[20080402] Lexy: “Producing my 4th album on my own made me cry every day.”

Lexy - 4th album

“The Lexy” was her 4th album. Title track was “Ma People”.

Singer Lexy (real name: Hwang Hyo Sook) is a woman with many tears. When she’s happy, she cries, when she’s lonely, she cries. After leaving YG Entertainment and finding a new home within SB&W Entertainment, she said she cried all through the six months she spent recording her 4th album “The Lexy” that was released on March 24th. Yet, Lexy seemed calm when she met with sportsdonga for this interview.

“Crying brought me some kind of catharsis and I think that if you cry more today you will do well tomorrow”,” she said about her worries, tears and her dreams for this album.

 What was so hard for you?

I had no one around me. Circumstances put distance between my family and me, so I was on my own. I didn’t have YG that had fully supported me since my debut. I was working on my own and cried every day. I cried in order to do well later on. It was such a hard time that I even thought about getting married.

Marriage… Did you seriously consider it?

Indeed. I was wondering how it would be if I had a man in my life… I even asked my friends to set me up for blind dates.

If you had such a hard time, why did you leave YG?

For me, leaving YG was about “letting go” (t/n: literal translation would be: putting down). Leaving YG was saying goodbye to the strongest support I’d ever had. I gave up on and let go of many things. YG signed me in February 1999 and I left in August 2008, so I spent my 20’s, from the age of 21 to 29, with YG. I thought that I needed to take another direction now that I was 30. I thought that things wouldn’t work out for me if I didn’t change.

How did it feel to leave the company you were with for nearly 9 years?

When I was with YG I think I was like a young bird that did nothing but waiting to be fed by its mother. When I left YG, I told myself that I really had it easy all these years. It was very hard. It was like losing a family. I was the singer who had the biggest pride about being a part of YG. I was happy surrounded by that fence, I really felt reassured. That’s why I was able to endure being a trainee for 5, 6 years.

You personally produced this album, how do you feel?

While producing on my own, not a day passed by without me thinking about Yang-sajang. I was thinking “this was how it was back then”. I followed his example, from time to time I’d think every day “I won’t make it/I won’t do it like this”. I didn’t sleep for more than 5 hours a dat. Producing isn’t just about gathering songs. I learned a lot.

Isn’t it your first time composing songs? You showed yourself as a producer….

I wasn’t thinking about putting the spotlight on myself for being a good producer. I was just thinking about doing the music that would match what I wanted to do. I like the house and electronica genres, so I did many songs like that. Compared to how I worked with Perry and Brave Brothers when I started in YG, I think the new staff I worked with went through a lot because of me. I think they might not want to work with me ever again.

When people go to another agency, their music style goes through a great change. Your 4th album doesn’t feel this way, though.

I think you’re wrong [about changing agency=changing your music]. I plan to keep making the same kind of music I did for my first three albums. For this album, there are at least  5 tracks that I’d have chosen if I were with YG. I tried also to experiment with the few other tracks that are different from my previous songs. The same goes for the album jacket with no picture and just some text. I think this is also something similar to what I did with YG. My first three albums brought me a lot of things. I learned how to make music and I want to keep that.

There are a couple of love songs on this album.

I feel like it’s going back as my ordinary self. I used to hate love songs. This time, as I wrote lyrics, I felt like I was telling my true feelings. I’ve been so busy that I thought love wasn’t important. Love makes peole happy, makes people sad. I really felt how ordinary/simple their lives are. With this album, I tried a simple approach. I decided to put all my anxiety into songs no matter what would come out.

Your hair was short for your last album, so you had an androgynous look, what about this time?

This time, I changed for a very feminine look. My songs and my performances are sexy too. However, it wasn’t about being sexy on purpose. It was more about bringing out the sexy side of me. There were many household problems for my 3rd album. Cutting my hair was a way to express my dissatisfaction. I enjoy changing. I’m not talking about changing just for the sake of changing, but  changing must come from your heart.

It’s your first album since you left YG. Are you satisfied?

I’m satisfied with this album. There’s also good response from people around me, but that’s not what makes me happy. My only thought was to make a perfect album. I don’t know how long I’ll remain a singer, but I want to own many weapons. More than having just one or two, I’ll use a different one every time I need  to. That way, I’ll be able to show various colors, various styles.


Lexy profile: In 1998, Lexy met Yang Hyun Suk and joined YG Entertainment. She debuted on the 1st “YG Family” album but went back to the trainee life and waited for a long time to get the opportunity to stand on stage. At that time, she also cried a lot. After waiting for five years to make her proper debut with the song “Novice” (aka “Greenhorn”; Korean title: 애송이) from her first album in 2003, she was able to let the world know the name “Lexy”. By the end of last year (t/n: 2007), she bid farewell to YG and she built a new nest in SB&W in order to stand again as the new Lexy.

Original article: donga.com

Translation: onesunnylady


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