Behind the scenes of Kim Jho Kwang Soo’s wedding

This post is just about the updates on the Facebook page that takes you behind the  scenes of the “One Fine Day, the righteous wedding”. I assume other sites will talk about it, so I’ll just post a summary of what happened.

– They had the show they wanted. They sang and dance like for a musical. They looked happy and nervous. So much pressure.
– They didn’t wear the dresses like they had planned because they didn’t want to make people uncomfortable and fuel the fire they knew they had already started. However, they did pay a tribute to the late André Kim by wearing his all-white signature outfit.
– Some Congress…women (I only read about women, so I don’t know if Congressmen came too) were there. Many people such as professors took the stage to give a speech about the future they wanted for Korea and its citizens with no discrimination.
– About an hour after the wedding started, one man rushed to the stage carrying a garbage can full of a feces-soybean paste (? okay whatever it was, it was filth and just ew) mix and he tried to throw it at them. Police took him away.

You can hear KJKS saying he’s okay and tell the crowd to stay calm.
– Another man disturbed the ceremony by coming up on stage with his slogan and shouting his disapproval
– KJKS and KS had planned to start the legal fight on September 9th by trying to register their marriage. However, they decided to postpone this action as their lawyers need more time to prepare all the paperwork they’re going to need to make sure this issue won’t be dropped once the game is on.

Update #1

On D-1, was posted a picture with this short but sweet message.

We couldn’t think we’d find someone to love
We couldn’t even think we’d ever be able to talk about this love
We couldn’t even think that we’d be able to marry openly
We met this person to cherish and made us believe that all of this was possible
After thinking deeply and being hesitant about it, we decided to stand in front of all you
We know there’ll be struggles as well as happiness awaiting for us and that’s why we need to have a lot of people supporting us. Please come and we hope you’ll be here to light up the rainbow road we have ahead. We will welcome you with a beautiful image more than any other couple could have.

Kim Jho Kwang Soo - FB Update (2)

Update #2


Cab extra charges paid…
Wedding dawn… People against the prohibition of discrimination and who started praying for the eradication of same-sex marriage are already gathering where we’re putting up the stage for the ceremony. They’re clapping and singing. While blocking the police we dispatched and the staff installing the equipement to demand that they stop, scuffle broke out with the police. Although the sun rose, they plan to stay here, if the one living in heaven has seen enough of your devotion, how about paying that extra charges and go home now?
Kim Jho Kwang Soo - FB Update (3)


Update #3

[H-3] First wedding monetary gift received!

After the troubles we faced early in the morning, a bright sky is blessing the wedding of the century! However, an anti-gay marriage gathering is planned across the bridge at the same time of our wedding. Dear guests, protect this equal love and give us your blessing!

Kim Jho Kwang Soo - FB Update (4)

Update #4[H-2]

Rehearsal starts!
Monetary gifts, performance staff everywhere
You’re ready to go? ^_^)/
6pm at the Cheonggyecheon Kwangtong Bridge
Kim Jho Kwang Soo - FB Update (5)


Update #6

[NOW] The wedding of the century is starting now.
We’ve prepared various performances that will take place until the bouquet is thrown at 9PM
Kim Jho Kwang Soo - FB Update (6)

Update #7

[ing…] Someone talking about Jesus forced his way onto the stage and threw sewage. When they speak hate, we speak love.

Kim Jho Kwang Soo - FB Update (7)

Twitter update

Finally, it’s September 7th. Today, we’ll hold our happy wedding ceremony in front of Gwangtong Bridge. I want to hank you for congratulating us. Thank you. We will live happily.

via equallovekorea@Facebook ; and thank you dear friend Reece for your help
translated by onesunnylady


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  1. Mello says:

    Je n’aurais pas flouté le visage du troubleur de fête…il savait qu’il y aurait des caméras.
    Je ne comprendrais jamais les gens qui font ça, qui investissent leur temps, leur énergie sur de la haine contre une minorité déjà opprimée.

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