[July 2014 – Vogue Girl] Akdong Musician – Play With Us – Interview


Vogue Girl - Akdong musician

You finished your promo activities for your debut album, so I’m curious about your level of satisfaction. The song “200%” was number 1 for 474 hours on one online chart. You even received the nickname “music chart gangsters”!

Soo Hyun: My level of satisfication is more than 98% because it’s our first album. The first time I heard the expression “music chart gangster”, I thought it had a bad meaning because of the word “gangster”. I wondered what we did wrong. It turned out that it was actually a good meaning. Our YG sunbaebnims told us “congratulations for joining the music chart gangsters club”, so it made me feel good.

Chan Hyuk: It’s great to get so much love that we couldn’t even expect. Music wise, there are many things I’m not really satisfied with. And it did make me happy to get a nickname like “music chart gangsters”, but it’s true that it’s also a big burden because we have to keep doing well to meet up the expectations coming with the nickname.

You had a double title track in the beginning. The atmosphere in “Melted” is very different from “200%”, so I thought “the two of them and their agency have a different opinion about it, so the two [opinions] aren’t one in the end”.

Chan Hyuk: That’s definitely not the case. We both liked these two songs. I liked “Melted” a little bit more and the agency thought that “200%” would be more suitable for a title track. However, “Give Love” got much better reactions than “Melted”, so I think “Melted” relatively stood out less, which is unfortunate.

Personally, I would have liked it better if “Artificial Grass” were the third title track because the title tracks all have a different atmosphere. “Give Love” is cute, though.

Chan Hyuk: To be honest, I never thought “Give Love” would get such reactions. It was so unexpected, so we told ourselves “ah, so is it the style the audience wants?”.

Soo Hyun: What was very fortunate is that the two of us were the only ones deciding about everything before, you know? However, joining YG gave us the opportunity to have other people, like the sunbaes, to think about these things, and I think the result was great. We couldn’t imagine at all that “Give Love” would do well, but seeing how Yang Hyun Suk-sajangnim put this one as the first track, I think he might have actually anticipated the good reactions for this song.

I heard you’re good at singing, writing, composing, dancing, drawing, sports, even beatboxing. Sports-wise, you’re almost on an athlete level. Considering how good you are at so many things, was being a singer your dream when you were a kid?

Chan Hyuk I’d say my skills were “small” if you think of drawing, dancing or anything else as a dream for my future? There are many people who are much better than me in these fields. I didn’t think “what should I do?”. It hasn’t been 2 years since I decided that music is what I must do.

Soo Hyun: Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always wanted to have a job related to music. Be it as a musical singer, a vocalist, or a music therapist. I never thought I’d be an entertainer because I thought only pretty and good-looking people could become entertainers. I think seeing us will give some hope to those who want to become entertainers. Haha.

I heard you will release a new album in fall. It must be hard on you, but I think the fans will be happy to listen to new songs from Akdong right away. I even heard that you already wrote all the songs.

Chan Hyuk: I already wrote 80 songs, so we’re currently busy polishing and selecting the songs. We’ve already thought about the title track, but I don’t know if it won’t change.

Soo Hyun: It’s absolutely not hard on us. The fact that they said we would release another album in fall means that this album was good. We’re really thankful just because of that. Please anticipate.

Original article: Vogue Girl
Translation: @onesunnylady – http://www.thesunnytown.com

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