Choi Seung Min’s Dance History – YG Family vs. Juno Family [4/30]

YG et Lee Juno

A year after I joined the Yang Goon Family, there was a rumor saying that Lee Juno was putting together a dance team. It came together step by step. In the end, the Moon Night Club was divided between the Yang Goon Family and the Juno Family.

The Yang Goon Family had members such as myself, Sean from JinuSean, Oh Yong Joo. The Juno Family was composed of DMSKOOL’s director Kang Min and Indance’s director Seo Jin Suk, Ji Joon Gu, Han Hyun Nam, Song Jin Ah (Young Turks member). Everybody knew Lee Juno was a good dancer. Back then, (this could be a subjective point of view but) Yang Hyun Suk’s dance style was more overwhelming. The dongsaengs had also outstanding skills and this made the Yang Goon Fam superior.

The Juno Fam dongsaengs always admired the Yang Goon Fam dongsaengs. When the Yang Goon Fam walked into the Moon Night Club, the Juno Fam couldn’t really dance. I remember they just stood there and even if they were getting in the groove, their energy was crushed by this aura.

“Let’s go to the place where Juno-hyung trains his dongsaengs. If you lose the dance battle, don’t even think about looking at me,”
Yang Hyun Suk said with a smile one day. And so we went to the Lee Juno’s practice room located in Bangbae-dong, Seoul. Once we arrived there, Lee Juno was perched on the edge of the room window. After he told us “the next genereation is here”, he brought us into the room.

Lee Juno sat on a sofa and was giving instructions to the dongsaengs. So we naturally sat down on the sofa. However, Yang Hyun Suk suddenly said “why do you guys sit down? You ain’t gonna dance?”. So I was the first to stand up to have a dance battle with the Juno Fam’s dongsaengs. I was already famous for doing the robot. With this dance, I gave the first blow to the Juno Fam. After that, Oh Yong Joo gave blow after blow with a moon walk filled of “feel” that was his speciality. At last, Kim Ho Jin knocked down the Juno Fam’s dongsaengs with the balance dance of “death”.

After that, Lee Juno said “hey, y’all too, show us what you’ve got” as an order to his right man Kang Min. Without a word, Kang Min fought back with a group choreography. Their choreography was a shock because we had good individual skills, but our capacity in terms of a group choreography was lacking. I remember this was a lesson to learn and we practiced to death.

t/n: YG and his dance battle ways~

Original article: sportsseoul
Translation: @onesunnylady


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