[20130813] Lee Soo Hyuk: “I enjoyed playing a character like Kim Soo Hyun.”


Lee Soo Hyuk dans Shark

For instance, another dimensional character. Lee Soo Hyuk seems special like Yoon Soo in “White Christmas” (KBS), Yoon Pyung in “Deep-Rooted Tree” (SBS). That is because even his low voice is surprising compared to the first cold impression he gives, to the point that it is even imposing. However, unlike the first impression he gives, he’s a sensitive and passionate man. The unpredictability behind the first cold impression seemed even more special as he seeks for ordinary.

“Shark” (KBS) recently finished airing and the Lee Soo Hyuk who met with Wstarnews was closer to his character “Kim Soo Hyun” than Yoon Soo or Yoon Pyung. He’s cautious about his every word.

“I don’t talk much. If you talk too easily, you can’t take back those words afterward. Especially when it comes to questions like “who are you?”, “what do you like?”. My answers can change even in just few months. When I was doing model activities, I could easily say “I’m this kind of person”. Now, it’s a little complicated for me.”

◆ Unexpected appearance

His appearance was somehow unexpected, because Kim Soo Hyun who was only known as Son Ye Jin’s assistant, turned out to be an important key. Viewers were surprised by Kim Soo Hyun’s identity revealing as episodes went by.

“I didn’t know at first how much of a key character he would be. Of course I had a hunch. The director and the writer had already mapped out their vision of Kim Soo Hyun’s character, but maybe they kept it a secret because I didn’t show outstanding skill in the past.”

He thinks too meanly of himself. Every time he talked about himself, Lee Soo Hyuk said things like “I’m lacking”, “I’m not good”. Just like his voice is low, he was used to talk lowly about himself. As section chief Kim [Soo Hyun] was called “Section Chief Flower” by female viewers, didn’t he receive a lot of popularity? “The writer gave me a well-written role”, he bashfully replied.

“Kim Soo Hyun was a comfortable character to play. The writer wrote him in detail, so all I had to do was follow what I was told. Until then, the roles I had play were characters with a special personality or characters that had to look special. I think this kind of roles need experience, so instead of having to create Kim Soo Hyun, I guess I had a more natural approach to his character.”

Kim Soo Hyun isn’t an average character, but it’s hard to say if Kim Soo Hyun wasn’t an average character to Lee Soo Hyuk who was used to play uncommon characters. Compared to a monster, a vampire, a flying guard warrior, isn’t this character “an ordinary guy”? As Lee Soo Hyuk said, he let go of the “must look special or must be special” style, and said he was a bit relieved.

“The thing that really made me happy about “Shark” was how human Kim Soo Hyun was. (laugh) Because I wanted to show I could do this kind of character too, since I had always played uncommon characters until then. It’s not that I hated it, but I felt like I had come across a limit. I think this was the opportunity to show another side of me.”

As he said he wanted to show many things as a rookie actor, Lee Soo Hyuk revealed his strong desire about acting.

“During the year I took a break from my activities, I became greedy about acting. I felt that I was lacking when I finished filming, so I grew annoyed as my break kept growing longer. People had no other choice but to judge me because of that. I thought it was unfortunate. I wanted to find a good role, and I wanted to act. That’s why I really wanted to give my best for “Shark”.”

◆ Ode to youth

He was serious and cautious, but he has his guards down in front his friends. Lee Soo Hyuk showed a playful image that matched his age as he talked about Kim Young Kwang, Kim Woo Bin, Hong Jong Hyun and Sung Joon, whom he became close with through his first drama “White Christmas”.

“All of us are still close. Either it’s Young Kwang-hyung, Woo Bin, Jong Hyun, or Sung Joon, we don’t care about the age difference and we still often meet each other like friends. I hope we could all settle down and spend a good time all together.”

There seems to be pros and cons abour having close friends working in the same field. When asked about the reaction of his friends who watched this drama, Lee Soo Hyuk even moved his hand as he replied, “I don’t really talk about acting with my friends because they tease me every day. I’m over the embarrassing phase, though. The hardest time was during “The Boy From Ipanema”. My friends came to the premiere and enthusiastically teased me. They would sometimes imitate me and say my lines.”

The word “friend” means having someone giving you this feeling of security you can’t even explain, but you know it is there. As Lee Soo Hyuk expressed his hope to play again with his friends in a drama or a movie, he expressed the close affection he has for them.

“This is something Young Kwang-hyung, Jong Hyun and I always say. “We’re getting old”, so we hope to be able to play characters in their 20’s before we get too old. That’s why I want to play a young adult. You get this fresh feeling when you look at your favorite actors back in the time when they were young. As an actor, it’s an image I want to leave behind. I’m a bit worried this time just passes me by.”

When asked if he didn’t want to try to play in a “melo” since he showed a little bit more of his potential, Lee Soo Hyuk replied, “I’m also greedy when it comes to the melo genre. “The Boy From Ipanema” was fun. I think I’m now used to play the type of unique characters I played, those “special characters”. I think I’ll approach the romance genre with honesty, so I have some expectation about that.”

To his innocent reaction, we asked him “Whom would you have as a partner in a melo?” and Lee Sook Hyuk replied at once “I don’t know”. Although asked a few times who was his ideal type, which actresses he’d like to work with, he kept saying “I don’t know”, until he gave up.

“Based on my experience when my own name is mentioned, I think they’ll be uncomfortable. It’s easy to talk about your friends, but it’s hard to talk thoughtlessly about women because it can hurt them.”

Original article: wstarnews
Translation: @onesunnylady
Edited by e-soohyuk.tumblr.com

This was the last translated interview for the celebrity of the month featuring Lee Soo Hyuk. I want to thank e-soohyuk.tumblr.com for editing and sharing info about Lee Soo Hyuk.

Like I said, I did think Lee Soo Hyuk was arrogant and I couldn’t care less about him. I didn’t know what to think of him as an actor. I do think he improved with each role, but I’d like to see him as a regular guy in a rom-com for instance. Just like it was pointed out in the “Shark” interviews, he played “special” characters until now. It’s probably because of his looks, so I think at some point these roles weren’t actually challenging because it was (still is?) expected of him to be a “special” or “weird” character. How about giving him the role of a guy who talks, cracks funny jokes and smiles A LOT? I mean, I’d be down for a psycho character, but not as one-dimensional as his previous roles. A crazy guy in the inside who seems perfectly normal on the outside and you would never suspect to be crazy… I feel like he could go down the same road as Lee Min Ki: pretty boy with this mysterious vibe and who is unpredictable, like a chameleon.

Lee Soo Hyuk mentioned once that he’d like to be a director. Now, that would be very interesting because that would mean he’d let the public come into HIS world and shows HIS vision. My ultimate wish would be for all the models turned actors to establish their own agency and act with each other. “White Christmas” was glorious. I would LOVE to see them all together again in a movie or a drama about 20-something adult, dealing with real life situations… It will probably never happen since they’re all in age to go to the army which means a 2-year break at least. Ah, well…

Anyway, I find it amusing that he kept saying how he doesn’t like doing interviews because what he says today might not be true tomorrow… Well, those are translated now. Let’s see what changes or not in the future. I hope you enjoyed reading these interviews as much as I enjoyed translating them. Thank you as always for your time.

The next celebrity of the month is Tasha Yoon Mirae. The first interview will be posted on Saturday April 5th. Stay tuned!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. whateverwha says:

    Ahh, c’est lui, j’ai reconnu son nez!! lol Il a joué dans “White Christmas” le mini drama qui a chamboulé ma vision des K-dramas. J’avoue, son jeu d’acteur est à améliorer, il n’était pas mon personnage préféré aussi. Mais j’aimais bien son rôle.
    Je pense qu’il a des rôles “spéciaux” à cause de son look. Lui en male lead dans une rom-com? Hm…j’aimerais bien mais ya peu de chances que ça arrive (mais en second role oui, tout à fait possible). Peut-être que le grand écran sera plus intéressé par lui.

    J’ai regardé 3 eps de Heirs juste pour Kim Won Bin mais j’ai oublié de suivre Lee Soo Hyuk dans ses autres dramas ou films.
    Et je suis d’accord sur un come back de tous les jeunes acteurs de White Christmas dans un autre drama!! YAY ils ont qu’à le faire avant le service militaire ou après, même à 30 ans voire plus, ça le ferait. Une version bien plus intéressante de A Gentleman’s Dignity qui sait…XD (j’ai détesté cette série).

    Et euh, pourquoi tu le trouves arrogant? Juste curieuse, je critique pas ton point de vue! Je n’ai pas lu toute l’interview pour l’instant.

    1. onesunnylady says:

      Non mais si on peut m’expliquer pour Kim Eun Sook arrive à écrire des dramas qui marchent aussi bien avec des intrigues et des dialogues qui sont aussi… plats??? En fait, elle a tjrs des situations de base intéressantes, mais je n’adhère pas au développement. c’est un des mystères des k-dramas.

      Parce qu’il y a des gens comme ça (et je sais que j’en fais partie d’ailleurs lol), nous n’avons pas un visage naturellement souriant. Comme en plus nous sommes calmes et parlons très peu, les gens prennent ça pour de l’arrogance alors que c’est tout simplement parce qu’on ne sait pas quoi dire, donc on préfère se taire plutôt que de dire une bêtise OU parce que la conversation ne nous intéresse tellement pas qu’on ne veut pas se forcer à parler. On fait blasé de la vie alors que pas du tout. Et comme il a ce physique atypique avec un port altier, quand je le voyais vite fait à côté de G-Dragon, je n’avais pas spécialement envie de m’intéresser à lui. xD Mais à en juger les itws, à moins que tous les journalistes soient payés pr dire la mm chose, c’est une impression que tout le monde a de lui au premier abord, mais dès que tu lui parles, tu te rends compte qu’il est très terre-à-terre. (mais faut lire ses itws!! il est tellement awkwaaaard. Adorable)

      1. whateverwha says:

        Ouais, Heirs et l’autre série là…c’était tout simplement pas possible pour moi. Je pense que c’est les “beaux” gosses (hum chacun ses goûts…) et une histoire cucul la praline qui font craquer les filles et les ménagères de moins de 50 ans…

        Ah d’accord, je vois! ça m’est arrivée d’être perçue ainsi mais pas souvent, je me demande même si j’ai pas l’air coincée des fois…bref lol
        OK, je vais lire ses interviews. J’ai du mal avec les noms des acteurs, donc désolée pour mes “oh j’ai reconnu son nez” haha

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