Hong Suk Chun tries out for “Dancing 9”


Hon Suk Chun - Dancing 9

Aww I’ve been waiting for Mnet to upload the cuts. I hope they do, so I can update. So, I wasn’t planning to watch “Dancing 9” because I have a MAJOR problem with Mnet’s editing. The Mnet editing style is about building up the tension with previews all through an episode. 9 times out of 10, the hype is completely unecessary or leads to nothing. Howeverrrr, I was browsing Nate earlier and there were articles about “Dancing 9” everywhere. That’s how I found out that Hong Suk Chun actually participated. You can scroll down if you don’t want read my rambling about the other contestants.

In case you might wonder, other contestants that caught the media attention. So there was Kim Dae Il, member of 24K… He was being such a fanboy in front of Yoon Jeon Il, his opponent who was a professional ballet dancer. Kim Dae Il was all “you’re so awesome. Your cuteness is killing me. let’s be friends. Don’t you want to dance to one of my songs? Don’t you want us to say “fighting” before we go inside?”. And boyyyy, Yoon Jeon Il just kept giving him this weird “what-are-you-doing?-just-stop-and-act-like-an-adult” look. That was so awkward. BUT when they were backstage, they were in separate hallways, but they could hear each other. And Yoon Jeon Il said “fighting” to Kim Dae Il… * cue * Awwww.

By the way, Yoon Jeon Il was a YG trainee for a year and trained with Seungri. But he was more into dancing than being a singer, so he decided to just focus on ballet. Yoon Jeon Il wowed the judges.

Okay, where are the gifs of Jay Park’s “errrrrr” face? Because his face when he was looking at Kim Dae Il was a big “ERRRR”. Anyway, Kim Dae Il didn’t get the key. Yoon Jeon Il was snatched away by the Blue team.

Off topic: Min Woo going “gosh, it’s so hot” and slightly taking off his jacket… Gif that, gif that.

Then there was Lee Ho Joon…who really really reminded me of Joo Won and Nam Tae Hyun (Winner). He’s very delicate and he said that it was hard for him to have people judging him because he wasn’t manly. And the genre he does is like traditional Korean ballet (I guess?) which is dominated by women, so… yeah. Anyway, the judges praised him right away, telling him that he was beautiful. His dance was quite beautiful, too. They didn’t give him a key and I agree with the judges. He was very graceful, but he didn’t show if he’d be able to do another genre of dance, so… But he was freakding adorable. Then, there was Lee Sae Rom. She was 18-years-old. She’s so going to get love calls from idol agencies. People kept saying she looked like Han Chae Young. Her dance style was K-Pop… I know Mnet decided that K-Pop was a dance style, but is it really a dance style? Isn’t K-Pop dance style just… new style? Or a form of mainstream street dance style? Okay, never mind. Lee Sae Rom was so freaking cute that all the male and female judges went…

Jay Park - Dancing 9

Jay Park is so gifable. But I must say I found it a bit awkward that the judges were drooling over an 18-year-old girl. Just sayin’.

Anyway, she danced on “What Are You Doing Today?” by 4minute… Yeaaah. It was no surprise that she didn’t get picked. And here goes the Mnet editing again. They showed Jay Park’s hand reaching for the key, then withdrawing. And so, she was against Lee Yoon Ji, a 19-year-old street dancer, who was very… street whereas Lee Sae Rom was very feminine and acting all cute. And Mnet was so rooting for the underdog because the girl didn’t have the “looks”, but she delivered. She got the Red Team key and Park Ji Woo told her not to lose weight because it’s one of those elements that make her dancing unique.

The next battle was the battle of the weird, I guess? Seo Il Young and Yang Sang Kyu. Seo Il Young had his lip gloss popping (AND I’M SURE JAY PARK THOUGHT THE SAME THING althought he asked quite gently if it was lipstick) and I kinda liked what he did. It’s just that he started really strong and then, while I understand his style is to be funny, the second part of his performance wasn’t as impressive as the first one. At least for me. However, you can tell the guy can do pretty much ANYTHING with his body if you give him the right directions, like Kim Soo Ro did. Yet, in the end, he got the Red Team key.

Yang Sang Kyu is like an Internet sensation, I think. You see him dancing in baseball games. He’s a big supporter of the Samsung Lions. He did “Catallena”. Let it be said, no one can do it better than this guy. And he ended with some “EEH-Oh” by Crayon Pop. Seo Il Young was so in the zone that he was dancing too. LOL. Anyway, Yang Sang Kyu didn’t get picked. He said he’d be back for season 3.

Then there was Choi Soo Jin. She’s a modern dancer. You can google her, she’s quite famous. Basically, she’s that contestant in every survival show that you wonder why they applied because they’re already achieved a lot, so clearly they don’t need to win the prize and if they feel they have to prove something themselves, why do they want to do it in a survival show in front of cameras… Just sayin’… She was against Lee Yoon Hee, her frenemy… At least, that’s how Mnet made it look like and they seem to have that kind of friendship with Yoon Hee that keeps saying rude things to show your affection? Although I don’t call it being friendly, I call it being plainly rude, but we’re all different, right? Okay, moving on. Both teams wanted to have them both. Lee Yoon Hee got the Red Team key. The Blue Team used its Master Key to snatch away Choi Soo Jin, so the Red Team also used its Master Key. In the end, the choice was Soo Jin’s aaaand after Mnet leads us to believe she chose the Blue team, she actually went to the Red team with her friend.

The Blue team is tired of not getting the dancers they want. They say they don’t have the right technique to turn the key at the right time. LOL much? BUT it does seem that talking about it made Kim Soo Ro find the right timing because they manage to get the a couple of the street dancers that came up next. And Jay liked it. Jay Park - Dancing 9 (2)

Then, we got the usual contestant who used to be a big star in the day and is no longer a star today: Lee Man Bok, famous idol from the 90’s. Minwoo and Jay Park greeted him with a 90 degree bow. And that’s it. We don’t see any more of him for the rest of the episode. Like how was his dance? Was he chosen by a team? This is Mnet editing for you. * smh *

Then there was Maeng Seung Hwan (49). He’s a hair stylist. His wife keeps telling him to stop dancing and just doesn’t get why he wants to be on the show. He applied as a K-Pop dancer… Lots of body waving going on… LOTS OF BODY WAVING. He can actually do the splits. I’m glad he danced on “Hush” by miss A. I was a bit scared because the moves he showed backstage kinda made him look like a male stripper. Just sayin’.

Then we had the emotional part starting with Yoon Nara. His father passed away last year. He was sick and couldn’t move, so he never got to see his son on stage. Nara actually was a part of one of the judges’ show last year. Since his father had told him once as a joke that he should go to “Dancing 9” so he could see him on TV, Nara decided to apply for the season 2, hoping that his father might see him from heaven. Nara has the looks, has the body (I did find it awkward how the women were straightforward in expressing how much they enjoy him being shirtless. I mean… okay, we’re all different. Moving on) He can daaaaance. Both teams wanted him, but the Red Team was faster to pick him. His opponent, Seo Sang Won, was picked only by the Red Team. He was cute, but he lacked expression and I agree with the judges.

We have a team battle: X-Fever (all-girl street dance group) vs. K-Tigers (Taekwondo group). The K-Tigers danced on a Exo’s song and a Beast’s song. Jay liked it. [insert virtual gif] X-Fever got eliminated. K-Tigers got the Blue Team key.

AND FINALLY the reason why I actually started this article. Hong Suk Chun. Either the uploader cut out this part, Mnet editing means that we don’t get to see him more than 5 seconds of his performance… [insert Jay is not happy gif]

Before his performance, Hong Suk Chun says: “As you probably know, I love dancing. Before it’s too late, before my body can’t allow me to do it, I definitely wanted to feel this 1 minute of happiness in front of you at least once.”

So he starts dancing and Mnet goes black screen “1 MINUTE LATER”. Hong Suk Chun is all sweating and a bit out of breath. “To not think about the outcome, it took me 45 years to do this. Finding the courage to dance in front of others… I really love dancing. The simple fact of being here today could have been an embarrassing moment for me. I really wondered if I should do it or not. I did it and it was so cool. It was really a minute of happiness for me.”

I guess we’ll have to wait for next week to see what actually happened…


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