[20131223 – Elle] Yoon Mirae & Tiger JK – Share Happiness – Interview

Yoon Mirae et Tiger JK - Elle

Sharing music in every way When we see fans enjoying our music as they move their hands in the air and cheer us, the joy we feel can’t be converted into money. It doesn’t matter if our music is like a 3-minute curry that fills hunger for a short time. We only hope to share the emotions we feel. And more than being remembered as a good rapper and a good singer, we want to be remembered as people who really love music.
Jordan, a gift sent by Heaven We feel so many things as we raise Jordan. Looking after our baby also makes us care about other kids. When there are kids around, they start talking because they’re very curious and everything just turned into silly stuff. [t/n: I’m not really sure about this sentence.] We want Jordan to be a good person, so we feel like we must become good persons first. Thanks to Jordan, we keep learning and we love each other more every day.


About sharing Our motto is “I live, let’s all live”. We think we must be able to give with no expectation in any way possible. You can share with others only if your heart is limitless. The first step is being careful of not hurting others, so you can be able to even want to help others. Instead of letting people know, we’re more about making efforts in order to help others in secret.
Happiness is… We think happiness is something simple. We found that out after going through hard times. It’s right in front of your eyes, but all these things you weren’t aware of is your happiness. They can be obvious, they can be hidden, everything is happiness. Simple Thing, this is happiness.

Original article: Elle
Translation: @onesunnylady

And this was officially the last Yoon Mirae’s interview for the “Celebrity of The Month”. I had planned to translate only the 9 interviews I had found. I have mad love for MFBTY, but my point was really to make Yoon Mirae shine on her own. Obviously, her career is completely linked to Tiger JK’s now, so I ended up translating their itws too. From what I understand, they have a wide fanbase, but their international fandom isn’t as organized as K-pop idols’ when it comes to share contents in Korean. So I hope this will be a small contribution to keep spreading the love for Yoon Mirae (and MFBTY).


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