[20050725] Lexy talks about hardships for her 1st album + the African concept of her 2nd album

Lexy - 2nd album (1)

t/n: the article does use the word Africa/African which makes sense because Lexy’s concept was Africa with the jungle and everything… However, I’m not too sure it’s the accurate way to describe her music, especially when you compare it to Ciara circa 2005 which was an era dominated by crunk music, sooo… yeah, I just wanted to point that out.

Before you start reading, here’s the music video for “Tears” (aka Wiping Tears, Putting on makeup), the title track of her 2nd album :

“I feel like the untamed land of Africa.”

“I’ll never be tamed. I’m untamed and wild like Africa. I’m curious and I like challenges. My personality fits well with this image of Africa.”

In october 2003, the mainstream music world acknowledged Lexy who made her voice heard through the song “Novice” (aka “Greenhorn”). She was provocative but not shallow, she bluntly warned off men, but they cheered her on in return. After 1 year and 9 months, this Lexy is coming back with a refined African sound. It’s kind of like the African sound bringing to life the US pop trend with artists like Missy Elliott, Destiny’s Child, Ciara.

◆ Repulsed by men? No.

Just like with “Novice”, Lexy made men pricked up their ears. The song “Wiping Tears, Putting on Makeup” is about a woman picking herself up and finding another man instead of clinging onto the man who hurt her. The lyrics might be weaker than “Novice”‘s lyrics, but the bongo, the percussions made the sound stronger through a traditional African beat. The song “Animal” is about the bestiality a man shows when it comes to physical love and this should also get her some backlash from men.

“Personally, I feel no repulsion toward men. On the contrary, I like men. (laugh) Because I have this strong and tough image, I guess this character seems appropriate to speak up for other women. I’m feminine in my everyday life. I get emotional and cry for small things. I can cook and I’m confident that I can cook any kind of stew.”

◆ The matrix of my song? Africa

The artistic direction for this second album was heavily influenced by pop star Ciara’s music. “Ciara’s music feels very strong. I chose a theme to make the same kind of music and decided to go with the Africa concept,” Lexy says.

Most of the song follows an African traditional beat that gives a different sound from the usual drums. Composer Perry and Psy came together to create “Tears”. On the R&B tune “Get Out”, Lexy’s vocal stands out. Gummy is featured on the songs “hey everybody” and “With Pleasure” (기꺼이) while Stony Skunk is featured on “I’ll Think It About Tomorrow”.

She even went to Nairobi to shoot the music video. Among the wild beasts on the set, there was a cheetah which opened its mouth and made her experience a dizzying moment. She also cried when she had a snake going up her body. She didn’t eat, didn’t drink and was exhausted, but she managed to sleep curled up in a rattling bus. Because of the smoke and dust during the filming, she’s still suffering today from an ear infection. Despite all that, “I’m still somehow unsatisfied with myself in the basic (primitive) scenes,” she surprisingly says.


◆ Want to fly? Like a butterfly

While working on this album, Lexy was reminded of a butterfly.

“I want to fly and elevate myself like a butterfly turning over a new leaf. My first album brought me a lot, but it didn’t make me fly. For this album, I’m confident because my mind was set on the idea that I was offered the opportunity to try again.”

At a young age, Lexy was a rapper for two years, went through a trainee period for 5 years and released her debut album at the end of this 7-year process. She was determined and was able to endure those years because it was for the music she was crazy about. No one can’t control that.

The current situation of the music industry invaded by established and rookie singers putting out records by hundreds, Lexy, who likes challenges, sees this as a motivation. Like Lee Young Ae who said at the “Sympathy For Lady Vengeance” movie premiere that she felt serene because she couldn’t feel the thrill, Lexy became daring because she couldn’t be serene.

“When I released my first album, I was thinking about the competition with the other singers and I was a perfectionist. I was under so much stress that I suffered from bulimia. Usually, when artists are doing activities, they lose weight, in my case I gained 5 kgs. Right now, being in this intense situation gives me even more motivation.”

Come to think of it, Lexy did become prettier as she lost weight.

◆ Rubber-band body? The music industry’s Kim Sam Soon (t/n: reference to the character played by Kim Sun Ah in the drama “My Lovely Kim Sam Soon” which aired that year)

With a personal trainer recruted in a fitness center nearby the YG headquarters, Lexy started an intensive training program to monitor carefully her figure for the 4 following months. Checking her weight, she developed her muscle mass and managed successfully to lose 4kgs in 4 months solely through exercising.

“I saw on the internet that I’m called the music industry’s Sam Soon. It might be an inexorable image to be seen like Kim Sam Soon, but what’s more important for me is the fact that I’m compared to Kim Sun Ah because we both have rubber-band bodies.”

The one who is the most worried about her unstabilized weight is Yang Hyun Suk, YG Entertainment’s director. He scolded her for not controlling her weight like a pro singer would do. That didn’t fall in deaf ears. Being the perfectionist that she is, Lexy checks even the fabric of the outfit she’ll wear on stage tomorrow. “I still have to get rid of the fat on my stomach,” she says with honesty.

Original article @ naver

I don’t know if she actually promoted this song a lot. I only found one live performance. It was her comeback special on Music Camp (MBC) and well… mic problems all over the place.


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