[20040505] Lexy – “Goodbye to my first album and count down to the next one!”

Lexy - 1st album

“If I’m gone for 5 months, I wonder if another singer will step out and take my spot… That’s why I’ll come back soon. ‘I Will Be Back’ in October with a good image.”

When asked how she felt about ending her first album’s activities in April, Lexy (25) expressed the desire to come back right away which expressed her fear of the void.

She prepared her debut as a singer for 5 years, but it seems like the 5 months of staying away from the scene feels longer than those 5 years. The fact that the audience is unpredictable is what’s stressful and scary about the fickle celebrity life. Lexy said she’d come back even with better songs and the sexy charisma that is her strength. She asked the audience to wait for her and do the countdown until then. More than the first album which reached a degree of completion with personal stories that matched the level of what other singers show in their 3rd album, this second album will be better and meet the expectations of her fanbase that grew with the success of her first album. This is the promise Lexy makes.

The 1st round is over and Lexy went back to her corner. She shared the disappointing part of her activites and her resolution for the future.

◇ If…

“Girls” was supposed to be the title track. The overall concept of the first album was “sporty and sexy”. We thought about the powerful stage I could show with the song “Girls” that totally fit this concept. 7 months before my debut, the choreography was already completed. However, we switched title track and chose “Novice” instead because I was worried that I wouldn’t make a memorable impression after the wave of “sexy dolls” that invaded the music scene with a similar concept last summer.

Thanks to its repetitive melody, “Novice” became popular. As she threw away the sorrow of these 5 years of waiting, she embraced the joy of being number 1. Wasn’t the process what we call a blessing in disguise?

If we had kept “Girls” as the title track, it would have been harder for me to be acknowledged by the public and I even think sometimes that I wouldn’t have been able to get this popularity right away.

◇”Novice”, “Let Me Dance”, “Girls”

Before promoting “Girls”, people around me said “it’s up to Lexy from now on” and “she’s showing her true skill now”.

To be honest, I received help from other people for my previous hits. Psy was featured on “Novice”, 1TYM’s Teddy rapped on “Let Me Dance”. That’s why I wanted to use “Girls” to show how I could dominate the stage on my own. The choreography is a mix of me dancing with back dancers and dancing on my own with different gestures. At one point, the performance with me opening the top of my outfit created the “chest exposure” controversy.

t/n: from what I’ve gathered, this was a performance during the Inkigayo on April 11th 2004. This was like 2 months after the big nipple-gate with the Janet Jackson-Justin Timberlake performance during the Super Bowl (if you remember what I’m talking about, then I hope you don’t feel too old because it was nearly 10 years ago now). I think it was this performance…

It was the “No Bra controversy” because she moves a lot and people wondered if she had a bra or not… * crickets sound * I don’t know if Lexy received a lot of backlash for this performance, but she doesn’t “rip open” her shirt in the few live performances she did after that one and you can find them on youtube.


When I was promoting “Novice”, I became obssessed with the idea of “I must do better” whenever I was off stage. This perpertual insatisfaction caused me a lot of stress. In the end, I gained 3 kg. Even today, I still have some weight to lose. At first, Yang Hyun Suk, YG Entertainment’s representative, told me to lose weight and there’s no word of giving up for now. I’m determined to forget about the stress performing on stage gave me and to do my best every time to overcome the next stage.

◇”Oath” MV

Last January, the filming took place in a vinyl greenhouse in Kyunggi-do. I remember vividly how I had plaster rub all over my body to create a mold and trembled in the cold for more than 3 hours. There will be no TV activities for “Oath”, only the music video will be revealed. It’s about a cyborg Lexy who finds love while investigating on a womanizer she’s supposed to seduce and punish for his cheating ways . I was so into acting that I didn’t realize how much I was immersed into it and I cried when the filming was over. I was complimented for my acting. I want my fans to keep in their hearts this image of me in “Oath”.

◇ Boyfriend

Both songs “Novice”, “Oath” portray me looking down on men and I think that’s why it’s hard for me to date someone. Having a boyfriend to be with on my days off would be nice… But it’s not something I can control.

I heard that they play “Let Me Dance” as the theme song when Major League baseball player Choi Hee Sub from the Florida Marlins is at bat. I should be performing in L.A around June, so I wonder if Choi Hee Sub and I will be able to keep seeing each other if I get the opportunity to meet him. (laugh)

◇ Second album’s activities

If you count the music video for “Oath”, I promoted 4 songs for my first album… It’s true that I feel burdened to show a better image with my second album. But I’m confident too. I think being on stage helped me to improve. I learned that you don’t have a shaky voice when dancing strong if you practice over and over again. When top stars reach the top, they’re so busy that they no longer have time to practice. I promise to overcome this and do well.

My comeback is planned for October. At first, I thought it’d be in January next year, but the songs are coming together smoothly, so I think it will be released sooner. I’m planning a single that will worth two because it will be filled with R&B and a little bit more of hip-hop. I want to bring good memorie to my fans who know me as Lexy the rapper.

Sportseoul via Naver


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