Choi Seung Min’s Dance History – Sean, pioneer of the hip-hop culture [11/30]


Wen talking about hip-hop, you cannot leave out Sean from JinuSean. Sean was the first one who imported to Korea the hip-hop dance and fashion from overseas. I saw him for the first time when I was a backup dancer for Hyun Jin Young and Wawa. My dancing genre at that time were the new jack swing and the criss cross dance. One day, Hyun Jin Young was meeting someone in Itaewon and his style was out of the ordinary.

He wore a large t-shirt with hip-hop jeans, Air Force sneakers and headphones. The image of him walking around while getting into the rhythme left a deep impression. The “feel” he showed seemed so great. At that time, Sean’s “rhythm” was hip-hop. He often came to the Moon Night and danced with the hip-hop style. His dancing style was to have his hands in the air and get into the rhythm. His dancing really matched his fashion. He was like a Black person.

After that, he got the nickname “Cool man” because he was popular among the dancers who would say “he exudes coolness, even with a simple t-shirt”.

As his hip-hop feel and mind captured us, he interacted with Seo Taji and Boys’ Yang Hyun Suk and was a member of their first backup dancers team.

T/n : for those of who don’t know. Hyun Jin Young was active in the early 90’s, so he’s the same generation as Seo Taiji & Boys. I don’t feel that he’s being recognized for making the same big impact on Korean music history (at least from a foreigner point of view), but he’s basically the first SM Idol. And yes, SM started out with a hip-hop direction.

Original article: sportsseoul

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