[July 2014 – Allure] Only, Just Kim Sae Ron – Interview


Kim Sae Ron - Allure

The filming yesterday went on late into the night.

It finished at 4AM. I was very sleepy this morning, but I’m fine now.

The concept of today’s photo shoot was “Frenchie chic”. Did you know who Charlotte Gainsbourg was?

I found out about her for the first time today because of this photo shoot. I think she’s a charismatic unnie. I don’t know if I can really give off the same vibe.

Just standing still can give off this chic vibe? Like an actress who has already been to Cannes twice.

I went to Cannes 5 years ago for the movie “A Brand New Life”. Back then, I was just happy to be there. Now that I know more about the film festival, I wanted to see and enjoy as much as I’ve worked hard for the filming.

Did you enjoy it like you wanted to?

It was sad that we didn’t have more time, but being there with the sunbaenims, the director I worked with on “A Girl At My Door” made me happy. I thought about those who couldn’t come with us. I remembered those past times. It was a meaningful moment in many ways.

You cried after the screening of “A Girl At My Door”. Somehow you must have gone through complex emotions, right?

We greeted the audience when it started and we came back when it was over. We received a standing ovation. The emotion in this very moment I felt was quite overwhelming. I felt relieved. I was worried because I was anticipating how people would react to our movie. The fact that they liked was meaningful to me and my tears were just a sign of relief.

When you read the scenario of “AGAMD” for the first time, were you sure that this role was for you?

Somehow, I knew that I’d play this role. Yet, some stuff happened and I hesitated. However, my heart was so into it that I decided again to do it. I thought Do Hee and I were one. She’s a young but strong-willed girl who wants to protect herself. She has this scary and strong image. I tried to play Do Hee who seems not to know things while she seemed to know.

There are so many scenes where we feel sorry for your character who gets hit, falls, cries, shouts…

During filming, I never thought “it’s hard”. The staff and the other actors helped me so much that I was able to film without having a hard time. What I remember the most is the scene where I dance on the breakwater. The only time Do Hee was able to feel free was when she danced. I remember worrying a lot over this scene because I wanted to show it in the right way.

Every viewer remembers this scene. You were natural as if you’re someone who usually dances like this.

I learned how to dance with a ballet teacher, but it wasn’t ballet or modern dance. When I was shooting this scene, I danced with this feeling.

You hear a lot that you have the eye to find a good scenario, right? What are the things you’re concerned about?

I don’t force myself to find something specific. I read the script and I see the role that I must play. If I can see myself, then it’s good. It’s about finding a project where I tell myself “I want to do it”. I’m still a minor, so I discuss a lot with my parents. Me not doing a project I wanted to do or me doing a project that I didn’t want to do, it never happened. My parents always respect my opinion.

You keep playing dark roles, so many people were worried about you. I mean, wasn’t it too hard for you to get out of the character?

I did hear this a lot. However, I’m the kind to become the character when I’m filming, but I go back to myself when I’m not. It doesn’t take that much time. I became Do Hee and I was sad and hurt when I was shooting the movie, but when the shooting was over, I just dusted myself off and got up because Do Hee was the kid who was being hurt. It wasn’t me, Kim Sae Ron.

When you turn 20, will you start watching the movies you did but couldn’t watch because they were not deemed fit for those under 19?

I will be able to watch these movies, but I think I won’t watch them as if I was waiting for this moment because I enjoy watching movies at the movie theater. I watched “A Brand New Life” in a theater and I was really moved. It’s a bit sad that I can’t go to the theater to watch these movies that got me “dust myself off and get up”.

You started shooting KBS drama “High School – Love On” as soon as you came back from Cannes. Was it intentional to choose a bright role?

I did a lot of heavy and serious roles. I played a lot of characters that go through things one can’t experience easily or characters going through hard times even if it’s just once in a lifetime. I played a lot of complex characters, but I don’t think it means I can express it with perfection. Even if the roles look similar, every role is actually different if you look carefully. That’s why it’s always challenging. It wasn’t my intention to find a bright character. I want to play various characters that I’m able to play at my age.

In this drama, you play Lee Seul Bi an angel who became human. It’s a bright but not ordinary role. It must be different to play with your peers after such a long time?

It’s an image that I didn’t usually show, so I’m anticipating this a lot. I have a 9-year age gap with Woo Hyun and Sung Yul-oppa whom I’m playing with. Compared to before, you can say they’re incredibly young because I played with teachers and the age difference was mostly 20-30 years and over 50 years once. There are a lot of actors in their 20’s, so I think I’m comfortable but in a different way than when I’m with teachers.

You play a sweet character who knows nothing about the world, so while this creates expectation, we can’t clearly see the picture. Besides, your character isn’t even human. It’s an angel!

Indeed. It’s about an angel coming to the world of humanas. Everything she touches, sees and eats just feels awesome to her. Expressing the amazement about all these things is actually tough. This character and I are quite similar on many things. I must work hard for the viewers to get used to see this side of me.

The first broadcast is on June 27th when it’s the peak of the World Cup season!

I really like cheering for the World Cup. Soccer is fun, but seeing how all Koreans come together and cheer together is fun. It’s amazing to become one and cheer for someone. There’s nothing we can’t do about the filming being at this time, but I will definitely watch the games and cheer. I have to give up on sleeping. Haha.

When your name is entered in a search engine, the words “fierce growth” come with it. How does it feel to see yourself changing every day?

When I look at my past pictures, I can definitely see I’m taller. It’s not like I got tall all suddenly, but more like I grew little by little? My height is 163cm right now. I want to reach 170cm.

Your friends must be jealous of you, but there must be times when you’re jealous of them, right?

I can’t enjoy everything that people enjoy at my age, but I’m thankful for figuring out my path early, unlike my friends. My friends go to school and study many things. They also go to private academies and are busier than me. There are tough moments when I’m acting, but when I see what my friends do, I can’t say I’m the only one having a hard time.

As a 15-year old girl, what are the things you like?

I love reading webtoons or novels. Especially fantasy webtoons like “Tower of God” and “Noblesse”. Webtoons are the spice in my life. I can’t be on set and there’s no webtoon. And I went to the movie theater and saw all the movies that got released this season. I collect the movies pamphlets and tickets. It makes me happy to see the pile grows.

And you baked a cake for your mother’s birthday?

I love baking, so I baked cookies and a cake. I guess I like things like that because it’s a bit amazing to see adults who can’t cook rice. I like cooking, but I don’t know if my cooking is that delicious. I need to improve a little bit more, so I can do some bakery as a gift to people from my agency and my friends.

You also like scented candles. Do you still light up scented candles?

Of course! I love their scent and the sizzling sound, especially the eucalyptus scent. It puts me in a good mood to find this good scent in my room when I walk into my room.

Thanks to the filming for “AGAMD”, you spent last summer in Suncheon, Yeosu and Geumodo Island. Where do you want to go this summer?

Geumodo Island was very beautiful. Once the shooting was over, I went to the seashore to have fun. I got so tanned that I was scolded. My skin became much whiter, but it was really dark back then. You can see it in the movie too, but Geumodo Island is beautiful in the sunset glow. There are many times when I just stared at the sky for a long moment. It’d be great if I could go to an island this summer. I heard there are many beautiful islands in Korea.

Is there something different about your vision of what acting is?

I like all my movies, but I really like my first movie “A Brand New Life”. I think I thought many times that the filming was hard. Everything felt unfamiliar and I was awkward. The staff really took care of me during the shooting. They told me there will be much harder times in the future. I didn’t quite understand what they meant back then, but I think I understand a little today. I think that I kept wanting to act because I met good people since my first project. I feel joy when I watch the movies I shot. Thinking about positive things like that makes me forget the hard times and I keep going back to a filming set.

Have you ever had moments when you felt it was too hard, when you ran out of energy?

I had my share of moments like this. Like when I don’t say something and articles come out with a complete different content. I lose energy in moments like this. I use SNS, but I don’t want to say I’m like this or I’m like that. When I’m feeling down or upset, I talk to the few people I’m very close with. And I feel better afterwards.

Can you imagine yourself at the age of 20?

All the people around me are adults. There are many people I want be closer to, but I’m young, so there aren’t many places where we can meet separately. Although I want to see them, it’s hard to say “when will we see each other again?”. I think it will be easier for me to approach the sunbaes, the unnies and the oppas when I’m a bit older.

What do you think about before falling asleep?

What I think the most about right now is the drama filming. I’m excited to see how people will see this new image of me, but I’m also worried. I think it will make me happy if people love it.

Do you go straight to sleep as soon as you get home?

Even if I try to endure it a little, I must go to sleep in the evening. If I don’t, it’s hard for me to wake up at dawn and go to the set. Even if it’s hard, I wait and fall asleep. I think I’ll be able to sleep until tomorrow morning without waking up even once.

Original article: Allure
Translation: @onesunnylady – http://www.thesunnytown.com


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