[20130916] Yoon Mirae: “I’m Jordan’s mum and I’m still crazy about music.”


Yoon Mirae - The Cure

Yoon Mirae is a talented Korean female rapper and a vocalist. She debuted in 1997 as the female vocalist of co-ed hip-hop group Uptown. In 1999, she was in the female duo Tashannie. In 2001, she received love from her fans for her solo work under the name T with songs like “As Time Goes By”, “Did You Forget…”

As she secretly got married to Tiger JK in June 2007 and gave birth to their son Jordan in March the following year, their hip-hop couple was a hot issue. Afterwards, raising Jordan was her focus and she took a short break. She then went on with her activities as a jury on Mnet “Superstar K” and was featured on the 4th full album of international hip-hop group Far East Movement. She also did activities with the MFBTY project, a group she formed with Tiger JK and Bizzy.

On the 13th, they released the album “The Cure” through the hip-hop label Feel Ghood Music founded by her husband. Before that, her song “Touch Love” for the “Master Sun” OST was her first OST song in 7 years and ranked high in the charts, which shows her power on the charts.

Yoon Mirae is recognized as a talented musician. Many younger singers choose her as their role model and she’s receiving the attention of foreign media such as US MTV Iggy that chose her as one of the TOP 12 female rappers in the world.

Recently, we met Tiger JK, Bizzy and Yoon Mirae in Yeoui-do. She greeted us with her shy smile and showed her natural beauty as she had no makeup on. As it had been awhile since she held an official interview with the media, she was someone with humility and a bright soul. All through the interview, she conveyed a warm and good energy. And while being Jordan’s strong mother, music is a part of her life and she was a fierce musician who was passionate more than anyone else.

Here’s Yoon Mirae’s interview.

– Your OST song “Touch Love” and the song “The Cure” youd did with Tiger JK and Bizzy did well on the charts. Honestly, do you worry about charts results?

The managers kept looking at the charts after the album got released because they wanted to tell me, but I told them not to. I found out about the reactions for “Touch Love” because people around me told me about it. Of course, I’m happy that the reactions are good, but I don’t think you can make good music if you worry too much about that. The music that I want and the music the public wants, they’re both important, but I think if you’re obsessed by this aspect, you make it only about a big commercial success. I think that if I work hard just like my husband and my managers tell me too, things will turn out well.

– I heard that your father-in-law coping with cancer is what inspired you to make the album “The Cure”. Your father-in-law is music critic Seo Byung Hoo, I wonder what kind of man he is…

He’s such an amazing person. He has great looks (laugh) and he has a great mind. Everything about him is great. And he’s the smartest person I’ve ever met in my life. To be honest, I haven’t realized yet that he is sick. I can’t believe it. It feels like a dream, I feel like it isn’t real.

(Yoon Mirae decided to sing for SBS “Master’s Sun” OST to pay the expensive fees for her father-in-law’s treatment. It was the first time she sang for an OST in 7 years. The money Yoon Mirae received isn’t big compared to the good reactions the song triggered, but she said that seeing her father-in-law happy was enough to make her happy)

– You released “The Cure” first, but I heard the plan was actually for Drunken Tiger, Yoon Mirae and Bizzy to release album versions through Feel Ghood Music. I feel like it’s been quite some time since we heard an album with the Yoon Mirae’s style… What do you plan to do?

We’re currently talking about things like the release time or the direction. Nothing is set yet. I did some hip-hop, R&B songs. I didn’t record ballads, but I’m thinking about preparing some ballads for those who enjoyed my ballads such as “Day by Day”, “As Time Goes By”.

I have yet to figure out what “my music style” is. I’ve been listening to music like crazy since I was a kid. Music natually became my life. Even now, I can’t live without music. It may sound fake said like this, but music is like breathing to me. I started working at a young age. As I was going through a hard time, I wondered if I should stop music, but music was the only thing I knew in the end. Music can be a source of stress, but music is also the way to relieve this stress. I don’t think the music I like changed that much, even after I gave birth to Jordan. I still listen to music a lot and it [=her passion for music] even gets even more serious every day.

– The pros and cons of working with your spouse?

To be honest, there are times when it can be annoying. (laugh) When there could be a fight, I’d rather be on my own for an hour, or even a few minutes so I can cool down and be able to discuss. Oppa wants to resolve things right away, so we’re a bit different on that aspect. When we’re at home or when we go out, we’re almost always together, so it is a good thing in general, but there are times when I want to be alone. As a music partner, Tiger JK is the best. We’ve perfomed together on stage so many times that I feel like things wouldn’t work out if he weren’t by my side or I feel that I can’t be on stage on my own. We know each other very well, we know exactly what the other think just by looking at each other or by a hand gesture. This is really the best thing of all.

– A lot of your hoobaes pick you as their role model. Do you feel a sense of responsibility…

I’m very thankful and it can be burdensome sometimes. To be honest, there are many times when I don’t get why they like me. I’ve been working for a long time, but everything still feels amazing. And I think being able to do the work that I want is like a dream. I can’t really believe that I’m doing the job that I want while receiving love from people and being chosen as a role model. I really want to know why they like me. Maybe it is because they can feel a little bit how much I love music when they listen to my songs?

– How is life in Uijeong-bu?

I really love Uijeong-bu. My grandmother lives 5 minutes away by foot. All my aunts live there and even my father-in-law joined us not long ago. I can walk around freely without having to hide behind a hat. When I can’t sleep, I go out at night and play to the grab-a-prize machine until sleep comes. I’m close with the beauty parlor ajumma and I like all my neighbors. I think that one month would be enough for never wanting to leave Uijeong-bu ever again.

– I heard your son Jordan is 6 years-old. What hopes do you have for him?

I just want Jordan to be happy. I hope he won’t be self-conscious and I hope he’ll be healthy. The music path his father and I chose was very hard, so that’s the reason I don’t want to force him to walk down this path too. Still, if he chooses to make music, Tiger JK will be his manager, I’ll be his stylist and we’ll just stick to Jordan like his shadow. But before that, I just hope he will love music. Making it a career is a bit dangerous.

(On the contrary, Tiger JK said that Jordan made him grow up. He said that he discovered another world and that made his music change. These days, he’s in a competition with him to get exclusively Yoon Mirae’s love. And he also said that he hoped Jordan wouldn’t choose the same path as them. He said Yoon Mirae was the best wife and that she’s now the best mom…)

– Yoon Mirae, you also trigger a lot of interest from overseas. Did you have no desire to advance on the overseas market before you became a mom?

I did give it some thoughts. I want to live while doing the music I want. However, I know how hard I’d have to work and how much efforts I’d have to put into this and turn things upside down. If I were to do that, I would have no other choice but to neglect Jordan… Besides, I think there are many ways to get your music out there through the internet and you don’t even have to go to the US. It’s not that I have no intention to advance on the overseas market, but right now, I don’t want to go over there to find producers.

– Do you have plans for musician activities with Feel Ghood Music?

It’s not easy to get on TV. TV ratings are important and we’re not a group with this kind of popularity. If they send us request, we won’t turn them down. If people call us, we are thankful and since we love being on stage, we plan to do a lot of concerts, universities festivals included. We formed a band called “The Good Band” and we want to show our music through concerts because it can allow us to bring things closer through our music and show our true image.

– I heard Lee Hyori said she wanted to work with you. Can we expect to see the two of you on stage together…

I think we’ll need to talk about it a lot because our styles are different. I heard it too, but unnie is very busy lately… Lee Hyori-unnie is busy, but maybe it can happen one day if she isn’t? I think it would be interesting. And if you also expect it… (laugh)

Original article: tvdaily
Translation: @onesunnylady


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