[20140310] Kim Yoo Jung: “Playing the candy girl was frustrating.”


Kim Yoo Jung - Elegant Lies (2)

The movie “Elegant Lies” is opening today, March 13th. Kim Yoo Jung is arguably the most popular kid actress around and she only played the nice little girl. With this movie, she played a manipulative teenage girl. Hwa Yeon seems nice in front of others, but she’s actually a bully. It was a first for Kim Yoo Jung and she really enjoyed playing this character. This interview was posted on March 10th. I didn’t translate the two-paragraph introduction because it’s nothing I haven’t summed up in those first 5 sentences.

– I enjoyed the movie. It was quite different from what you did before, so I was surprised.

▶ It’s because I improved a lot, right? (laugh) I heard this compliment a lot. Oh Kwang Rok-sunbaenim told me “things are as hard as much you worry about them”. And I felt this way because I was really eager to play this kind of role.


▶ I kept playing nice roles like the candy girl. I was always the nice and brave girl. It was like this for “The Moon That Embraces The Sun”, “May Queen”, “Golden Rainbow”. Since “May Queen”, I began to feel slightly frustrated, but Hwa Yeon was really different. I had never played this kind of character. Since the beginning, I said I must definitely do it, that no one else but me should be Hwa Yeon.

– I heard you spent some time on your own in the US to focus on this role. A lof of young actors are used to play by instinct.

▶ I’m also the type to play by instinct, but I didn’t know how to be Hwa Yeon. It was really hard. I really tried my best to show the right expression when I say “I’m sorry, Cheon Ji” to Hyang Ki as I look at her walking away. I really wanted to do something like that. I’ve only played roles when the character was truly sorry.

– You didn’t get an offer for the role? Why did director Lee Han chose you?

▶ No director came looking for me in the past. Since I’ve had only played nice girls, a lot of people wondered if I could it. I’m thankful that the director came to me. I can do anything because things always work out when I put all my efforts into it. The director told me he saw something pure in my eyes. Although I look innocent, it seemed that he saw there was something else in me. I thank him for that.

– After “Elegant Lies”, I think acting is more interesting for you. The one-act drama “Funeral Singer” was also fresh.

▶ I’m happy because I did this kind of character and I want to keep trying various roles. I had a feeling of frustration before, so I felt like I took a new step as an actress. “You must do better this time”. I have this kind of greed. The character I play in “Funeral Singer” is also a character you can’t see anywhere. It’s a woman who cries at a mourner’s house. At that time, crying was considered as undignifiying, so they sometimes paid people to express their emotions. The drama itsel and the character were interesting and had some charm.

– Is it because you’ve mostly played the kid version of lead female characters, but your image of the feminine and pretty kid actress is strong.

▶ I’m not feminine. I’m an easy-going person. That’s why it was amazing to be given this kind of role. I do like acting like a lady and wear pretty clothes, but good for me, it’s all for acting. Instead, I’d say I used to be quiet and didn’t talk, but I slowly started talking more and more as I worked.

– Is your adolescence gone?

▶ Adolescence isn’t over for me, but the storm passed. I had many fights with my mum. I went to the States on my own and I came back. I felt more relaxed and freer. During my trip, I ate anything I wanted, I did anything I wanted all alone on the days I had no filming. I even put on some weight.

– It seems like you eat well.

▶ I like eating fast food and greasy food. I’ve been acting since I was very young, so I controlled a little bit what I ate. I had to in order to grow up well. Since this job is about showing yourself to others, I had no other choice but to do it. I think it was a good thing. If I hadn’t been an actress, I think I would have been overweight. I really enjoy eating. It’s not about eating to live, it’s like I even feel that I was born to eat. I can even eat three to four bowls of rice in a row.

– Do you want to become an adult fast and play adult characters?

▶ I feel good right now. It’d be nice not to become an adult. I really feel good at my age right now. As you get older, your sense of responsibility always increases. I hate thinking about how I must handle the things I want. I eat the food my mum cooks and I like doing the things I want right now. It’s complicated.

– How about dating?

▶ I’ve had many indirect experiences through my roles. I’m satisfied with that. (laugh) If I must really get married, I want to marry a good man. Now is the time for me to grow up and prepare my future. I have yet to have a good sense of judgement. To be honest, important things are bothersome. When I go back home, I like going straight to bed and just roll around.

– What kind of roles would you like to play in the future? If you’re offered a candy girl role once again, would you like to do it?

▶ I don’t know for now. If I’m offered a candy girl role, it’d be natural for me to do it anyway. I’ve played a character like Hwa Yeon, but I can also play another type of characters afterwards. I believe I will get offers. If it’s a good character, if its a good project, I should do it because it can always help me.

Original article: starnews
Translation: @onesunnylady


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  1. babyan says:

    Thanks for translating this interview! It is certainly interesting to know what kind of roles she is offered vs what kind of roles she really wants to do. I like that she is willing to try out different roles too, which would certainly help in her development as an actress. AND that she loves to eat too! lol. I must say, I started reading your translated articles/interviews since a week ago, and I really want to thank you for all the effort, because so much insight is lost about the artists (with relatively less fans) in untranslated interviews. Especially love the ones on Lexy as I was a fan of hers quite a while back and wondered what happened. Thank you for this article too as I’m a fan of Yoo Jung. Have a great day! 🙂

    1. 1sunnylady says:

      Thank you so much!! I’m glad there are people who enjoy these translations since these celebrities don’t have big i-fandom, but I like them so I wanted to share the love in case there were fans out there who’d like to find out more about them. 🙂

    2. onesunnylady says:

      lol aww I actually replied 3 months ago, but I didn’t know quite how Disqus and wordpress comments work and I replied under wordpress… ^^” well anyway, I just wanted to say thank you and I’m glad you enjoyed the Lexy articles 🙂

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