[20131228] Kim Woo Bin about acting and his family

Kim Woo Bin - Friend 2

Kim Woo Bin was quietly talking about his thoughts, so when he heard our reporter’s compliment “you’re the perfect combination between the subject-verb-predicate that doesn’t need more words”, he burst out laughing as if to hide his embarrassment and he said “hearing you say these words, I suddenly feel burdened”. It was hard to find in him the overly confident sometimes even cruel Young Do, heir of the Zeus hotel.

Actually, he was a shy and introvert kid who hesitantly revealed the dream of being a model he wrote down in his ethics textbook during his 1st year of middle school. “I was shy to write down my dream and when I revealed it, everybody told me “[as if] you [could]?” and laughed at me”, Kim Woo Bin remembers. Today, he’s a successful model and a respectable actor. Because of the influence of his mother who had a big interest in fashion and made clothes for him at that time, the young Kim Woo Bin who even applied gel on his hair even just to go to the supermaket is a grown-up who enjoys the work he does. “As time went by, I met many people. I’m still a bit shy these days, but I’m becoming less shy around strangers, I even became outgoing sometimes. That’s how I was able to play Young Do. I think that acting and playing a new character helped me to break my shell.”

Kim Woo Bin had never dreamed of becoming an actor. He was busy working on bringing to life his dream of being a model which he had been wanting to be since middle school. Once he became a successful model, his dream was to become a modeling teacher and train the younger generation. Even when the other models of his agency went to acting school, Kim Woo Bin firmly said he had no thought about acting and used to skip every class.

Then, he reached a turning point. “When I went to a meeting before filming a CF, I was given a chair and I was told “act like you’re driving”, and I had no confidence to do it. So I thought that I needed to act at some extent in order to film CF, so I was belatedly accepted in acting class. During the first class, I fell for the teacher’s passion about acting,” Kim Woo Bin recalled.

After that, Kim Woo Bin became an exemplary student. He volunteered for other classes, his teacher constantly shattered and scolded him which made acting even more interesting and got Kim Woo Bin poured himself into it. “It was interesting to study things one by one in a situation where there was absolutely nothing. Acting or modeling both have basics, but there’s no right or wrong. What I like is how depending on how much I worry and make effort for a role, a different result comes out and many people see it.”

“I wasn’t scared of changing path (from model to actor). There’s a concept whenever you do a show or a photoshoot. You must keep that in mind when you walk the runway or when you choose a pose. I wondered if acting was only a different method or a way to express yourself, I thought the context was similar. I didn’t think of it as a complete different job, so I think that made the approach easy.”

To Kim Woo Bin who is busily spending his youth, there’s one thing who holds a special place in his heart, it’s reading. Through the recommendations of his mother who was an essay teacher, Kim Woo Bin naturally learned about books. “I have a quiet personality, I hate noise. I feel like others don’t like the hobbies I really enjoy. Reading, painting/drawing, and watching movies. I always take a book here and there wherever I go and read,” he said.

“Others tell me “why do you live with no fun in your life?”, but I like doing these things, they’re fun to me and it’s a healing time. I’m so busy these days that I can’t read much, but not long ago, fans gave me many books during a signing event. I won’t even have to go to the bookstore for awhile. (laugh) To be honest with you, I’m a bit greedy when it comes to books. So even now, I still go to a bookstore on my own and buy books. I buy it asking myself if I’ll read it since I bought it. That’s why I have many unread books laying around at home. There are also many books I’ve read, though.”

Kim Woo Bin’s “life’s book” is the book “Secret” he read when he was 20. When wishing and hoping something with sincerity, Kim Woo Bin is still living practicing “the law of attraction” that was in this book. When asked what pulls him in these days, he replied “these days I dream of being relaxed and comfortable in every aspect of my life, but I originally lived with a hectic schedule, so I couldn’t think about some stuff in detail.” Just like he said, he did spend a year with a hectic schedule.

“I woke up and we were in the middle of december. Usually, when we reach november, I make plans for the next year, but I couldn’t even do this this time around. It was hard, but I was doing the work I wanted, so I enjoyed it. The time I spend working on dramas or movies was a time about me. I was able to learn many things and grow as an actor and as a person.”

His hectic filming schedule is now over, but Kim Woo Bin had to deal with a busy daily life for awhile. This year, thanks to the popularity he gained, there were many places where he was called to, many places where he was needed. First of all, him being the MC of the upcoming SBS Drama Awards is a big issue. “I only thought about doing a good job as an MC, but there were some award talks around me. I’m doing this with no kind of expectation,” Kim Woo Bin said with a smile.

“My next schedule was postponed to the beginning of February. Usually, when I finish filming, I think about going out to have fun, but this time I want to do nothing. I just want to rest. If I could rest for a week, I’d want to drink for four days and stay at home for 3 days and watch TV. (laugh) I spent such a busy year that I think it’d be good to stay still.”

However, I have a sense of responsibility now. Because I received attention, I need to be a bit more cautious. I’m trying his best to stay focused. I want to stay calm in exhausting and difficult situations, so, resting… it’s something I can do later. If I have hard time, I’ll just have an energy drink and it will be all good!” (laugh)


Kim Woo Bin received a lot of love this year. “A lof of people helped me. I’m so thankful to them. I want to express how thankful I am to them,” he said as he talked about these people. He specifically mentioned a few of them and asked as a favor to talk about them. Let’s see Kim Woo Bin’s “thanks to”:

My parents… “those who had the biggest influence on me”

“They are the ones with the biggest influence on me. They’re the ones encouraging me the most, they’re the driving force giving me strength. We don’t live together right now, but since my mother is like a teenage girl, she still calls me “baby” sometimes, she contacts me every day. (laugh) I get this feeling that time is passing by. I’m the first son, I’m from a province, I did fairly well in my studies, so from my parents’ perspective, it must have been hard to allow me and encourage me [to pursue this career]. Still, my parents gave me one simple homework. They told me to read many books and to watch many movies, they completely believed in me.”

Actor Moon Won Joo… “the teacher who changed my life”

“He’s the teacher who made me fall for acting during my first class. His name even comes up in the terms related to me. (laugh) I don’t follow his class anymore, but so many things changed thanks to Moon Won Joo-sunbaenim. At that time, he’d even work without the agency, he was so passionate that he wouldn’t receive a separate fee and taught me about acting. When times were hard, he often bought me something to eat. (laugh) He’s an amazing person who really loves his disciples. He’s someone I’m really thankful to and I’ll never be able to forget.”

My sunbaes actors… “after my family’s encouragements, they’re the ones giving me strength”

“This happened especially during the filming of “The Heirs”. Many sunbaes contacted me first. We didn’t really know each other’s phone numbers, but they contacted me. Sunbaes I was acquainted with contacted me a lot. This really gave me strength. My family’s encouragement is a big strength, but I wonder if the compliments and the support my sunbaenims give me aren’t my second driving force.”

To my friends… “those who were with me during hard times, now we communicate even without speaking”

“There are friends I’ve been with since I started working in Seoul. They are fellow models, friends from my hometown. As we went through hard times, we grew real close because we were friends who became each other’s strength. Even if we don’t speak, we understand each other. Even now, I meet these friends on my days off, I go working out with them then go to the sauna. We eat together, have a drink together. I can’t really drink, but I like it. I can drink up to one bottle of soju? I also like the atmosphere when people are drinking, I like drinking itself. When you drink moderately, it’s good.”

Stylist Kim Se Joon… “I have no worry about my airport fashion thanks to you”

“I trust this man. Excluding me, he works with two other people who are Lee Soo Hyuk and Hong Jong Hyun. Some people say “isn’t it easy to handle only models”, I disagree. I think it’s even harder for him, but thanks to him I have absolutely no worry about my fashion airport.” (laugh)

Original article: star ohmynews
Translation: onesunnylady

This is actually part 2 of a very long interview. Part 1 is about “The Heirs” and pretty much everything he kept repeating in every interview about writer Kim Eun Sook and what he thinks of Choi Young Do. I don’t remember seeing any part translated, but Kim Woo Bin has been saying the same things over and over again in every interview, so I’m loosing track…. Well, don’t hesitate to let me know if it was translated or not. 🙂


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