[20120219] Lee Soo Hyuk: “Each role was good fortune.”

Lee Soo Hyuk (3)

“Deep-rooted Tree”, the drama that was the biggest issue at the end of last year

There was an unfamiliar face among the actors Han Sun Kyu, Jang Hyuk, Yoon Je Moon, Song Ok Sook, and Shin Se Kyung. It was warrior Yoon Pyung, the guard of Secret Roots’ leader Jung Ki Joon.

Yoon Pyung had this specific appearance, voice, and skin tone. While he was the best warrior devoted to Jung Ki Joon, he played an important part in the plot and received attention. However, at the end of “Deep-Rooted Tree”, this Yoon Pyung overlapped with the complete different image of a naive vampire he displayed on another channel.

The protagonist here is Lee Soo Hyuk (24, real name: Lee Hyuk Soo).

184cm – 64 kg. He’s slim, has pale skin, and a tiny face combined with his exotic features. From being a Joseon warrior to being a vampire from space in 2012, he crossed time and place with his characters as he made his face known.

“I’m very greedy”, he said strongly in a recent interview held at Eunjiro.

He received attention in “Deep-Rooted Tree” and also played in MBN’s daily sitcom “Vampire Idol” as well as the drama “What’s Up”. Until “What’s Up” pulled down the curtain on February 12th [t/n: technically the final episode aired on February 5th], it seemed like he was seen on TV everyday for two months. Meanwhile, he was also busy shooting the movie “Runway Cop”.

Coincidentally, he played a guard in both “Deep-Rooted Tree” and “Vampire Idol”, but controrary to the serious traditional drama “Deep-Rooted Tree” was, he showed an uncommon image of himself in “Vampire Idol”. Once again, he plays a character who doesn’t speak much and who is a faithful guard, but the serious way he speaks and his earnest behaviour in comical situations trigger laughter. This specifically happens when he naively calls “Ppa Ppa” the vampire prince played by Lee Jung. This is completely different from “Deep-Rooted Tree” Yoon Pyung.

“I’m greedy, but I think this sitcom is good practice for me because I’m still lacking a lot. I’m learning a lot from Shin Dong Yup, Lee Jung, Kim Soo Mi. My reflexes are improving. Until now, I’ve mostly played characters with a certain snobbish/dignified posture. This time, I get to work a part-time job in a convenience store, I sit on my heels and eat kimbap. The acting I do right now is completely different from what I did before. (laugh)”

He started out as a model.

“My dream ever since I was a kid was to be an actor. I’ve always loved movies and watching rented movies with my father was one of my hobbies. I was often suggested to try to become a singer. I can’t sing nor dance, so…  I became a model when I was 19. Then, I was cast for the lead role in the movie “The Boy From Ipanema” and I started acting. This role didn’t have many lines and it required a model visual, so I was fortunate to be selected.”

After that, we were able to see him “Drama special – White Christmas” and “Deep-Rooted Tree”.

“Because “Deep-Rooted Tree” was a sageuk, I felt a certain distance and because it was also my first time doing  action scenes, I was nervous about everything. My voice is naturally low and it’s not my style to speak so strongly, so it didn’t match the sageuk’s delivery of speech. Until then, I had liked how my low voice sounded masculine, but acting made me realize it could be a weakness too. That’s why I must keep making efforts.”

“Since I’m lacking in many ways, I filmed the first 7-8 episodes with my spirits down and with no thoughts what so ever. Then one day, I came back to my senses, I was holding a knife to Han Suk Kyu-sunbaenim’s throat, Yoon Je Moon-sunbaenim was sitting next to me and Jang Hyuk-hyung was running in my drection. I realized how lucky I was to be on this kind of set.”

He filmed “What’s Up” first, but it aired nearly two years after the filming was done. In this drama, he played a taciturn college student majoring in piano. Again, a “snobby” role. Yet, he’s showing new potential through “Vampire Idol”.

“Thinking back at the times when I was a model, I would have never thought I’d do a sitcom or a sageuk, and I’m talking especially about the comedy genre because I thought I wouldn’t be good at it. Even among models, I have this very strong image, you know. However, I smile and laugh so much these days that the director even gets annoyed with me. (laugh)”.

Lee Soo Hyuk said “I also want to become a director, I want to succeed as an actor. Right now, what I hope is to play young characters in their 20’s that match my age.”

Original article: yonhap
Translation: onesunylady
Edited by e-soohyuk.tumblr.com


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