20051111 – 1TYM talks about the painful process to create their 5th album

1TYM - 5th album (2005)

Popular hip-hop group 1TYM stood again in front of their fans after two years of hard work.

1TYM stood on stage with their 5th album which carries even more the 1TYM sound and this time around, they plan to quench their fans’ thirst only for two months before taking another long break.

“1TYM always takes a long time to prepare an album, but that’s because 1TYM works on every aspect of the making process,” Danny said to summarize their two-year break.  “We’ve been active for 8 years, but getting on stage after taking a long break makes  everything more exciting. That’s why our fans can also see us through a new perspective,” he added about their anticipation for their promo activities.

1TYM is a hip-hop group that managed to bring the hip-hop genre to the mainstream scene and bring together the aficionados and the general audience. However, as 1TYM is ahead of promoting their 5th album, they’re ready to go to another three-year hiatus as member Oh Jin Hwan will leave for the army.

We caught up with these 4 hip-hop warriors who spent most of their 20’s under the name 1TYM.

“1TYM’s 5th album disregards the audience”

1TYM revealed that they made their 5th album without taking the public’s taste into consideration. We grew curious about the meaning of the words “[album made] disregarding the audience” because 1TYM brought hip-hop to the mainstream scene.

“If we can say that the songs we made from our 1st to our 4th album were easy for the audience to follow and sing to, with this album we included a lot of subjective stuff important to 1TYM. This album was made regardless of the audience’s taste,” 1TYM explained.

“We always put a lot of thoughts in each album we made, but we think this is one is the most personal one. Some people may think the album is a bit heavy, but people familiar with our music will receive this album with ease,” they added, confident about the carreer they built doing hip-hop for the past 8 years.

This 5th album is filled with 1TYM’s most personal emotions, but it will be an album with the greatest taste ever for the fans who grew familiar with their music in the past 8 years.

The blues*, 1TYM members who fell into depression

1TYM’s Song Baek Kyung received hospital care for depression. Then, starting with Baek Kyung, the blues spread to the other 1TYM’s members who underwent hardships together.

“Depression is something that can happen to anyone,” Song Baek Kyung easily said.

The cause of their depression was this album. They described the 6 months they spent together in the United States to work on this album as “a method they’ll never want to try again”. They stayed together for 6 months in the same house in the US (it was in a suburb with nothing around but a few private houses, Jinu from Jinusean was the only one who visited them).  Eating, recording, writing lyrics and composing songs in this house was a process of endurance/patience.

4 months into living this way and one day, Song Baek Kyung without talking about it asked Danny to buy him a plane ticket to go back to Korea and the members sent him back home.

Song Baek Kyung remembered this time as he said “after I came back to Korea, I lay down without a thought. I went fishing, I went to the hospital and once I recovered my strength, I started working again. I communicated with the other members of the group by phone or by the internet and this is how we managed to finish the album.”

Then Danny showed his satisfaction when he said “in order to stay committed to our work, we purposely chose a place where people rarely come and go. It was hard, but we endured it well and I think we did a good job with the album through this process.”

1TYM’s image after Oh Jin Hwan leaves for the army?

With Oh Jin Hwan going to the army, 1TYM will take a break for three years. However, 1TYM taking break doesn’t mean that Danny, Song Baek Kyung and Teddy will take a break.

“I’m forming a special group. I want to make a music different from hip-hop. I want to do something with some old school funk beats,” Song Baek Kyung explained about his futur challenge to try another music style. Then Danny showed anticipation for his second solo album’s activities as he said “it was too bad that my activities for my 1st solo album which I released under the name Taebin got entangled with 1TYM’s 4th album activities”. And Teddy said he had plans for solo activities that would remain hip-hop.

As 1TYM members talked about their individual projects after their 5th album’s activities, they all emphasized one thing. “In three years, we’ll be able to do activities for our 6th album.  1TYM is absolutely not disbanding.”

“What 1TYM wants…”

1TYM released 2 albums in 4 years but their promotional period was 4 months. Still, there’s one reason explaining the public’s undying love for them, it’s the way they interact with their fans when they’re performing on stage.

“Every day is priceless. We have this feeling that things are falling off with every day passing by. We hope people will come and see us on stage,” Teddy revealed. Danny, Song Baek Kyung and Oh Jin Hwan shared the same hope.

As 1TYM said having “accordingly planned activities to go on stage for two months”, they revealed they would tour in 10 small and medium-cities and perform in hip-hop clubs. “We won’t promote for a long time, but we want to have a closer interaction with the audience.”

These 4 hip-hop warriors who were under the name 1TYM at the beginning of their 20’s dedicated most of their turbulent and hot youth to 1TYM and hip-hop. Then 1TYM dedicated themselves to their vision and what they wanted to stand on stage with their 5th album.

1TYM always makes their fans wait for a long time and the group say being confident about this album they’ll make it worth the wait by showing great performances on stage. The 1TYM saying these words felt somehow ingenuous.

(t/n: the Korean expression is “heart’s flu”)

via Newsen ; thanks to @canoeknits for the editing

As usual, I was looking up something very specific on the internet, then I got distracted and I randomly googled 1TYM. I did get a bit sad to see articles from like 2002, 2003 (I was still cute and young back then), so I googled 1TYM interviews next and here’s what I found.  I do remember talking with other fans about the facts stated in this interview, but I don’t remember actually reading about it. Even if it was already shared some time back in the day, it never hurts to share it again, right? Thinking that it was almost ten years ago… I didn’t know about them when they were still active, but I can only imagine how their fans felt when they read interviews like this without knowing back in the day that :

a) the 6th album wouldn’t be happening (and dang! while I’m typing this, I’m still hoping somehow maybe for their 20th anniversary?)
b) Taebin’s 2nd solo album would never be released (and back in 2007 I was just joining the fandom and I was so sure it’d be one of the first Korean album I’d buy)
c) Teddy’s solo activities wouldn’t be releasing his own music but turning into YG Entertainment’s most powerful producer.


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  1. Pu ~ 뿌 says:

    Thx for this interview… I really miss that time. I love ur blog and now i’ve been reading though many interview articles here. Thx for ur kindness. I’m a big fan of Se7en since 2003 actually so better call im a YG fan. Reading this and suddenly thx god that i met Danny 2 years ago in person. It fulfilled my wishes, hope i can meet another 3 members as well.

    1. 1sunnylady says:

      Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed reading these old itws. I guess Danny is the only one back in the “spotlight”. I wonder if there are still 1TYM fans who stop by Baek Kyung’s restaurant just because they’re fans and they want to support him this way too. How I wish I could meet them too. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment 🙂

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