[20140219] Kim Hee Ae, Go Ah Sung, Kim Yoo Jung, Kim Hyang Ki on SBS “One Night TV Entertainment”


SBS - One Night TV Entertainment 20140503

I’ve been neglecting this section of my blog. Since I still have computer problems, I thought I could use this opportunity to talk about a short video. Kim Hee Ae, Go Ah Sung, Kim Yoo Jung and Kim Hyang Ki promoted “Elegant Lies” all through February. There was a short segment on the “One Night TV Entertainment” broadcast on February 19th.

Let me start by saying that the literal translation for the Korean title of “Elegant Lies” would be “a Wow lie” and “wow” is a sound that you use in a way to say “amazing”.

I guess Go Ah Sung was asked to make an impression of Kim Hee Ae saying “I won’t lose/miss it”, an expression Kim Hee Ae used to say for a SK2 CF. Kim Hee Ae says “we’re quite wow” to show her appreciation of Ah Sung’s impression. Kim Yoo Jung sends a kiss.

Next topic is how they look like a family as if they were truly mother and daugthers. The interviewer asks which actress is the prettiest.

Kim Hee Ae: I’m old and they’re nice kids so it’s unavoidable that they will choose me.
Go Ah Sung (grabbing her hand): I was going to choose someone else.
Kim Hee Ae: Really? Okay, let’s see then.

They all choose Kim Yoo Jung and Kim Yoo Jung chooses Go Ah Sung (I think?).

Interviewer (to Kim Yoo Jung): what did you think of Kim Hee Ae the first time you saw her?
Kim Yoo Jung: It was in the waiting room. I was just mesmerized, I could only look at her. She was so beautiful…
Kim Hyang Ki: Me too. The first time I met her, I realized that my gaze kept going to her.
Go Ah Sung: She’s like a role model.
Kim Hee Ae: Aww, let’s have a drink later.

The interviewer is all shocked to realize that Go Ah Sung is actually old enough to drink.

Go Ah Sung: I’m 23. (to Kim Yoo Jung and Kim Hyang Ki) Time flies by real fast.

Everybody laugh. Short montage on how Go Ah Sung, Kim Yoo Jung and Kim Hyang Ki were child actresses acknowledged for their talent. Kim Hee Ae talks about how she was impressed by their acting and doesn’t see them as kids but as true professionals. Then she makes a joke about how Go Ah Sung, Kim Yoo Jung and Kim Hyang Ki should be sent to Sotchi for the Olympics. They’d be the acting national team.

The next question is about how she’s jealous of mothers who have daughters because she has two sons and it’s like they don’t call her, she texts them a dozen times and they barely reply. So she’s a little bit sad about it.

Next, they play a game “mom, let’s communicate”. It’s a quizz on popular idol groups. Interesting enough, Kim Hee Ae recognizes SHINee right away. When she sees 2NE1, she’s like “oh come on now…” like it was too easy. So the interviewer asks if she knows a song and she says she can sing if she hears the song. SO the interviewer starts with the chorus of “I’m The Best” and she goes “I’m the… [naega jeil jal]” and Kim Hee Ae keeps going with “I was the best [jal nasseo]”. So everybody laughs and she tries to play it cool like “I’m the best because I was the best”… It’s kind of complicated to explain the grammar aspect of the thing, but I hope you get a sense of how cute her mistake was.

Next game is the lie detector. They’re given a question and they must answer “yes” or “no”. For Kim Hee Ae, it was “I think I look 10 years younger than my real age” and she answers “yes”. No electric shock, so she isn’t lying.

For Go Ah Sung, it was “I want to play again a role with Song Kang Ho as my father.” She says yes, but there’s an electric shock. Lie!! And she makes this cute wave as she says “sunbae-nim, I miss you!”.

For Kim Yoo Jung, it was “I’d rather hear “you’re a good actress” than “you’re beautiful”. She says yes and… electric shock again! Kim Yoo Jung is laughing and goes like “but who created this thing?” The interviewer asks Kim Hee Ae which compliment she prefers. Kim Hee Ae takes her CF pose and goes “I like hearing that I’m beautiful.”

Aww, did they edit out Kim Hyang Ki’s part? Next is the interviewer and her question from Kim Hee Aer was “do I think I’m prettier than Go Ah Sung?”. As the interviewer goes “no, no. Go Ah Sung is really really pretty”… Electric shock!

The video ends with Kim Hee Ae saying she was very happy to shoot this movie with the girls and she encourages the viewers to go see “Elegant Lies”.


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