Seo Taiji & Boys: Why did Lee Juno wear a mask for “Come Back Home”?


Seo Taiji and boys - Comeback home

This is a cut from variety show “Quizz That Changes The World” that aired on September 7th 2013. Lee Juno (ex-Seo Taiji and Boys) was one of the guests. Seo Taiji & Boys really worked as Seo Taiji being the master behind the music and concepts while Yang Hyun Suk and Lee Juno were here to bring their hip-hop dance moves and attitude.

2NE1 is coming back and one of their title tracks is “Come Back Home” which was one of the most popular songs of Seo Taiji & Boys’ 4th and final album released in 1995. It was like a youth anthem and was highly controversial, but the legend says that this song really convinced many runaway teenagers to “come back home”. Same title, different vibes, though. 2NE1’s song is about love and is describe as a reggae/dubstep etc etc hybrid song.

Seo Taiji & Boys were known for their original and colorful street visual concepts. This time around, their fashion style was inspired by snowboarders. Snowboarding was relatively new at that time. Lee Juno wore a mask. However, like he revealed in MBC’s variety show last year, he got the idea pretty randomly.

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See, the hosts ask him why he wore a mask. He explains that the group was doing a photoshoot for a magazine and there was an interview. The day before, he had drunken a lot of alcohol, so he had decided to wear a mask, hoping that no one would smell his breath. He didn’t even want to remove the mask for the photoshootIn the end, the pictures turned out pretty good, so he kept this look.

Wasn’t it hard for him to perform with a mask on? He answered that it was actually more comfortable for him. He could breathe the way he wanted to and didn’t have to worry about his expression while dancing with all his energy.  He then proceeds to show that he still had the moves, even at 47. I miss the 90’s, man. I miss the 90’s.

And this is how you embrace lipsynching like you own it. * body wave * Either that or they had the tiniest invisible microphones I have ever seen.

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