[July 2014 – Elle] Kim Tae Hwan, Son Min Ho, Kim In Shik


Elle - Kim Tae Hwan

23, debut through a photo shoot for a male fashion magazine in 2012. He did 13 shows for the 2014 S/S collection that was also his first time working overseas. He was in the spotlight during the “Infinite Challenge” Milan special.

He came back after switching clothes. The camera shutter was heard only once. Mission accomplished. It is time to see the talent of Kim Tae Hwan who spet the overseas collections as he earned the “top model” title in a short period of time. Unlike the expectation of him revealing anecdotes in an excited tone, he remains composed and is even aloof. It made us realize that passion isn’t only something erupting on the outside.

For the 2015 S/S collection, including for Neil Barrett,Dries Van Noten, I did 11 shows. To be honest… I wasn’t planning to go… because I felt it was something I could only do once. Now that I’ve done it twice, I had a sense of what I can do and what I can’t do. As in being aware of the unbreakable wall for Asian models? Of course, it was a valuable experience. As a model, as a person, it really broadened my outlook on life.

The secret to be aloof is to not get attached or obsessed with things whatever they may be. It’s not that I don’t make effort or that I just go with the flow. If there are people who are demonstrative about their passion, I’m the type to analyze and internalize it.

In your teen years, there were many things I wanted to create myself because I don’t really like the things in our world. Clothes, cell phones, music, objects, it was hard for me to finds things I like. I don’t like typical or stereotypical things. I like the styles that skillfully destroy established forms.

The game to lift Kim Tae Hwan’s expressionless mask is… I like puns. Considering I’m in a controlled image dimension, I don’t make puns, but when someone says something clever, I usually burst out laughing if I’m alone.

Elle - Son Min Ho

26 years-old. He debuted at the age of 2010 and, after being discharged from the army in 2011, he started working again. He was in the music video of “Next Winter” by singer Junil Jung. Once you got to know Son Min Ho, you won’t think that being tall is a must to be a good model. The day of this photo shoot, he was the model with pictures offering the biggest variety and movement. Even though it was a nude photo shoot, he took his clothes off without constraint. He didn’t have an ordinary and smooth life. What made him overcome his short height that used to be a complex is his self-confidence that his “unordinary” journey gave him as a gift.

The Chang Jin Woo Restaurant serves the “Son Min Ho ramyeon”… When I came to Seoul, the first person I met was Jin Woo-hyung who was my roomate. As you know, modeling isn’t a job you do day after day, so you have to work part time to earn a living. I might open a restaurant too next year, who knows? Not a ramyeon restaurant (laugh).

Still, you enjoy working as a model and you ignore the income… I really love this job. When I portray different concepts, I feel like I’m becoming different persons.

The strong point of model Son Min Ho is… When I was a child, my family wasn’t in a good financial situation, so I didn’t live like the average person. When I was in high school, circumstances made me leave home, so I’ve been living on my own for a long time. I think that I had to go through many “experiences” that others didn’t and it became a plus for me. I’m probably the shortest model currently working in Korea, but I think I don’t fall behind when it comes to express emotions or feelings of facial expression and emotion.

You have a tattoo on your arm… It was a romantic gesture for my first love because I was pretty sure back then that I would marry her. Now that I’m a model, I wonder if I should get it removed because I’m restricted.

What kind of women are you attracted to? I like women who laugh a lot and who are outgoing. And who know how to make tasteful swear words sometimes.

Elle - Kim In Shik

19 years-old. He debuted during the 2014 S/S Seoul Fashion week. He launched fashion brand “Noi” with model Lee Ui Soo.

Rookie model Kim In Shik who was born early in 1996 lives as a 20-year old and not a 19-year-old. He has these idol-like trendy features and he has interest in many things such as music composing, painting, designing. The runway is just one of the dreams he draws in the sketchbook of the 20-year-old not 19-year-old young man who says “I’d like to implement my style in anything I do”.

You have a small tatto on your arm… It’s a puma. I drew it myself. I liked trying different things like composing or drawing ever since I was in my teen years. I never actually study these things. I just do how I feel. A month ago, I launched the fashion brand “Noi” with your friends. I did everything from the design to handling the homepage.

What’s the good point about it? It’s about showing “my positive vision” about anything. I didn’t go through any crisis during my teenagehood. I had no complex. If there’s something different about me compared to someone else, I see it as something that makes this person special and not as a flaw.

Your ideal girlfriend is…I like watching movies, so I can watch three or four in a row. I like movies bringing unique emotions more than blockbusters. I’d like to have a girlfriend I could watch movies with and share detailed emotions with.

Is modeling one of your life challenges? I examine the things I like and they’re things that make me go “I must show them” to those who share a similar interest. So I got this modeling job. It’s definitely an experience and it’s fun. I want to keep learning new perspectives and developing myself by exploring different fields.

Original article: Elle
Translation: @onesunnylady – http://www.thesunnytown.com


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