[2014 Spring Summer for GQ] Beenzino – I Know, I Know, I Know – Interview


Beenzino - GQ Style


When you get tired and waver? My mum is the first thing that comes to my mind. Then, I have this lingering feeling about the life I really want to live. My mum is like a great hyung. Instead of giving each other advice, the both of us like bragging about our work. All mothers in this world are strong, but my mum is a different kind of strong. I always admire this image of her being so into what she’s drawing/painting. Her attitude toward her work is really astounding. My father? I have a stepfather. He’s someone I consider like “my father”. I think he loved my mother so much that it made him care more about me. I’m still learning how to be a man from him.


There’s no particular reason. When I work, I always keep Dali’s autobiography in my bag. When I was recording, I saw by chance a Van Gogh’s painting hanging in th recording booth. I thought it could become a good way to easily convey my thoughts when I communicate with other people. They say that Dali always knew precisely what he wanted to eat. He wasn’t all “what to eat? I don’t know, let’s just eat anything”, it’s amazing to be so confident all the time. I just write my lyrics when I reach the right moment in my life. Sometimes, I can start without even being aware of it. I don’t listen to my released songs. I hate listening to them. If I listen to them by chance, it can be fun, but I listen to my songs almost only when I’m working on them. I learned how to use iTunes recently. When I listen to “Immortal” by Kid Cudi to start the day, I feel like I have super powers. I listen to Pharell Williams’ latest album when I’m driving.


In my song “Nike Shoes”, I wrote “why do women are crazy about designer brands?”. People today say about me things like “he changed. He’s crazy about money. There’s a difference between his words and his actions”. It’s true. I changed. I used to think that way back then and I think differently now. People change just like you see a change between a picture taken in 2011 and 2014. It’s a natural process. Actually, I’m not really interested in shopping these days. I think people just need someone to target. I think you sometimes forget what’s important to you. I just want to become a better “version” of myself step by step. Money is important. That’s because I need to experience this and that, I need the right equipment/attire if I want to write.


I want to go to Paris where I went once when I was a kid because I wonder how it would be like to see it again now that I’m an adult. However, I don’t really like things far away from my work because guys like me work mostly in a place they’re used to. I need the space and the attire/equipment able to bring out my voice when I want to make music. It’s weird that I dream of travelling, but I’m not actually inclined to do it. It’d be nice to have this peaceful feeling if I travel. I lived in New Zealand before. I emigrated when I was 8. My mum and I came back to Korea when I was 12, after my parents got divorced. I liked the peaceful atmosphere of New Zealand. It’d be nice to go on a trip in a nice place even if I had nothing to do.


Where do you live? Hannam-dong. It’s quiet. It’s close to Hongdae, Apgujeong and my office. When I go on tour, it’s also close to a KTX station.

Where do you often go? I’m usually go to the Garosugil in Apgujeong. It’s a place I’ve been going to since I was a kid, so I feel at ease when I’m there.

Is there a coffee shop you always often go to? A coffee shop in the area of Gangnam-gu Office Station. It’s an out-of-the-way place. The owner is a very nice ajusshi and gives this human vibe.

[t/n: he actually gives the name of the place… ]

Who are you close with? Kim Han Joon. Shin Dong Min. We work and play together.

Which game do you play to? NBN 2K14, GTA, Fight Night Champion.

Love? It’s better to love just one person than loving a lot of random people. I think any love with a direction is important.

You like clothes, right? I’ve loved clothes every since I was little, but I wasn’t passionate about it. When I was 14, I sold clothes in the streets of Itaewon. It was for a very short time, though. I just wanted to be immersed in this culture. I’m not really interested in clothes these days. Lately, I’m into a cool style. Clothes that don’t give you stress because they’re large. I wear hats every day because I touch my head a lot.

Are you very popular? I’m glad that the number of people listening to my songs is growing. When I feel like I’m being harassed, I get annoyed, but I must endure it, right?

Do you think you’re good-looking? I don’t.  A man with wolf-like features… A man like Jonathan Rhys Meyers who played in “August Rush” is good-looking.

Among the songs you’re listening to these days, is there one you find incredibly silly? None.

Cigarettes? Malboro Light. Lately, Malboro ice blast.

Alcohol? Only a little bit of wine when I’m working. As something sweet.

Tattoo? I asked if it could be done under anesthesia because it clearly seemed it’d be painful . They said no, so I didn’t do it. It might have been okay if I had changed the tattoo location or it would have been frustrating. You know how it can be a great disaster when your taste change.

Original article: Style.co.kr
Translation: @onesunnylady


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