[20131218] Kim Woo Bin talks about his career and his hobbies [2/2]

Kim Woo Bin

My bad. Ithought it was a 3-part interview, but the third interview is just a mix of these 2 parts. Sorry ! 

When you talk about Kim Woo Bin, he has this “rebel” image.

From “A Gentleman’s Dignity”, “School 2013”, film “Friend 2” to “The Heirs”, he displayed a rough charm as a he continuously played a high schooler always on the edge, but he smiled when he said it was a misunderstanding that he only plays rebelious roles.

“A professional rebel? I have no aversion to it”

“I played diverse characters, it just happened that the dramas that did well were the ones where I had the rebel role. I did play roles where I was innocent and silly, but the ratings were low or the drama finished early because it was cut down. A lot of people express their concern for me being stuck with this image. Even so, I don’t tell myself I won’t do a project because I’m asked to play a strong character. Every character is different, so the perception is also different. I don’t think I’ll reject a character just because of this side of him.”

Then, “I was merely shooting public service ads against violence in school. There were a lot of scenes in this drama where I bully and hit other kids. I hope people will understand it was for the purpose of the story,” Kim Woo Bin requested and caused laughter.

For this drama, he played a character who experienced his first love. Sometimes, Kim Woo Bin strongly expressed Young Do’s emotion, sometimes it was more delicate. How was his first love?

“There’s no standard for what is called “first love”. I don’t know what a first love is. I think I’ll be able to answer 10 years from now. I experienced an unrequited love. During my school days, I had a crush on my science teacher who looked like a singer I loved, but I don’t recall  experience like this when I act. I immersed myself in the role to match what was in the script, I didn’t think about anything else. My acting teacher insisted on not lying when you play a role.”

Every time Kim Woo Bin talks about acting, he mentions his teacher who is the actor Moon Won Joo. He’s still active as an actor even now, there was a time when him being Kim Woo Bin’s acting teacher was brought up.

“I became acting thanks to him. I wanted to emulate him. Before playing a character, I learned how to either write its background story or do the “100 questions 100 answers” to understand the character. He still uses this method too.”

“I learned calligraphy, ballet, jazz dancing when I was a kid”

Moon Won Joo helped him a lot after he started his acting career, but before that, his parents supported him and encouraged him which was a great strength for him. From what he explained, his parents used a different parenting style to raise him.

“On my mother’s side of the family, everybody is tall. Ever since I was a kid, I was taller than every other kid by a head. I was in middle school the first time I talked about being a model. I couldn’t greet people well at that time because I was very introverted. At school, everybody laughed at me when I said I wanted to be a model. But my parents always supported me. The only thing they forced me to do was to read books and watch movies a lot. When my friends were suffering from the stress caused by the college entrance exam, I had it easy for most parts. I could study anything I wanted to.”

Kim Woo Bin had a delicate sensitivity unlike his masculine appearance. As an actor, he carried various charms. When he was a kid, he took calligraphy, ballet, jazz dance lessons and today he said he enjoys painting which gives him a type of sensitivity setting him apart from the other men.

“My mum made me take ballet and jazz dance lessons. I did ballet with the other mothers. I did it for a year, but I don’t think I had any kind of potential. I wish I could dance and sing, but it’s not easy. I also took calligraphy lessons, because my dad did calligraphy as a hobby. My mum also made me write a lot with a fountain pen, so even today I still enjoy scribbling around and painting. It’s not a talent to show to others, it’s a healing thing for me.”

Is there anything someone as versatile as Kim Woo Bin can’t do? “Singing”. The fans enjoyed the songs Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye personally sang for the “Heirs” OST, but Kim Woo Bin didn’t participate.

“I can’t sing. I asked my CEO to find me a vocal coach to teach me how to sing. I mean I love musicals, but you must know how to sing first. I was asked to sing for the soundtrack, but I couldn’t do it because my song could have ruined the drama. I want to practice and take up this challenge later on. I think it will be an honor to sing for a soundtrack.”

“For the end of filming party, I cleared my schedule in order to drink all night.”

On his days off, Kim Woo Bin mostly reads or paints or exercise. Also, he never misses a drinking party with his friends.

“When I was a kid, my mum made me read books against my own will, but I still read a lot today. I paint too, I exercise. It’s not that I’m a good drinker, but I like the atmosphere. My alcohol tolerance is one bottle of soju because this is when you can have many honest discussions. Since it had been long time I had a drink, when we held the ending filming party for “Heirs”, I cleared my schedule for the next day in order to drink until dawn. It was a great party and most of people stayed until dawn.”

Kim Woo Bin would be thankful for any role, but he confessed that he wanted to do a family movie.

“When I watched “The Pursuit of Happyness” the first time, I cried. After that, I wanted to do a warm family movie. I’d like to try this kind of role one day.”

He’s currently hosting Mnet music show “M!Countdown” and he will also be a MC for the SBS Drama Awards ceremony.

“I’m thankful for being the drama awards ceremony MC, but it’s also stressful because I can’t disappoint. I try my best to get rid of any anxiety and to stay focused. I have some stress while hosting M!Countdown because it’s a live show, but I still do it. Since the ceremony is also airing live, that’s why I’m worried. I hope the script will come out fast. I’ll try to follow my sunbaes and not to make any mistake.”

There’s not much time left before the end of 2013, but Kim Woo Bin can successfully end this current year. He starred in three productions this year alone and he was loved by the public.

“I’m thankful for being able to be a part of three productions in a year. I didn’t rest, but I was happy to work. I hope to be even busier next year. I want to show an improved and different image. I want to take one step closer to the public.”



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