Dancing 9 – Hong Suk Chun and others


Dancing9 - 8

Because Mnet thought it was a good cliffhanger to save Hong Suk Chun’s audition for episode 2, I’m going to make another recap of Dancing 9.

So we pick up where we left off with Hong Suk Chun walking into the room. He introduces himself as “Hong Suk Chun who tries out only because of his love for dancing”. Minwoo asks him what motivated him to try out. “Those who know me probably know this, but I really love dancing. Before it’s too late, before my body gets too stiff to do it, I wanted to feel this 1-minute happiness by dancing in front of you.”

* Clap clap * And we go back to the warm-up session. “He’s old, so is this something to do at his age, even if he wants to dance? I was afraid to hear something like that, but I know how important it is to find the courage and to try to do something at least once in your life, I found the courage to do it. I’m the happiest when I’m dancing. Being able to express something with my body is great.”

He’s very enthusiastic, but he keeps rehearsing and gets tired so he’s like “I’m getting too old. I told you to do “Dancing 9″ five years ago. I mean how to be full of energy when you’re in your mid-40’s. What is this?”

They offer him to sit down, but he’s like “no, I must rehearse”. Anyway, his performance had some rawr and some sassy. Obviously, he is no professional and he’s not what this survival program is looking for, but it was great seeing him.

Woo Hyun Young noticed that he lifts his chin a lot when he’s dancing and he says it happens when he’s working up his self-confidence. So she’s like “well, to us, this is how it looks like” and she does an impression to show how it looks “weird”.

Park Ji Eun thinks his face when he’s dancing is very lovely. Hong Suk Chun replies very seriously “sorry, I’m not interested”. (as in, in case you didn’t know, I’m gay, so I’m not interested in women). And then he jokes about how he finds Lee Young Woo sexy, although he also finds Park Ji Woo quite interesting lately. Haha, everybody laughs. Park Ji Woo compliments him for being able to convey his emotions with precision.

Hong Suk Chun is a bit emotional as he goes “well, I feel like it took me 45 years to stop worrying about the result and to dance in front of others. I found the courage to do it… I really love dancing. The simple fact of being here today could have humiliating/embarrassing for me. Should I do it or not? I thought about it a lot. I did and it feels great. For me, it was really a minute of happiness. Thank you.”

Kim Soo Ro goes “I’ve seen it before, but he really is an amazing person. I really want to praise you.” Hong Suk Chun replies “I was very nervous when I was told Kim Soo Ro was in the jury. I’m aware how great he is at detecting potential and making people [t/n: my English is failing me here, I hope it makes sense], so if the Red Team could choose me… Well, to be honest, seeing Jay Park here, I feel like being in the Blue Team wouldn’t be bad either. I will come and visit you.”

Countdown. He doesn’t get picked. Park Ji Eun says it’s too bad because he prepared a lot and they’re sorry. Hong Suk Chun replies “I will work hard in my restaurants”. (AWWW in case you didn’t know, he owns a couple of restaurants too) Thank you for giving me this opportunity.” (MINWOO MAKES A HEART WITH HIS ARMS! Where’s that gif? where is that gif?) All the jury members are like “he was so cool”.

Outside, Hong Suk Chun says he’s relieved and he really gave his all. He’s happy because he was able to live this 1 minute. So Mnet decides it’s the right moment to show us various contestants talking about this 1 minute is about showing everything they have, how it is scary and how it is hard to show what they want in just 1 minute. Still, it’s 1 minute of happiness for them because they love dancing.

Next day of auditions. We spend about 1 minute to see how Park Ji Woo freaking loves the milk they’re given… And boy, he really looks like he enjoys his milk. Cute. Then he goes “ah my choco friend, my cookie friend”… They make fun of Kim Soo Ro because he “looked like he had taken some medicine” and Min Woo adds that he doesn’t know what’s in Kim Soo Ro’s glass, but he better be careful. Kim Soo Roo “but it’s just milk. It comes straight from a cow!!”

Dancing9 - 1

Okay, the first contestant is 24-year-old Ahn Hye Sang. She’s a ballroom dancer whose laugh is quite unique and very distinctive. She’s up against Choi Soo Jung who explains that Hye Sang is an amateur while she is a pro, so they didn’t know each other until they worked together as dancers for “Dancing With The Stars”. Choi Soo Jung (the pro) was Lee Bong Joo’s partner and Ahn Hye Sang was Moon Hee Joon’s partner. Moon Hee Joon and Ahn Hye Sang actually won the first season of “Dancing With The Stars”, so looks like that whole “pro vs. amateur” thing doesn’t really matter. And it really doesn’t for this audition again. They are not that happy to dance at the same time because they are both doing samba. Hye Sang introduces herself as the “laughing voice” and Soo Jung introduces herself as the “dance sports jewel” (* ahem *) So Park Ji Eun says “wow, please shine for us”. Min Woo notices that Hye Sang is his hoobae because they attended the same high school. “In Season 1, there was Kim Myung Kyu who was also my hoobae. Still, he went to the Blue team and he lost. You’re wearing red today, so looks like you’ll be joining the Red team.

Hye Sang wins the jury over because she has great stage presence, even if she’s dancing alone. On the other hand, Soo Jung also does a good job (Minwoo even goes “wow, wow, woo”… i should tumblr gifs because his face is so gifable), but Soo Jung isn’t stable on her feet. Park Ji Woo dances with each of them (of course, he just had to because it was necessary to find out how they dance on a slow song. No one knew he would go and dance personally with them, so when he stood up, Jay Park had this “what’s going on?” look and Minwoo was like “again? I feel awkward every time you do that. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do. Last time, you did a butt-shaking battle.” ) and Hye Sang once again shows good coordination, but Soo Jung’s steps aren’t precise enough. The music they use is “My Destiny” from the “My Love From The Star” OST. Oh Sung Jin comments that watching Park Ji Woo and watching Do Min Joon/ Cheon Song Yi are really two different things. In the end, Hye Sang is picked by the Red Team. Soo Jung wishes to go to the final round.

Next are Zinni from Glam and Nari from Wassup. Kpop World Wide subbed it and uploaded the cut on Youtube. By the way, Kim Jung Wook from 24K also tried out.

Where’s the gif of Jay Park showing how a body wave should be done? Anyway, Zinni is picked by the Blue Team. Nari is out.

Dancing9 -2

Next are the Funky Street Princes (I guess. they didn’t provide the romanization and transcripted English in hangul can be tricky) Anyway, they are awesome. They’re specialized in locking. They had technique, of course, but they definitely know how to create a show and not just a performance. I really enjoyed their audition. They’re picked by the Blue Team. And Ha Hui Dong pouts. So adorable.

Dancing9 -3

There are many street dancers among the contestants: popping, locking, b-boying, voguing… LOL Park Ji Woo doesn’t know what voguing is, so Min Woo and Ha Hui Dong show him and he’s like “Ooooh like Uhm Jung Hwa”. He’s a 90’s kid. Min Woo says it’s not what Uhm Jung Hwa did. Voguing isn’t just about moving the hands. Anyway, that voguing goddess slayyyyyed. Jay Park really enjoys the performance by the popping dancer because he goes “waa waaa”. Anywayzzzz the 4 street dancers are picked by the Red Team.

Dancing9 -4

Next we have 35-year-old Lee Dong Joon. His specialiy is Korean dance, the same that Lee Ho Joon did. The feeling is completely different, though. While Lee Ho Joon had this fragile grace, Lee Dong Joon shows powerful grace like fighters in a martial arts movie. What he wants is to show that Korean dance isn’t just about being graceful and feminine. He’s up against Seo Na Young who is also a Korean dancer. So Lee Dong Joon introduces himself as a model turned dancer and says he’s 186cm when Min Woo asks him about his height. Min Woo goes “yeah, there’s not that much difference compared to me” (LOL Min Woo) Anyway Mnet uploaded Seo Na Young’s performance, so here it is.

They’re both picked by the Blue Team. The Red Team isn’t happy at all. However, there’s a flow of hot male contestants that put them back in a good mood. Park Ji Woo is like “why so many good-looking contestants today?” and Woo Hyun Young is all “ooh I’m happy, I’m happy”… They don’t deliver, though. None of them get picked. On the other hand, here come Ahn Nam Geun. I get that Mnet wanted to show how the pretty boys were lacking and how the “unpretty” boy was actually awesome. Still, the editing really insists on how no one finds Ahn Nam Geun “good-looking”. I mean beauty is subjective and Korean people are very direct about telling you to your face “you’re good-looking” or “you’re not good-looking”… but, really? Like the song in the background is the “good-looking song” for Jun Ji Hyun and Lee Jung Jae did for a SK Telecom CF. Showing beauty close-ups and then, he gets on stage and Park Ji Eun tells him “I’ve already seen you on stage. To be honest, you don’t have a pretty face, but I did think you had great technique.”

Dancing9 -5

Anyway, he’s up against 34-year-old Kim Seol Jin who belongs to the Belgium dance company “Peeping Tom” since 2008. The jury already knows him too. He came back to Korea just three days before the Dancing 9 audition. He wants to join this survival competition because he wants to learn more about other dancing styles. The man delivered. The way he danced and still managed to make it look like he was not… Amazing. True performer.

Ahn Nam Geun also delivers. I wasn’t sold at first because he used the song “Talk Dirty” by Jason Derulo. I was ready to side-eye him. Howeverrrr, his moves were so graceful yet powerful and acrobatic and he added a little bit of acting too. I still don’t get the whole “he doesn’t have a pretty face” thing. The man was awesome. They’re both Blue Team.

Off topic: they used the “Rise” intro as the background music. Ha! Taeyang~

Dancing9 -6

Next is the cute moment of the episode with 6-year-old Na Ha Eun (left). Min Woo asks Ha Eun why she’s here. She says she’s here to dance because she loves dancing. Min Woo has a “I-want-to-be-a-dad” moment. Park Ji Woo actually says he wants to have a daughter. Kim Soo Ro asks her to show the facial expression she’s the most confident about. She starts pouting and says “dad, you’re going to work today again? If you go to work every day, who’s going to play with me?” Cuteness overload indeed. Then 7-year-old Xiao Xiang (7 ans) introduces herself. She’s a child actress from Beijing. She only speaks Chinese, so I guess Jay Park feels confident enough to put her at ease and also to show off his Chinese skills as he goes “Hello, I’m Jay Park. Thank you.” So the others are like “woooo he speaks Chinese” and the little girl asks “does he know anything else but these simple words?”. BURRRRN. So Jay Park stutters something that doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense about her dance. She’s like “UH?” Haha. Hilarious.

Anyway, Ha Eun and Xiao Xiang are both adorable and they definitely have stage presence but they’re too young (why were they allowed to apply anyway? I don’t understant survival programs like this). The jury hopes to see them in 10 years. Min Woo is all “I want to get married now. Ha Hui Dong and I both are at the age to get married.” Cue on Min Woo and his aegyo poses (gif me, gif me). He says “Ha Eun, thank you for being born.” Park Ji Woo decides there’s no need to do the countdown and thank them. Min Woo and Kim Soo Ro run to them to get hugs. When they’re in the hallway, the two girls start singing “Let it Go” again.

Off Topic: I still wonder how the 90’s kids would have felt if there was the Internet back when the Lion King and Aladin were released. The Circle of Life still gives me life (ucwidt?) and Scar was the villain with the most sassyness.

Dancing9 -7

Anyway, I didn’t want to complain over Mnet’s editing once again, but I still don’t get why we wasted time on talking about milk and cookies and we just skip group performances. They hyped up the “lapdance” Jay Park got and all we got was like one minute of screen time?

As soon as the girls make their way to the stage, Jay Park is clapping and shouting. When they ask for someone to volunteer and help them with their performance, he sacrifices himself. He goes back to his chair and says to turn the key right away and this is it. We don’t even know if they were picked by any team. Really, Mnet?

And it seems we miss awesome performances of non-famous people in the process because the focus turns to famous crews such as S.Flava and the Gambler Crew. They’re already known in and outside of Korea, they’re great, but what is the point of having them? This is exactly the reason S. Flava doesn’t get picked. As for the Gambler Crew, the Red Team and the Blue Team both needed b-boys, so… Their introduction is cute, though. “Hello, I’m Shin Kyu Sang with the beautiful chin, I’m Kim Ki Soo with the beautiful eyebrows, I’m Park In Soo who is just beautiful”. Kim Soo Ro says he’s a big fan of their crew and it’s an honor to meet them here. Jay Park is all “are there only the good-looking members of the crew today?” They don’t answer, but In Soo nods as he grins. Kim Soo Ro notices how he looks like Hong Suk Shik who was there for Season 1. In Soo said before that it’s a comment he often hears.

Dancing9 - 10

Here comes the emotional moment of the episode. In Soo’s parents are hard of hearing, so they use sign language to communicate. His parents were strongly against him being a dancer. He thinks that his parents struggled so much that they didn’t want him to go through the same struggle in his life. They wanted him to study and have a great life. When In Soo received the President’s award, his father apologized for not helping him and for not having faith in him. His parents work in the food truck, so In Soo wanted to succeed fast in the world of dance in order to give them a better life. His father says in sign language “I’m very sad for not being good to you as a parent. We don’t want to be a burden for you, we’ll work harder. In Soo, just work hard at the dancing you love. Daddy will support you.”

Their performance is awesome~ The Blue Team actually wins the countdown, so the Red Team uses their master key, so the Blue Team do the same. That means the contestants are the one who decide which team they will join. Kim Soo Ro says that they were in the same situation the day before and the girl had gone to the Red Team, if this happens again, he will quit this program. Woo Hyun Young from the Red Team says she will also quit if they don’t go to the Red Team. The Gambler Crew decides to go with the Blue Team, just like Hong Suk Sik had told them to do.

Woo Hyun Young is sad. Min Woo asks if there was not at least one of them who wanted to go to the Red Team. Kim Ki Soo raises his hand and Woo Hyun Young says he will succeed. Ha! In the hallway, In Soo says he’ll “become a son that his parents will be even prouder of, I love you, mom and dad”.

Dancing9 - 11

Next we have the foreigners. Oh a French guy. Jay Park is in charge of the English talking. We only get to see Tasha’s performance. She’s a Skarf member. The Blue Team wins the countdown. The guy on the picture is a famous dancer from Vietnam. He also gets picked by the Blue Team.

It seems that the jury has higher standards for this season, so the contestant must really bring their A-game.

Dancing9 - 12

The last ten minutes are dedicated to contestants from Season 1: Moon Ye Sin, Choi Nam Mi, Kim Hae Sun. Choi Nam Mi and Moon Ye Sin raised the bar and they get picked by the Blue Team. The jury feels that Kim Hae Sun doesn’t bring anything new compared to the season 1, so she doesn’t get picked. Son Byung Hyun is also back. He had to quit last year because of an injury. Everybody is happy to see him back on his feet. Woo Hyun Young thanks for him for trying out again. The writer of the show is even move to tears. Min Woo convinces the Blue Team to let hem have him because it would feel right that he comes back to the team he had to leave last year. So the Blue Team doesn’t even try to turn their key. Min Woo hopes that Son Byung Hyun will stay with them until the end and get the opportunity to win.

And here goes Mnet editing again. They needed a one-minute filler to finish the episode, so they show the little Na He Eun dancing on “Expectation” by Girl’s Day. I won’t comment on that. End of episode.

All pictures were uploaded by Mnet_Dancing9@Twitter


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