[1st Look Vol.62] Yoo In Na – Modern Beauty – Interview

 First Look - Yoo In Na

Yoo In Na is a good match as the new MC of OnStyle’s beauty program “Get It Beauty”. That’s because she already gained MC qualities through SBS “One Night TV Entertainment”, MNET “Who Is Next : WIN”. With the number 1 radio program of her timeslot with “Yoo In Na’s Let’s Crank Up The Volume”, she already carries the “national unnie” image and is already prepared to share stories also about the actress’ “beauty life” without hiding anything. The first episode of “Get It Beauty 2014” is planned to reveal “Yoo In Na’s routine to maintain a voluptuous figure”. As she furtively gave details about the program’s direction, Yoo In Na said “while not crushing the credibility “Get It Beauty” already built up, I intend to make it interesting with my own style. In a sincere, cheerful and comfortable way. It may not be a hit from the start, but I hope that by the end of the year, I’ll be the MC that viewers will come to think of if, for instance, they have skin problems and be like “I should ask In Na-unnie about this”. We’ll see how many activities Yoo In Na will have in “Get It Beauty 2014”, but one thing is certain at least: this will be an interactive program putting emphasis on communicating with the viewers through the charm of MC Yoo In Na. “Talking is the strength of my life” is what Yoo In Na affirms and is the reason her “Get It Beauty 2014” creates expectations.

You’ve become “Get It Beauty” MC, congratulations. What will be the difference with this new “Get It Beauty”?

If you can say the focus was on the “beauty” before, I’m planning to extend the range of the new “Get It Beauty” to a “beauty life” aspect. We’ll talk about beauty info, lifestyle and even fashion. That’s why the 1st episode will reveal everything about the way I maintain my figure. Those are very easy methods. First, the skin, because I think the complexion starts with being healthy, so I’m trying my best to lead a healthy life. Drinking water and sun exposure. Lower-body bathing or foot bath. Eating things like multigrain brown rice. I don’t really go to the dermatologist because I think it can even be a harmful skin care. Instead of using famous brands’ sheet packs, I use nature-friendly packs like cucumber massages. On my spare time, I exercise. I’m planning to introduce easy routines like sit-ups, sideways exercises, stretching exercises that can be done anywhere.

Have you always been into make-up?

Yes. I love make-up and I’m good at putting on make-up. I’d like to share my personal know-hows in “Get It Beauty”, but I’ve never done make-up for others, so I don’t know if I’ll be able to communicate well on this topic. My intention of learning beauty knowledge and make-up tips with the viewers is big.

It seems like you usually enjoy orange make-up. Is there a specific reason for that?

You have a sharp eye. You can even say I stick to orange make-up. If you can say that pink is the “shy woman” color, orange is lovely but much livelier. I only apply BB cream and concealer on regular days and I just can’t give up on lipstick to the point I even went to Olive Young just to buy orange lipstick on a day I had forgotten to put it on and hadn’t brought my [make-up] pouch with me.

Beauty program is essentially about “being beautiful”. Which woman made you think “she’s beautiful” recently?

Recently? If we’re talking about recently, it’s Jun Ji Hyun. Her skin is clear, so when looking at her, it makes me think “skin is also very important for women”. I think “long straight hair is the eternal truth”. “Teacher” [t/n: honorific term for veteran actors] Lee Il Hwa is beautiful. I think a woman’s attitude is no less important than her looks. Ah, being a woman is complicated, exhausting. It requires so much. You must have a pretty face, you must have good skin and good hair, you must have a beautiful body, you must wear pretty clothes, you must even watch your behavior. However, looking at “teacher” Lee Il Hwa is a true motivation. The way she speaks, her hand gesture, every little thing about her is just wow. When she smiles and says “hel-low” [t/n: aegyo version of “annyong” which stands for hello/hi], I think to myself “ah, that is the beauty of women”. I’ve never seen her in a slouched position because she always keeps her back straight when she’s sitting. It’s an important element of what makes women amazing and beautiful.

You must be happy to see how popular “My Love From The Star” is.

Yes, but many of dramas I starred in were popular. “Secret Garden”, “Best Love”, “High Kick Through The Roof”, all of them were very popular. The most important thing for me is my role. I was a bit worried because Yoo Se Mi was an evil character, so I wondered if many people would hate me.

While worrying about this evil character, why did you choose to join “My Love From The Star”?

Yoo Se Mi is the most realistic character in “My Love From The Star” as in doesn’t she show what is truly inside women’s hearts? The script was also very interesting. I thought I’d be happy to support such an interesting drama. When the director was looking for “Yoo Se Mi”, the writer requested to cast someone who’d look unconditionally nice but who had a face able to show disappointment.

Yoo Se Mi can speak through a facial expression that gives the impression she’d cry on the spot, even when she spurts toxic words. Was this your own intention?

I felt a little bit sad all the time. Living on the set as my character is a first for me. I have a bright personality, so until I go home after I finished filming and left the set, I joke around with the staff and we chat a lot. However, I didn’t speak with anyone on the set this time. It’s acting, but this acting is conveyed through my head, my body, my face, my mouth. I’ve realized I can’t lead this [actor/character] double life. To be honest, I have absolutely nothing in common with Yoo Se Mi.

Jun Ji Hyun was originally the hot topic about this drama, so it must have been some kind of a big burden for you because the comparison is inevitable.

Jun Ji Hyun is the kind of actress that makes you feel like there’s only one of her kind. If I were to feel like Yoo Se Mi feels about her, this would have been just foolish of me because we’re not in a situation where two friends of the same age have the “I’m-prettier-than-you” fight. I feel the same way as the viewers. I tell to myself “wow, this is Jun Ji Hyun”.

It’s impossible not to talk about your radio show. “Yoo In Na’s Let’s Crank Up The Volume” is in its 4th year, what is different about you since you started being a radio DJ?

I feel like I’m a bit more human. I’m more sensitive. When I think about it now, the one I was yesterday was thoughtless. I wasn’t someone who could embrace anyone. Nowadays, I’m able to make concession about a lot of things, I can share about a lot of things. That’s because I had the “my family”, “my friends” mindset, now I think of everybody as “my Volume Up family”. I don’t know exactly when or where this family will pop up. I could be walking down the street and some people would greet me and say “I’m from the Volume Up family”. I get emotional when I read “our Yoo D. [t/n: Yoo D, short for Yoo DJ] isn’t this kind of person” [to defend me] among the countless negative comments. If this wasn’t for this radio show, there would have been many moments I wouldn’t have been able to endure. There are moments when I want to give up, when I want to collapse, when I want to cry, or even worse, when I feel like “I hate my radio show today”, but sitting in the radio booth for 2 hours and talking about this and that is the cure I take before going home. I can do this kind of great things in this world! Being an entertainer is the work of a minority, being a DJ is even more of a minority [?]. I feel like this is an opportunity sent from Heaven because I even wonder if it wasn’t my calling.

It’s the first time there’s an MC like you who speaks through her nose. Weren’t you a little bit worried?

Frankly, I don’t speak through my nose. My pronounciation is accurate. I think talking with a baby voice in variety programs is what leaves a big impression on viewers. And I debuted through “High Kick”. At that time, the director wanted me to have a high tone. So just before filming, I always made an incantation. “Hophop” [t/n: ‘깡총깡총’ = kkangchong, kkangchong]. Then I’d walk on the set and I was able to speak with a high tone. At first, I was worried my aegyo voice would be repulsive. However, I think that whatever makes a character unique works as a strength to someone with this job.

During your radio program, you naturally share your own personal stories.

There’s no mystery about me. Haha. Acting has more realism when the actor doesn’t share about his personal life because the character and the actor don’t overlap. I’ve realized that you can’t even hide the sound of your breathing during a radio show. When I listen to other DJs, I go “this person is swallowing his/her saliva. Is it because he/she is nervous judging from his/her pace?” “this person was very excited today but he/she managed to go on while hiding it”, “why does he/she introduce the song in a half-hearted way? Does he/she hate this song?”, I notice this kind of things. That’s why radio is a media that exposes everything about a DJ. I share with the listeners the things about life that I worry about. While listening to stories like a fight with friends or family members, career worries, if I can relate to that or feel comfort, I have no other choice but to expose myself. That’s because even if I reveal my own mood, what’s really important for the radio show is the consistency of Yoo In Na as a person. Lies can be nothing but detected at some point. I’ve noticed that I often say things I’ve already said. I may be stumped when someone points it out by saying things like “Yoo D. you’ve already talked about this last time”, but it happens because my own experience has limits too.

You started as an actress, but you challenged yourself by being a DJ and an MC, is there another field you’d like to try?

There’s something I’ve been wanting to do ever since I was a kid. It’s voice acting. I really want to do animation dubbing. Even now, when I’m alone, I try to match a character[‘s voice] while watching kids’ cartoons at 4 [t/n: she uses the term manhwa, so it can mean also reading comics but since we’re talking about animation…]. And doing narration is fun too.

In conclusion, I want to hear about your projects for 2014.

I haven’t decided what will be my next project yet. After I finish filming “My Love From The Star” in February, I will really really work hard on my MC gig for “Get It Beauty 2014”. I hope to become an MC who can give advice to the point women can go “ah, I must ask In Na-unnie about this” if they have skin problems, for instance. Ah, I just can’t wait.

Original article: 1st Look
Translation @ onesunnylady


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