Shin Dong Yup talks about a gay celebrity who is married

ย Shin Dong Yup - Witch Hunt on January 24th 2014

“Witch Hunt” is a program broadcast by jTBC. Shin Dong Yup is the main MC and he talks various topics with his guests like Sung Si Kyung, Hong Suk Chun. I don’t really watch that show, but I think what makes people tune in is how they’re quite open about “adult” topics. And of course, Hong Suk Chun being here validates any LGBT topic.

In the episode on January 24th, Shin Dong Yup revealed a story about a male celebrity who is in the closet and is married. I think the discussion was about if you should speak up when you know a secret that could hurt your friend and might break your friendship if that friend is mad at you for keeping it real.

“There are a lot of gay men who are married. There was a time when I knew a female celebrity who was about to get married. I knew that the man she was about to get married to was gay. I kept wondering if I should tell her or not, in the end I didn’t tell her. I didn’t know if it was my place to tell her. They live well now.”

Sung Si Kyung said that “no matter how painful this could be, you must know what’s going on. Can you really be happy when you don’t know the truth? It’s like in the movie Matrix. So what if people would rather not choose the pill that gives you knowledge. I know I’d take it. I think you must know at any cost.”

Shin Dong Yup pointed out that the decision wasn’t that easy to make. “It’s something hard to talk about when you’re actually in the situation. Gay people also have many merits/advantages. They have a warm heart, they’re delicate, they’re the domestic type so… In the end, I didn’t say anything, they got married and they live well. People still don’t know the real situation.”

Of course, he didn’t reveal the name of the gay celebrity, but this didn’t seem to be some made-up story for the show. “Only Hong Suk Chun and I know his identity”, he said which Hong Suk Chun confirmed.

I don’t care who this celebrity is, but that was a… bold move to talk about it like that. Besides, if that man is living a good life as a married man with a woman just like they’re saying he is, doesn’t that make him bi? I mean, in the way Shin Dong Yup tells the story the man and his wife are quite happy, so… that makes it even more awkward.


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  1. DDee says:

    Thank you for translating this. This show from what I know would discuss alot of interesting issues but since I don’t know Korean it’s impossible for me to ever hear or read about it because it’s rarely covered. So thank you for your effort ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. 1sunnylady says:

      Thank you!!! I see a couple of articles about it every week, but they’re not really interesting. I think it’s probably b/c it’s rated 19+, so journalists only talk about “safe” stuff. Like last week, Sung Si Kyung made the headlines b/c he said he went on a diet and does anything he can not to gain weight because he doesn’t think he can convey the right emotion when he sings ballads. The audience would pay more attention to his appearance and wouldn’t be emotionnally touched… That’s not uninteresting… but… it’s not really that interesting either lol

      Anyway, I’ll keep an eye on that show, then ๐Ÿ˜€ Thank you again for reading my little rambling. ^^

      1. DDee says:

        LOL. I only heard of this show coz Sam Hammington said some silly things about women. Please do keep up the good work, I’m always looking out for stuff like this ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Evelyn says:

    Haha, this is interesting. But not really so surprising in the entertainment industry. There are lots of entertainers in the (Korea and elsewhere) industry who aren’t heterosexual but marry/have girlfriends, boyfriends to closet their true sexual orientation. It’s not that they are bisexual (although some are), it’s just some sort of arrangement they term ‘bearding’. The non-heterosexual person’s partner usually knows what they are getting into because 1. they benefit from such an arrangement 2. they are friends and don’t mind doing this for a friend and getting something out of it 3. they are non-heterosexual themselves. Of course, some of these partners are in the dark about their other halves’ sexual orientation and those are the ones that I feel for.

    1. 1sunnylady says:

      What’s surprising is that he admitted it on TV and, I don’t think the show is live, so they chose not to edit it out. I don’t think it woudl have happened 5 years ago. From the way SDY phrased it, the celebrity he was talking about didn’t tell his wife about his sexual orientation, so it didn’t sound like she gave her consent to beard him. * sigh * well, if they’re happt as they are…

      1. Evelyn says:

        Yeah I doubt it would have happened 5 years ago. But ‘Witch Hunt’ does to some extent, strike me as a show which uses ‘slightly controversial’ topics and comments to sell itself. They invited a couple of idols for some episodes here and there, and I was really quite surprised at how open they were talking about their ‘night activities’ and ‘night behaviour’. Although it was all phrased really vaguely with little details, but still! Like you said, 5 years ago, you would never have seen people coming on the show and discussing such things openly. Some might be scripted though, who knows.

        Oh well….that’s rather sad but if they are happy then…that’s good I guess. Though I won’t be surprised if the guy didn’t tell his wife, given how homophobic Korea still is on the whole….

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