Kim Jae Woong about his coming out + Kim Jho Kwang Soo’s support


Kim Jae Woong

Fashion designer Kim Jae Woong made his coming out during the “Share House” episode broadcast on May 7th. Well, people are currently debating if it was a coming out or an outing… I didn’t get to see the episode, so I don’t know about the editing and how the whole thing happened. Was it completely staged? Or was it more like Kim Jae Woong spontaneously came out when they asked him and he ended up letting the show producers use the footage the way they wanted to? I mean was it just a coincidence that of all Kim Jae Woong’s friends in the industry, it was Hong Suk Chun that turned out to be a guest on the show during a casual encounter with designer Hwang Young Rong?

Anyway, Kim Jae Woong said to the producers “I’m confident. Since the beginning, I had no thought of hiding it. I only talked about it because the situation turned out this way. I really think of the “Share House” members as family. I’m glad I talked about it there and not somewhere else. I’m thankful to our family members who showed concern (after the show aired). If it’s these people, I can talk about anything.”

And he also wrote on his Facebook page after the show aired: “I’m fine! Let’s work again like crazy today!”

After the show aired, openly gay director Kim Jho Kwang Soo tweeted a message of support:

I welcome Kim Jae Woong’s coming out. He showed dignity and I hope he will be happpier after his coming out because we can be happy through an existence itself that is only different from the majority. Still, I can do nothing but criticize “Share House”‘s behavior. Please apologize with sincerity.

At the end of the day, I guess what’s important is that Kim Jae Woong seems doing just fine and no one is making a big “fuss” about it.

On the 9th, he also wrote on his Facebook page (I wish I had the link to his Facebook page, but do you know how hard it is to Facebook Korean people with the same name??? So I’m just going to trust the journalists on that one): “Thank you all for your support. The scene might have looked like the Share House family members unintentionally preyed on me, but I’m really thankful and I love the Share House family who cared and supported me more than anyone else.”

Sources: newsen, sportschosun


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