[201312] Yeo Jin Gu – GQ Interview

Yeo Jin Gu - GQ (2013)

Does your mother go with you everywhere?

Yeah, she still does.

Is it something you want?

It’s something we both want. My mum still feels uncomfortable and I also feel much more comfortable when my mom is with me like “wouldn’t my mum being present make me feel at ease early?”. I don’t even want to think about my life without my mum around. She won’t go with me everywhere until the end of my life, but I want us to be like this as long as possible.

When do you think you’ll attend your activities all by yourself?

Even if I’m an adult, I hope she’ll be my side until I’m settled in. But I don’t know what my mum thinks about this.

Does she give you advice when she’s on the set?

She gives me her cold realistic opinion as a viewer.

More than compliments, it’s her way to care about her son.

I learn from real experience. I can comfortably ask her about everything.

Your acting really shines in “Hwayi”. There’s a scene with Hwayi crying in front of his dead mother.

This emotion was hard to express. It was a scene about his dead mother, but he had only met her two days before. I think the affection he developed during this two days was so big that it was scary.

Sometimes you’d even research on a character’s gesture, when did you start reflecting on this research for your acting?

The first time I really discussed with a director about my character was for “Giant”. It’s the first time I immsersed myself in a role. To be honest, I think I have yet to work this hard for another role.

Why do you think you worked so hard?

I can’t forget the contentment I felt on the last day of filming. I’m more simple-minded than I thought I was. When I have fun, I go all in. On the other hand, I can get bored pretty quickly, though.

So acting is something you do with perseverance?

Acting is very refreshing. Because each role is different, each scenario is different, each emotion is different, each character is different.

Do you enjoy your acting as much as you like the charm of acting?

To be honest with you, fo any role I played… Everybody says I’m good, but I see my mistakes here and there, you know? So, from a realistic point of view, it’s not true. I want to make good projects that I can say “ah, I did good” when I watch them later on. I don’t know if I’ll be able to leave behind this kind of work , though.

You’re only starting your career. What are you talking about? Don’t you think you’re improving even a little bit?

I don’t think about it that much. I always miss the parts I miss, I always get wrong the parts I get wrong. When the flow of a great emotion isn’t wrong, it’d still be better if it was deeper. It’s about being subtle the way you handle the emotions.

What do you think of your looks?

I don’t know about my looks because I see my face every day. I’m really thankful for those who say I’m growing up well.

What do you think when you look in the mirror?

Wow, so dark. Hahaha.

When we met two years ago, you were worried because you felt like your skin was too dark. You asked us to use Photoshop to make your skin tone lighter, but you said it looked weird and it would be better to keep your dark skin tone in the end.

Did I? Hahaha. Now, it’s not that I want my skin tone to be white, but I think it’d be nice if my skin tone was a little bit lighter. As you know, there are different shades of black.

Which shade of black are you?

Right now, I feel like my skin tone is like hot chocolate. I tried to actually put one drop on my face and compare, but there’s not that much difference. I wish my skin tone would change to give this capuccino cream feeling.

Should I ask? How do you think this can happen?

I’m told to apply a lot of sunscreen.

Every media this year said things like “Yeo Jin Gu the teenage boy who turned into a man”. Aren’t you a little bit sad about this?

Not that much. In some ways, I’m thankful.

t/n: I don’t know how many people will read this, but I know the skin topic is sensitive and I tried my best to stay true to what he says.

Original article: GQ
Translation: onesunnylady


2 Comments Add yours

  1. babyan says:

    The topic about skin isn’t as sensitive for guys compared to the ladies though in the Korean entertainment. He reminds me of Lee Byung Hun – physically as well as his eyes when acting. With a lil more polishing, he’ll be a really great actor that will last long in the industry. He really is the one to look out for in the coming years.

    1. 1sunnylady says:

      I can’t help but already anticipate when all these young actors will be in their early 20’s. I do see how, maybe, they might not want to give in into public’s expectations and refuse to act together when they’re older, so they can stay away from the image people had when they were child actords… but still! if there could be just one movie with all of them together when they’re young aduts…

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