Brian and Hwanhee from FTTS still being cute “Day by Day”

It’s still warm to see singers from the first idol generation interact and being all cute.

Fly To The Sky is probably the group I regret the most not knowing from this era. On October 12nd, Brian and Hwan Hee had this cute little Twitter conversation. As you probably know, MYNAME, the group Hwan Hee mentored, had its comeback on October 11th with “Day by Day”. Brian decided to show some love the next day.

Everybody~ Show some love to “Day by Day” by MYNAME! The song is great kekeke Guys~ Fighting…

Fighting fighting… Which singers debuted with a song also called “Day by Day”. Right, Brian?

Brian tweeted back on October 16th : “Kekeke Would it be Korea’s best male duo? Keke

Okay, so I don’t know if it’s actually Hwanhee who handles his Twitter account, but anyway ! That was totally cute and right now, we all need to listen to this ! The visual kills me every time. You gotta love the 90’s. YOU GOTTA LOVE THE 90’S!

And Hwanhee will be discharged from the military by the end of the month. I want that second full album like right now.


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