[20040229] Lexy talks about her first album, drinking habits and her ideal type

Lexy - 1st album

“Sexy star” Lexy is a singer who can enjoy talking over a drink. For many reasons like not being able to reach the degree of completion for her album, being hacked, she spent 5 years preparing her debut album. At some point, she even started showing early symptoms of depression. However, with her debut album, she grabbed the first spot of music programs and her fancafé has more than 50,000 members.

I met Lexy in a bar in Hongdae where she shared her thoughts with honesty as we were having a drink.

# Alcohol story

– I heard you can hold your drink…

After I said once in an interview (Sports today December 25th 2003*) that I can easily drink up to 3 bottles of soju, people around me now often tell me as a joke “let’s have a drink”. It wasn’t soft alcohol, but I hope people don’t mistake me for a drunkard because I said that the most I drank once was that time when I had 3 bottles of soju.

– Do you attend a lot of drinking parties these days?

Since my album got released, my schedule is usually full with more than 5 activities a day. Before, I would sometimes go to drinking parties with my friends, but I have no time since my debut, so I almost never have the opportunity to do this kind of thing. I think that when my activities for my 1st album are over I’ll buy a drink to the people I’m so grateful for.

– The drink buddy you remember the most…

1TYM and Jinusean. They’re my oppas and we’re in the same company. When I was going through a hard time while preparing this album, they would sometimes take me out and buy me a drink to cheer me up. When it happened, I would tell them “the day when this will be to congratulate me will definitely come”. Somehow, I think I can keep this promise with what’s happening these days, so I’m happy.

# Men and music story

– I wonder if you gave chocolate to one particular man on Valentine’s Day…

You know I don’t have a boyfriend. Why are you like this? I did think about giving my managers chocolates to soothe my lonely heart, then I decided to just bear with it.

– Isn’t it like creating a boyfriend then?

These days, I’m eager to have a boyfriend. I have a schedule every day and when I went home late at night, I sometimes used to tell myself how great it would be if I could call my boyfriend and seek some comfort. However, in the end, after I had this thought, I promised to myself to stay focused on music instead of men.

– Does your ideal type ever change?

Such as I am, I’m a consistent woman. I like men who can be sweet yet also charismatic. When I meet this kind of guy, I can even show a lot of aegyo.

― You already have 3 hits on your first album…

There was “Novice”, then “Let Me Dance” and now I’m promoting “Girls”. We have plans to promote two more songs. I don’t know when my promo activities will be over, but I think I’ll stop after we release the music video for “Oath” which is already shot. In this MV, you’ll see me turning into a cyber Amazone.

*  and I googled it and no, I couldn’t find it. Help me? Anyway, here are Lexy’s 3 first videos for her first album.

Original article: sportstoday


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