Choi Seung Min’s Dance History – Yang Hyun Suk, the “Dance Ghost” [2/30]


I had been going to the Moon Night for three months. One day, a guy wearing a headband appeared with two Black guys at 4AM. All eyes were on them. They matched the music and their skills were different from the existing hip-hop style. They were so incredible that no comparison could be made.

Even the best dancers only made exclamations in front of them. About an hour later, the man who was with the Black guys stopped dancing for a while. He took off his headband and revealed his face. It was Seo Taiji & Boys’ member Yang Hyun Suk (Yang Goon).

Exciting and thrilling, these were the feelings his dancing gave off. Even the 1st generation dancers had reactions like “he can really dance”, “wow, fantastic”, “he’s the man”. Even after he had left, the cheers didn’t die.

After that, Yang Goon got nicknames such as “Dance Ghost”, “Kanji Man” [t/n: kanji is slang for “awesome”, “cool”], “Hip-hop Man of Death”, “Walking Material”.

It reached a point where no dancer could stand against him. He could be called “King Yang Goon”, pure and simple. Yang Goon didn’t come to the Moon Night every day. He’d come like once a week and each time he did, he’d dance, of course, but his skills and the feel he gave off were always different.

At that time, there was absolutely no place to learn how to dance. It was either self-training or following along dance-related data you could find. With the dancing style we knew, Yang Goon’s dancing style was very hard to keep up with. The stuff we knew was useless.

My friends such as Oh Yong Joo, Kang Min and I were like “Let’s wait for Hyun Suk-hyung. Let’s learn each one of Hyun Suk-hyung’s moves and practice.”

Once a week, I didn’t sleep at all and just waited to see Yang Goon. I would learn his moves from watching him and I used to practice at a club called “Lively” (?).

Yang Goon was this kind of spiritual presence to the Moon Night. He was the only dancer that would have people form a circle around him to watch him dance.

Do not take out, not even excerpts. Thank you for understanding.

Original article: sportsseoul
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  1. bluemaid says:

    Oh my, this is so cool. No wonder that YG supports YB and his seeking out the best choreographers. I’m guessing that the one thing they do agree on is dancing…

    And YG really did have some moves. Those old videos of him dancing were no joke, he really did have a certain “feel.” And to think of how they must have learned things back in the pre-internet days… completely different environment.

    1. onesunnylady says:

      i keep replying on the wordpress comment system and not disqus. OTL i’m such a n00b. So i’m going to copy paste what i answered yesterday xD:

      I agree that YG always put a big focus on the dancing.And it’s not only about the technique, it’s about “the feel”. I don’t feel like BB still enjoys dancing as much as they used to do, but I still get “the feel” when I see do random dancing today. There’s a funny story about what they had to do to find out about what was going on in the dance world outside of Korea. You’ll see it in a couple of entries. XD

  2. whateverwha says:

    Wow I didn’t know yg used to be a dancer !! I’ll look for videos 🙂

    1. onesunnylady says:

      avec le temps qui passe, je crois que de moins en moins de gens se rendent compte Ă  quel point YG a jouĂ© un rĂ´le important dans l’histoire du hip-hop en CorĂ©e. Mais perso, je n’ai vu qu’une seule vidĂ©o d’entraĂ®nement de lui de cette Ă©poque, tout le reste, ce sont des performances tv avec Seo Taiji & Boys. Celui dont j’aurais aimĂ© voir les passages sur scène, c’est Lee Soo Man, mais bon je n’ai pas trouvĂ© sur youtube, donc je suppose que les personnes qui ont ça sur VHS n’ont pas envie de mettre ça en ligne. xD

      1. whateverwha says:

        C’est clair! Je comprends mieux maintenant. Je savais juste qu’il faisait partie de Seo Taiji & Boys qui ont amenĂ© le hip hop en CorĂ©e. Dommage qu’il n’y ait presque pas de vidĂ©os de lui qui danse en solo lol Ouais, j’aurais trop aimĂ© voir ça ^^

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