[201310] YG Composer Choi Pil Kang Interview – Cuvism magazine [2/2]

Choi Pil Kang

The daily life of composer Choi Pil Kang

How do you usually spend your days?

I’ve been into playing pool lately. (laugh) When I think about it, I feel like I’m living at the pool room. When DEE.P who works in the studio next to mine, Big Tone and I have some time, the three of us go and play a game. I intend to stop now. (laugh)

What does your usual schedule look like?

My schedule? I don’t have that many things to do, but I think it changes night and day. I’m usually at the company from 8AM to 9PM. If you want to talk about a schedule, as soon as I wake up, I eat at home, then I go to the company, even if I don’t work, I stay there. It’s not a place where I can be alone because there are many musicians around like Choice37 who has the studio next to mine, DEE.P is also there. I think we just have fun, talking with each other as if we were on a playground. Sometimes I ask them what songs they’ve been listenting to lately, then if I get inspired, I get back to work. To be honest, it can be hard to be on your own. Every time it happens, I get really inspired by the musicians around me.

Today’s interview is taking place in your studio. The interior is quite unique.

Is it? It’s something I really thought about it for a long time. (laugh) Each composer has his own room here, I bought things here and there and I tried to decorate it. I also hung up things I received as gifts like this frame.

Music aside, is there a field you’re interested in these days?

Pool. (laugh) I’m really into playing pool lately. To be honest, I don’t have that many hobbies. Except for music, nothing comes to my mind. Music is the only thing I’m interested in. I think it’s a problem. I want to be interested in other things. I think I’m not very healthy since I spend all my time at the agency. I wondered if I shouldn’t try to exercise, so I chose to play pool. (laugh) Playing pool is no help when it comes to exercising. I think I need to find something more effective.

Let’s talk about your school days. What was your dream before you started making music?

I don’t know… I don’t think I had one. To be honest, I started by dancing… I heard watching me dance was very funny. (laugh) Watching “You’re in my unclear memory” by Hyun Jin Young was a real shock. I think this was when I started to imitate vaguely the dance moves. I did the whirlwind dance from the “I Know” choreography. (laugh) Come to think of it, music was really good/I really loved music. I stopped dancing, but I got really interested in dance music.

What kind of person do you think “Choi Pil Kang” is?

I think I’m very shy. The most type A among the type A guys. (laugh) I’ve been with YG for three years. It was really hard for me to get close to the other people working here. To be honest, they’re like a gang here. I’m really jealous of Seungri’s social skills. He’s really bold, he’s amazing. (laugh)

Still, I think you must have your own strengths.

In my case, I think this personality can become an advantage. When I’m into something, I need to see the end of it. It’s the same when I do music. When I think “I must do this right”, I work and stay focused until the sound comes out right. Through a negative perspective, I think I have the mind of an otaku. (laugh) A song like “Digital Bounce” is more about a mechanical sound than making a performance music, so it’s a song I had to use subtility when I was working on it. My concentration helps me to do this kind of songs.

What is “Digital Bounce” to you?

It’s a song that made me rediscover myself. I did songs before and after this one, but I think it was a turning point for me. It would be one of the reasons I’d choose to explain why it’s the song I feel the most attached to.

Say one final word to our Cuvism readers.

I really enjoyed doing this interview with Cuvism today. I don’t know if I did well, but I feel like it was also very inspiring for me. Talking about what I’ve lived until now was also like a healing time. (laugh) If I could add something else, I’d like to talk to the readers who dream to be composers. Being able to compose here is amazing for me. Someone’s job is something no one knows in advance. If you do it constantly, I believe you can make it happen at some point. Don’t give up and work hard!

Original article: cuvism
Translation: @onesunnylady


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