[131218] Kim Woobin talks about his role as Choi Young Do in “The Heirs” [1/2]

Kim Woo Bin

“Getting so much love like this, it’s awesome.”

When asked to act like Choi Young Do and say something to the fans, this was how actor Kim Woo Bin (24) expressed his gratitude with a smile.

Kim Woo Bin played hotel heir Choi Young Do in Wed-Thurs drama “The Heirs” which final episode aired on December 12th. Interfering between Kim Tan (Lee Min Ho) and Cha Eun Sang (Park Shin Hye), Young Do was a good role branded as the evil disturber. However, behind his sharp gaze and his snarky way of speaking, Kim Woo Bin expressed accurately a deep heartache while he turned into the most popular heir in “Heirs”.

“I’m the biggest beneficiary of “Heirs”

Trendy rising stars always meet a deciding point in their career. This was what “Heirs” was to Kim Woo Bin. To the viewers, he left the impression of the actor Kim Woo Bin who has a charm. He was also smiling with appreciation as he called himself the biggest beneficiary.

“It was an evil character, so I’m very thankful to those who supported and liked him. A lot of people asked for my autograph after the shooting was done. On the last day of filming, writer Kim Eun Sook asked me if the drama was a good thing for me and I answered that I was the biggest beneficiary. It’s the emotion I feel. I’m very thankful. Support, love, expectation, pressure, thanks. I felt all these emotions. It’s a drama I’ll never forget.”

Choi Young Do’s reversal speech sizzled with vulgar words when you read the script. However, when Kim Woo Bin found Young Do’s specific sly intonation, this feeling took a 180° turn.

“When I started studying acting, I tried to use the character’s back story from the scenario. I studied the “100 questions, 100 answers” method. That’s how I created the character. The script was already good, so his speech came out naturally. “Again what?” “Do it”, -ly”, a lot of people enjoyed this way of speaking. When I was signing autographs, a lot of people requested to hear even just one word. I’m thankful for Young Do being given entertaining lines.”

Kim Woo Bin can say this distinct aspect came from the script, but if it weren’t for him playing that role, would someone else have been able to capture Young Do’s way of speaking? That shows how well he understood the role and how he was the right choice. Kim Woo Bin was also able to discover parts of himself and similarities with Young Do.

“My acting teacher told me to bring out sincerity. When I act, I try to bring out emotions from the inside. Be it a big or small difference, if I’ve experienced something similar, I try my best to bring it out. I’m shy of strangers, but I joke around a lot with my friends. I also make evil jokes, I create really awkward situations. I wonder if this wasn’t something we had in common.”

“The reason I became friends with Park Shin Hye who was born early in 1990…”

A lot of people made this year more overwhelming than ever for Kim Woo Bin. Several names appeared in his interview. First of all, there was scenarist Kim Eun Sook who he worked with on “A Gentleman’s Dignity”, then “Heirs”.

“I was thankful for the good words she told me during the “A Gentleman’s Dignity” days. At that time, it was too bad it was for a short time and I was nervous  a lot [?]. So when the drama was over, I told myself that I’d like to work with her again and she called me sooner than I expected. She has faith in me, so I worked really hard because I didn’t want to disappoint her. She’s a writer I want to work with for the rest of my life because she trusted me when she had no reason to and called me again. If she asks me to be a part of  her next project, I’ll say yes.”

He also expressed his gratitude toward his co-stars Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye. Although he doesn’t make friends with people born early in 1990, judging from the story of how he became friends with her you can feel the friendly atmosphere on the set.

“I learned a lot from Min Ho-hyung on the set. He has a lot of experience and he’s a good actor. Shin Hye was born early in 1990 and I was born in 1989. I’m usually not friends with people born in 1990, so Shin Hye told me that if that was the case, I should call her “sunbae”. That’s why we became friends. Ah, that was a close call. Thanks to this, I was able to act with ease. It was comfortable to act while looking in each other’s eyes. She debuted ten years ago, so there were a lot of things I learned from her.

Kim Woo Bin expressed his affection toward the actors and the staff he worked with for “Heirs” by calling them his “family”.

“I’m thankful to the sunbaes who helped me acting with ease. They really worked hard. I wanted to take care of my adorable dongsaengs, but they’re the ones who gave me strength, so I’m thankful to them too. I hope the “Heirs” family and I can keep seeing each other through a good project. I feel like I came back from a great trip.”

“Lee Jong Suk is a good friend towards whom I also feel apologetic when the word rival is used.”

Among the constant hits of SBS Wed-Thurs dramas, there was also “I Hear Your Voice” with Lee Jong Suk who he’s close with Kim Woo Bin. After KBS “School 2013”, wasn’t it stressful to headline a drama on the same network?

“I contact Jong Suk quite often. He was actually in the drama. There was a scene where Eun Sang and Tan go buy shoes and since it was a brand Jong Suk models for, his picture came out. It was funny,” Kim Woo Bin said smiling. “I’ve never considered Jong Suk as my rival. He started his career as a model and an actor way before than I did. The word friend is accurate. I think I’d feel sorry if the word rival was used. I hope we’ll get many opportunities to laugh together. This is the only thought I have, I never thought about things such as comparison between us. I want to work again with him in the future after more time has passed. If we do it now, I’m afraid people would see us as Nam Soon and Heung Soo. (laugh) He’s a friend I love a lot.”



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