[July 2013] Lydia Paek – Interview for Cuvism [2/2]


Lydia Paek (2)

Part 1

Lydia’s unique life style carrying the musicality she was born with

How do you usually spend your days?

I’m working on songs in my spare time. When I have time, I meet my friends or I exercise. Recently, I’ve been going a lot to a place called Brown in Hapjung-dong. I like it because they play soul music.

Do you exercise with Hwang Ssabu-nim (YG resident trainer)?

Ssabu-nim usually finishes his work in the evening. He’s been busy lately because he’s doing the world tour with GD-oppa. So he allowed me to use the gym and I work out on my own. I also have a weird schedule, so I work out at dawn.

You usually go to the VV:D crew’s concerts, don’t you also want to be on stage when you see them performing?

I really want to go on stage.

You went on stage for the latest Alea Playlist Vol.2 party

The atmosphere was really good. I like being goofy (laugh). I think that’s why I did this freestyle dance.

We’re holding the interview at the TwoSome studio and I know you’re a regular customer. What do you think make this place so great and unique?

First of all, the music is great. The ambiance is great too because there are Mina-unnie’s pictures on the wall. And the yogurts and the sandwiches are delicious.

How often do you come here?

I can’t come here often. If I can, then I come here a lot. It’s close to the company, so I can meet my friends here.

We also had an interview with Sunwoo Jung Ah. I heard the two of you exchange a lot about music. What kind of musician do you think Sunwoo Jung Ah is?

In one word, I think Jung Ah-unnie is a genius. Every time I see her performing, I’m really speechless. I think there are no other singers like Jung Ah-unnie.

It seems that she has a good influence on you.

I think I must work harder when Jung Ah-unnie has something that I don’t have. I really love jazz music, but since I don’t have this kind of voice, I can only listen to it. I think it’s amazing how Jung Ah-unnie’s voice can match jazz and rock. And her lyrics are great too.

When did you start learning Korean?

When I was a kid, my mom and my dad sent me to hangul school and this was when I started studying Korean. There’s usually no school on Saturdays, but I also had to go to my hangul class on Saturdays. I really hated that. (laugh) I’m still studying Korean.

Do you have a Korean name?

I don’t use it often, but it’s Baek So Young. There’s nothing special about this name. Because my family name is Paek, it becomes Lydia Paek when you add my English first name. Otherwise I’m just Miss Baek. (laugh)

You have your own unique style. It seems that you have a lot of interest in fashion.

My mom told me the story of a dream she had before I was born. She said there was a basket with a multi-colored ball of string. So when I said I wanted to embrace the fashion path, she told me about this dream. In the end, I’m making music, but both of my parents are musicians too. My father plays the guitar and the harmonica at church, my mum plays the piano.

It seems that your parents gave you their sense for music.

I have one little brother (Joshua Paek). He’s also good at music. He can sing, he can dance, but he’s good at rapping more than anything else. His lyrics are good too. He has a sensibility toward instruments, so he can handle any instrument. I think he’s more than talented than me.

How do you want to spend the rest of your 20’s?

I want to learn more things. I don’t think I’m perfect, so I must improve more. What I want more than anything is to release my album before I turn 30.

What is dancing to you?

I think dancing is a way for me to express everything about myself. Just like music and acting, dancing is about drawing a picture with your body. When I’m going through a hard time or when I’m happy, I can express everything with my body. There are things very important to me. If there’s only one person who feels the emotion I want to convey when I’m dancing or singing on stage, this is enough for me. If the emotion I feel can be a source of comfort to someone else, this is everything to me.

For our last question, please say something to the Cuvism readers.

If you have a dream, don’t stop and keep trying until you reach your goal. This is what I want to tell you. You must try to challenge yourself. Don’t just dream, make it happen!

Original article: cuvism
Translation: @onesunnylady


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