thing we want is to see everybody happy. When you think about it, isn’t it a good fate to make this choice [to try to make a change] and live this way?  That’s what I tell myself sometimes.

For more pictures and promote their action, you can check out this facebook page :

Source : tvreport via Nate
Translation: onesunnylady
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    Félicitations et vive les mariés!

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