Choi Seung Min’s Dance History – The influence of foreign dancers [7/30]

Mop Top Crew

Foreign dancers are the ones who influenced us the most after Yang Hyun Suk. We were interested in the Japanese dancers, but the ones who influenced us the most were the Mop Top Crew of New York.

The Mop Top Crew made of famous dancers such as Henry Link, Buddha Stretch, Loose Joint, Brian Greene, E-Joe, Caleaf, Bobby (?), Prancer, Peek A Boo, Marquest, Link and Kito. At that time, Marquest and Kito were amazing dancers.

Although the Mop Top Crew did hip-hop, each one of them had a different style. Their dance was a mix between step, rhythm, pop, wave, house, soul, feel. They had to know almost every genre, so hip-hop was harder than any other genre.

Yang Hyun Suk’s and Lee Juno’s dongsaengs tried their best to study the vibe they gave off. I think they practiced and had a deeper understanding of the dance style of the Mop Top Crew that showed diversity. Just like their leader, many dancers had such passion and this fighting spirit, so they were all-in when they danced. I remember the tears and the smiles that gave me.

The first time I found out about the Mop Top Crew was through the music video of Japanese singer “Zoo” around 1992-1993 and a documentary on Alive [?] TV.

Some of these dancers are still active today. When I watch Alive TV, I still get this “real hip-hop” feeling and I feel like the essence and the basics of hip-hop are still alive. Maybe this depth and this history will live on forever.

Original article: sportsseoul
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