[131014] Tiger JK : “I can’t promote in a proper way… It’s frustrating.”

Tiger JK
Earlier this month, Tiger JK revealed how someone he has yet to identify is acting like his manager and basically crushing every chance he had to promote by turning down gigs for festivals, concerts, photoshoots. This is related to his previous record label which he left in July to create his own and take full control over his career.

Tiger JK’s voice sounded sad over the phone. It seems like he’s very upset over situations not going the way they were supposed to. On October 14th, he tweeted his suspicions that someone pretended to be his manager and sabotaged his schedule and performances [booking].

After writing this message on Twitter, he held a phone interview with Starnews and was upset as he said “when I left Jungle Entertainment, my previous company, I realized i was surrounding by a lot of negative things. I don’t know who spread rumors about me saying things like I was a rascal, that it was hard for me to do activities because my health was bad, that I asked for an exorbitant price to perform.”

“Since I was in contact with no one for more than a year or six months, when I got in contact with others afterwards, I was asked a lot if something was wrong with me. That’s when I found out that thirty of my gigs got cancelled. As you can see, I released an album and right now I’m in a situation where I can’t promote it properly”.

After severing his ties with Jungle Entertainment and ending his contract in July, it’s with his wife Yoon Mirae and rapper Bizzy that Tiger JK founded his record label Feel Ghood Music. After 4 years of absence, he released his new album “The Cure” and set out regular promo activities, but he says that the circumstances are nothing to be satisfied about.

Tiger JK explained “there’s me, Mirae, Bizzy, our two road managers and that’s it. When I left, I didn’t know what to do to prevent these rumors from being spread. Because of these rumors, the ads offers, the requests to perform, there were problems with everything. Mirae and I thought for a long time about our PR method and the only way we had to interact was by SNS, so I left a message to ask people to contact us directly.”

Although he worried that his hasty action leading to various suppositions about how he came to leave the agency he had been through thick and thin with for 8 years would cause misunderstandings, he wanted his father who is being treated for cancer to see him working hard.

“My father is receiving treatments right now. Despite his disease, as a former journalist, he wrote (?) everything himself, either press release or album review. When I was attending on my father and saw him doing this, I wanted to scream,” Tiger JK said.

He asked him again in a way that would make this stern message about relapse prevention instead of his comment coming off as just a sharp warning. “When the album got released, my father asked me why I didn’t have activities. Leaving the company was a way to make my sick father happy. However, I’m sad to see that it only gives him more worries. Not knowing what to do right now is just frustrating.”

Tiger JK debuted in 1999 as a member of hip-hop duo Drunken Tiger. As he released 8 albums in the past 11 years, he established himself as the godfather of Korean hip-hop. After dating his music partner tYoon Mirae for 7 years, he married her in 2007 and they had a son. On September 13th, Tiger JK released his first album in 4 years and is currently promoting it through various activities.

via Starnews


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Mello says:

    Wow…I’m speechless. Je ne sais pas quoi en penser, on dirait que quelqu’un a effectivement oeuvré contre lui (et MFBTY).
    Les pauvres, j’espère que la situation s’arrangera bientôt et qu’ils ne seront pas dans le rouge pour payer les dépenses liées à la réalisation de l’album.

    Normalement ils étaient aux States le 16 novembre je crois, en tant que performeurs pour un truc de musique asiatique, une compétition pour amateurs. J’espère que ça n’a pas été annulé au moins…

    1. 1sunnylady says:

      Leur avantage, c’est d’être bilingue, donc je pense qu’ils n’ont pas de problème pour tout ce qui est promo à l’étranger parce que les gens vont directement vers eux. Ce sont plus les gens en Corée qui avaient probablement le réflexe d’aller voir leur ancienne agence… j’espère que ça sera leur dernier coup dur pour 2013 et ils feront plein de projets en 2014

  2. Mello says:

    Oui..au moins ils peuvent se produire à l’étranger. Dire que Tiger JK était le CEO (ou co-fondateur) de Jungle avant. J’en reviens pas que son propre label se retourne contre lui. Faut dire qu’ils ont très peu d’artistes mais quand même.
    Ils sont sensés faire le show pendant 1h avec les chansons de leur album là-bas (aux States), j’espère aussi qu’ils iront au Brésil où ils ont pas mal de fans. Et que s’ils reviennent en France, ils passeront par Paris au lieu de Cannes lol *croise les doigts*

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