[20131016] Song Jae Rim: “I’m a taciturn person? I can be funny too.”

Song Jae Lim - Two Weeks

You know how 2013 was all about male models, right? Lee Jong Suk, Kim Woo Bin, Kim Young Kwang, Lee Soo Hyuk, Hong Jong Hyun… EYE CANDY ALL OVER THE PLACE. Well, there is Song Jae Rim too. He’s a bit more low-key, but I think he has had a steady career for the past two-three years. Fun fact: Lee Jong Suk was in 2NE1’s “I Don’t Care” MV and Song Jae Rim was in 2NE1’s “Go Away”. Look where Lee Jong Suk is now. Song Jae Rim is a ’85 liner, but he’s still young and he can get there too. This interview is about his role in “Two Weeks” (MBC) which is, by the way, one of the best dramas of 2013. This interview has been waiting here for too long. If you want to read the spoilers, just highlight the “blank” spaces.

“I’m a taciturn person? I can be funny too!”

We met Song Jae Rim who received love for his role of the killer Master Kim in MBC Wednesday-Thursday “Two Weeks” that ended recently. He’s tall, he has a small face, sharp eyes and a deep gaze. Before we met him, we thought he was a cold person because he played perfectly the stone-faced killer in “Two Weeks” and the warrior Woon in MBC’s “The Moon That Embraces The Sun”. However, the Song Jae Rim we met couldn’t stop sharing his thoughts on acting and behind the scenes stories during the drama filming.

“I do wonder too. Why do I only play roles like a killer or a warrior? (laugh) I think it’s because of my looks. I think I’m not expressive, so somehow it gives off this masculine vibe. Everybody thinks that I’m quiet. I seem to be taciturn. However I’m not taciturn. When I’m not familiar with someone, it may be the case, but when I’m close to someone, I talk a lot. I think people see me like the characters I play, but I’m actually bright and fun.” (laugh)

Song Jae Rim was complimented for his role as Master Kim, the charismatic killer raised by Moon Il Suk (Jo Min Ki) who ordered him to kill Jang Tae San (Lee Jun Ki). He received attention for his unreadable poker face and how he wanted to kill Jang Tae San. In the latter half of the story, he meet his real father Han Chi Guk (Chun Ho Jin) and even showed some humanity. Song Jae Rim didn’t have many lines, so he had to play this killer through body language and not through words.

“I think I was able to act like this because we had a good writer and a good director. Playing a role like Master Kim doesn’t come just like that. I think the story was solid, the lines I was given were tasty. To be honest, there wasn’t a lof of explanation to my character. It was fun for me to fill in the blank and give him a backstory. By speaking only a few words, I had to convey the emotion through my facial expressions. So I did a lot of thinking. I told myself not to fall into the trap of being expressionless and dull. I had to show emotion in very brief moments, so I tried my best to be detailed.”

As a model turned actor, acting was always Song Jae Rim’s first dream. He went to an acting acadamy to become an actor while he was a model at the same time. It’s true that the tall and small-faced Song Jae Rim became popular as a model. It’s also true that standing in front of others for his model activities helped him in his acting. However, as he said that being a model and being an actor were two different things, he said he wanted to keep acting and showing himself as an actor.

“When I was young, I was determined to be an actor without knowing what it was. While I get roles, what I think is that I’m still young, but I’m gaining work ethic as an actor. When I was filming “The Moon That Embraces The Sun”, I told myself that this was how I wanted to earn a living, so that’s why I must improve my acting. These various experiences helped me build my own philosophy. Besides, I became more aware of wisdom and acting. Acting is a job that requires for you to give feedback to yourself. I want to become an actor who gains experience one role after the other.”

Song Jae Lim - Two Weeks (2)

Song Jae Rim was majoring in systems engineering (?), but he said that the college life didn’t suit him. After his military service, he studied video. He grew interested in fields like filming, storytelling. Besides acting, he revealed that he was interested in lighting, props, visual, editing and got closer with the filming crew.

“The actors and the filming crew are in the same boat. I think we need to understand each other. I don’t know what it is, but if we’re not on the same page, then it won’t work because we have to work together to make the drama happen. A drama isn’t about you doing well on your own. I must do my part of the job first, but I also have a lot of interest for things outside of acting. I want to become a staff member on the drama set.” (laugh)

When asked if, as an actor, he had a role model, he answered he didn’t have one. He said he wanted to become an actor who people enjoy working with on set because he believed that a good result would come out if the people working on the drama enjoy the process. More than being the actor living off the script he’d rather like the drama to be well received. He was an actor who really enjoyed being on the drama set.

via Starnews


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