[20120903-04] Lexy on her song “Nolza” and why she left YG

Lexy - 2012 (1)

This unnie plans  to really have fun the way it should be this time.

Lexy, the original rapper  who shouted at men that they were “novice” is back with her new single “Nolza”. Since the release of her 4th album titled “Lexy” in March 2008, there had been no news from her. After a long break of about 4 years and a half, she resumed her activities.

“I’m focused on my comeback and I’m currently in the middle of preparations to make everything perfect. When it comes to working, I’ve always been greedy and a perfectionist so I keep practicing over and over again until the end. I think that the harder you work, the better you can complete songs you can enjoy whenever wherever and I’m confident that I have something that set me apart from other singers.”

Already featured on the track “Into The Sky”, JC Kim Ji Eun also lended her vocals for Lexy’s new single “Nolza”, an electronica dance song. Lexy lays her rap on the strong bass which is the key element of the song and creates a great party atmosphere.

” “Nolza” is a complete uptempo electro dance song. The rap is what makes it different. I did what I do best, so I’m confident about my upcoming activities. (Among the idols doing activities right now) there are many good singers, going out there with a weak song is putting even more pressure on yourself. That’s why I always tell myself to do better every time.”

“Nolza” ‘s melody is the work of composer Kim Do Hyun who created Lee Hyori’s hit “10 Minute”. “He’s been making songs for a long time, but after the song “10 minute”, “Nolza” is the first song he composes for a female singer. I’m thankful to him for choosing me,” Lexy said with what seemed to be a satisfied smile. 

She held her comeback stage after 4 years and 6 months of absence. Lexy made a choice different from what other singers do. Although the song hadn’t been released yet, she revealed “Nolza” for the first time during the “2012 Korea Live Music Festival” on September 2nd.

“The concert was just what Lexy is about. If I can’t be on stage, I think it’d be meaningless for me to keep doing this job and this is why this is very important to me. I was eager to perform, so I decided to take the risk and held my first “Nolza” performance. (laugh) I’m thinking about doing mainly concert activities in the future.”

For unsaid reasons, her comeback plans fell off a few times and Lexy had to deal with the heartbreak on her own. In 1999, she started as a trainee in YG Entertainment and at some point she had her 10th year anniversary since her debut. To turn over a new leaf as an entertainer who knows how to handle the stage, she’s now ready to spread her wings again.

“I don’t think I match the word “artist” or “musician”. I want to communicate with the public when I’m on stage as an entertainer who tries her best to show diversity. I thought that I didn’t have many days left to work as a singer. I went through a lot of hardships for these past 4 years and I didn’t think I’d be able to work again. That’s why I’m giving my best telling myself that everything could be over tomorrow. Right now, I’m standing on the edge of a cliff. [I feel like it’s the same rising tension for the Dok-do situation]. I wonder if the other singers aren’t a little bit nervous.” (laugh)

Part 2

Lexy debuted with YG Entertainment.

With hip-hop groups Jinusean, 1TYM, she’s one of the initial members of the YG agency founded by Yang Hyun Suk who was a member of Seo Tai Ji and Boys. After starting in 1999, she was a YG trainee for 4 years and she officially debuted with her first full album titled “Luxury”.

With her unusual tracksuits fashion concept and strong charisma, Lexy had a great start with her debut song “Novice”. As she made one hit after another such as “Girls”, “Tears”, Into The Sky”, she led the reign of the solo female singers’ golden era.

“Right now, most of agencies have a good trainee system, but things weren’t like that when I was a trainee. Patience was everything and you had to make great efforts. All you could do was to believe that you would do well.”

Then, sensing the change within YG, Lexy left the agency in 2007 after nearly 10 years and chose independence

“Others might not understand why I’d choose a complicated path, but I knew at that time that YG was changing little by little and I was also at a point in my life when I needed change, so I made this choice.”

Lexy’s instinct was right. After she left, YG launched BIGBANG and 2NE1, idol groups that would handle differently the hip-hop genre and became the representative Korean celebrity agency leading K-Pop.

Asked who was the most talented hoobae for her, Lexy chose BIGBANG’s G-Dragon with no hesitation.

“When he was in middle school, Jiyong used the computer for nothing but finding sessions and listening to music. I only have few memories like he didn’t sleep a lot, didn’t eat a lot either, compared to other kids his age. While seeing how a kid like this turned out, I think to myself that I knew he’d become like this and I’m happy about it,” she recalled about G-Dragon’s trainee days. “Jiyongie is young, but there would be many things to learn from him. Because I’ve watched him for a long time and even if I didn’t known back then how things would turn out, but even when he’s with BIGBANG, you can feel that  G-Dragon has something unique.”

Meanwhile, 4 years and a half after her 4th album “The Lexy”, Lexy joined hands with Chun Jung Myung’s agency Red Line Entertainment and plans to release the song “Nolza”.

Original article :TVdaily (1), (2) Translation: onesunnylady


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