Kyung Soo Jin talks about Da Mi in “SLA” and working with Kim Hee Ae


Secret Love Affair - Kyung Soo Jin

Here’s a short interview of Kyung Soo Jin who played Park Da Mi in “Secret Love Affair”. I swear I spent all the drama wondering if her character was that necessary to the plot… I’d like to believe that she was the girl Oh Hye Won could have been if she hadn’t been determined to sacrify everything to live with the rich. Really, minus the whole thug life past, Da Mi lives with the same honesty and sincerity that Sun Jae lives by and that Hye Won longs for. This is just a matter of preference, though. Da Mi’s style is just not my style.

Anyway, Kyung Soo Jin had a couple of interviews these past few days, so I made a mix. She mostly talks about her take on her character Park Da Mi and her admiration for Kim Hee Ae and Yoo Ah In.

Starnews Interview

“The ending? It completely digressed from what I had imagined (laugh).”

This was what Actress Kyung Soo Jin (27) said. She did think at some extent that her love for Yoo Ah In would never lead to anything, but still, she had some regrets. It was very short and in vain.

[omitted paragraph about “Secret Love Affair” summary]

“I want to experience the same love as Oh Hye Won did,” she even said. As expected, her aura was strong. Of course, she won’t just overlook the pain Park Da Mi held in her heart.

On the 13th, we met Kyung Soo Jin who played Park Da Mi in “Secret Love Affair”.

◆ “Oh Hye Won was an obstacle for her, but Oh Hye Won’s approach of love was beautiful” ”

“I was set on the image of a future marriage between Park Dami and Lee Sun Jae whose love for Oh Hye Won didn’t last forever,” she said. If the ending had been like Kyun Soo Jin had thought, the plot of “Secret Love Affair” wouldn’t have been so unconventional. She meant that she understood Park Da Mi’s point of view because Lee Sun Jae was Park Da Mi’s everything.

“Park Da Mi was an iljin [t/n: gang members] in high school and Lee Soon Jae is her everything because he watches over her with this deep gaze and worries about her. His gaze and his expression made Park Da Mi feel embarrassed and made her love him. Here she feels an affection that rivals family love. Park Da Mi could do nothing but to worry that Oh Hye Won would hurt Lee Sun Jae.

However, Lee Sun Jae made his love of Oh Hye Won even more of a priority. Park Da Mi didn’t have a big place in Lee Sun Jae’s heart. Kyung Soo Jin gave a hint of her regrets of not having a bigger love line with Lee Sun Jae.

“It was in vain because Lee Soon Jae rejected her very early. Then Park Da Mi meets Oh Hye Won and I thought there was a bigger emphasis on her challenging Oh Hye Won in order to take her on fiercely or to win Lee Sun Jae’s heart.”

[brief summary of how Oh Hye Won was torn between her love for Sun Jae and her status being at stake with the Seo Han college dirty money]

Kyun Soo Jin gave her opinion on Oh Hye Won’s unique charm.

“I don’t think the focus on Oh Hye Won was based on the affair because her meeting Lee Sun Jae was the condition for Oh Hye Won to find happiness. If a very young man comes in to my life when I’m in my 40’s, I will worry and won’t be able to decide clearly that I can love him in the way Oh Hye Won did. That’s why I think Oh Hye Won is a woman of great courage.”

◆ “I experienced a passionate one-way love just like Park Da Mi did”

Kyung Soo Jin talked about the many similarities between Park Da Mi and her like their easy-going personality and their boy-like bluntess that hide a tender heart and honesty. In fact, they would be the same person except for Da Mi’s cheap image.

“Just like Park Da Mi, I also experienced a passionate one-way love,” Kyung Soo Jin added. “If you think about it, hope and torture are similar. I think anyone can understand the emotion from the point of view of the person who is in love and isn’t loved back. Just like in real life too, there was also the feeling of when Lee Soon Jae said “I don’t see you as a woman but as a friend” because this one-way love situation wouldn’t work out. When I like someone later on, I want to be more assertive in the way I express my feelings.”

The interview ends on how she’s been acting for 3 years.”Secret Love Affair” was a great experience for her. She wants to become an actress that leaves a deep impression on viewers. From now on, she wants to be known as “actress Kyung Soo Jin” and no longer as “Little Son Ye Jin”.

Edaily interview

“My first scene was a very emotional scene. It’s a scene where I talk about Sun Jae (Yoo Ah In) to Hye Won (Kim Hee Ae). I think I made a good impression on her. (laugh) She’s a sunbae who has this strong aura that pulls you in. While shooting “SLA”, I kept thinking “where is there another Korean actress like her”, “I get to work with someone like her”, everything was just great.”

She was happy of shooting “SLA”, but she didn’t enjoy it. While she’s quite outgoing and carefree, working with experienced actors this time around was quite intimidating.

“Kim Hee Ae-sunbaenim, Yoo Ah In, Park Hyuk Kwon, Shim Hye Jin-sunbaenim, all of them have a lot of experience. Especially Kim Hee Ae who has as so many scenes that I was sorry to talk to her [and disturb her]. Still, I got to see her here and there and I’m thankful for her responding gently while discussing things I was curious about. I’d ask her every day “sunbae-nim, how did I do?”, and she would reply in a joking way “you want me to praise you, so you’re asking on purpose, aren’t you?” (laugh)

“Hye Won and Da Mi were very different. I think that playing such a different character made me feel new things that would make me go “ah, what is this?”. Da Mi is reckless and doesn’t consider other people’s feelings. Hye Won remains calm as she says meaningful words. Da Mi might have been shocking. To be honest, when people would say things like “one devil knows another”, they were under the impression that “Da Mi is this kind of stereotype”. To be honest, the dialogues made me realize the meaning of this expression. I don’t really use it these days. I think meeting the character Da Mi was a good thing for me.”

Original article: starnews, edaily
Translation: @onesunnylady


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