Choi Seung Min’s Dance History – Yang Goon’s family [3/30]

Dance history

There were people who were always with Yang Hyun Suk (Yang Goon). It was JinuSean. At that time, Sean was an important figure that helped spreading the hip-hop fashion and the hip-hop mind in Korea. So he used to go everywhere with Yang Goon like a brother. Air Force Nike shoes, MF brand were among the fashion brands he helped making popular.

The dancing skills of my friend Oh Yong Joo improved real fast. Yong Joo danced in front of Yang Goon who watched him and complimented him. This is how I remember it. After that, two other friends of Yong Joo joined the group and the first generation of the Yang Goon Family appeared. The members were Sean, Oh Yong Joo, Park Kwang Bum and Kim Ho Jin.

Since the 1st generation of the Yang Goo Family had activities like a tsunami for about three years, other dance teams ostracized them. I was close to Kim Young Hwan (“Colla” member) like a little brother, but we were looking for different directions and we drifted apart. Thanks to my special friendship with Yong Joo, I got to audition in front of Yang Goon. The place was the Moon Night Club. Thankfully, I passed the audition.

Back then, I was so nervous during the audition. (I think Hyun Suk-hyung was particulary scary). Yang Goon had his Armani hat jammed on and would look at me and say “Hey ! Try to do this!”. My legs were shaking so much… He looked at me dancing and disappeared without saying a word, so I thought I had failed the audition.

After that, I practiced at the Moon Night Club and I walked out an hour later with Yong Joo. However, Yang Goon was in his Sedan and said “buy some toast”. As we gave them to him, he told Yong Joo “take care of his training” and he left.

I was incredibly happy back then. I felt like I was born again. Leaving behind the jealousy of many dancers, I was accepted as a member of the 1,5 generation of Yang Goon Family.

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