[20070424] Lexy stepping on her heartache to reach the sky

Lexy - 3rd album (2)

She cut her hair short, laced up her sneakers and her body is even lighter. People would talk about a “change”, she says “I found the real me”. She says that from now on, she won’t force herself to pretend to be pretty, pretend to be sexy. Her name is L.E.X.Y, Lexy.

She comes back as a tomboy

Ever since its release on the 18th [of April], Lexy’s third album has been receiving good response. Netizens who listened to “Into The Sky” through the preview and the music video had even bigger expectations for what they called this “Lexy-like music” and this 3rd albm. The first time Lexy revealed the song “Into The Sky” was during the showcase she held during Se7en’s concert. Looking a bit slim, she surprised the audience with her deep gaze and her short red hair that completed her tungsten look. “I’m confident about “Into The Sky”. There’s no other songs like this right now and it allows me to be different from the other sexy femal singers. I thought that the song would have no impact if I rapped with long hair. It’s the the first time my hair is this short, it’s very comfortable, right? (laugh)”

When Lexy’s third album was released, YG Entertainment director Yang Hyun Suk revealed on YG’s site homepage that “while looking at the strange trend of all the other dance singers who turn to the ballad genre, we  told ourselves to make Lexy’s third album even more joyful.” The original version of the title track “Into The Sky” was more hip-hop, but they turned into a remix with a trance version that they thought was much more stronger and she’s preparing this remix version for all her TV activities. “I asked for a much stronger version that would make you go wild while I’m on stage and the remix came out very well. It’s much stronger than the original version, but since what I want is to have fun and jump everywhere, we decided to go with this version. This album has 11 tracks and that’s the reason it became the title track.”

Let’s jump to the sky, let’s jump to the clouds

“A lot of people will go to the club to listen to this song. The beat gives this light feeling and is fast, so it’s addictive. Am I bragging? (laugh) It’s because I’m that confident with this song. Listen to it a lot, enjoy it and have fun.”

For this album, she was motivated by the idea of winning back the fans she lost because of her second album. It was a hard time for her because she had to fight against tonsilitis and the failure of her second album. She  made a promise to herself : “let’s not get crushed into the mold, at least”.

“I think I was very greedy for my second album. My first album was successful, but I received a lot of criticism from male fans, so I wanted to find a way to please them too.  I thought being sexy was the answer.” Her fans didn’t find her sexy, they thought she was faking and she was “called out on it”. When they said “I thought Lexy was different, but she’s exactly like the others”, she felt sorry and ashamed in front of the female fans who turned their back on her and she cried a lot too.

“I don’t think these people completely turned their back on me. I think they will give this third album a try. I really wanted to show them the true Lexy, to do something Lexy-like. It’s just me being myself.” The Lexy style is partying together, laughing together and jumping together. With this mindset, everything came together smoothly. Some of the songs only took three hours to be recorded, sometimes she was done with a song in 15 minutes. “I felt at ease and I was ambitious too, but I wanted to show my true self, the one who shared many tears and who is sensitive. The mold I was trapped into disappeared.”  This was the background to bring out the Lexy who can combine men’s details and women’s emotion.

The Lexy style is being sincere and having fun

“Even if we look crazy, let’s enjoy this stage that no one but me can do”, she thought. She got rid of any pressure and mental stress to prepare her activities with a free mind. “I was confident about the showcase’s success. You know how the YG fans can be harsh with their criticism.  They know each other well, so they’re even harsher in their comments like  “what kind of family is that? Looks like an anti fan.” (laugh) If there’s something lacking about my music this time, I’ve already heard everything that could be said. However, everybody said it was great and they liked it, it seems like it was indeed a success.”

Forcing herself to remove the mold, she’s been crying a lot these days. “After withstanding on the very last of my strength and not crying, Now, I cry so much over the smallest thing that I’m very sorry for those around me.” A lot of people helped her and supported her for this album and participated in it which helped Lexy’s rap to shine even more. YG’s in-house producers Brave Brothers and Perry worked on this album, BIGBANG and Masta Wu, Park Bom, Kim Ji Eun whose debut is planned for early May are featured on some tracks. Yang Hyun Suk and Psy helped with the lyrics. “This isn’t folding because I couldn’t show who I was. There’s no escape, no emergency exit for me. “Who else in this country has Lexy’s charisma?” This is what I must hear in the end. I don’t know when this will happen. While waiting for this day, I want to enjoy being on stage.”

Original article (Herald via Naver)

Translation: onesunnylady


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