[August 2014 – Elle Korea] Min Jun Ki, Jang Ki Yong, Choi Min Soo, Kim Ki Bum – Interview


Elle - Min Jun Ki

Min Jun Ki

26 years-old. Debut in 2013 as a male fashion magazine model. He was in 2014 F/W Vivienne Westwood collection.

He started soccer at a late age and it was the same for his debut as a model. After letting go of sports and being indecisive about his future within the reality of people in their 20’s, Min Jun Ki began working as a model when he was 25. Among the flower boy models, he received attention on the street fashion scene for his bold mask and his masculine charm and he’s even peeking through the international fashion scene. Working part-time in a pizza street shop and walking the runway in Milan, the world he’s living in is at the crossroad between two complete different worlds.

Do you still love soccer? Of all forms of entertainment, soccer is the most entertaining one for me. Soccer allowed me to meet the CEO of my current agency. I’m in a soccer team, and I often got to play with the team the CEO belongs to and this is how I got to know him.

You look quite “strong”. It’s something I’ve heard constantly all my life. Even foreigners say so. They call it “strong face” (laugh). After I started working, I often heard the expression “an image never seen before”. What a blessing that my mom told me not to get double eyelid surgery.

You’re also a good fighter. I don’t know how to fight. I did graduate from an high school famous for its fights, but while my friends often got into fight when we were in school, I never got involved.

In this Milan fashion week, I was in three shows : Marcelo Burlon, Tod’s and D.Gnak. I’m not trying to beat or compare myself to my friends like (Park) Hyung Seop or (Kim) Tae Hwan, but I’m thankful because many of the countless models gathering on the international scene for the season go home empty-handed.

The thing you’re focusing on these days… My plan is still vague. I want to try to stay in New York and experience a bigger stage. Even if it means starting from scratch, I think I’ll regret it if I don’t try to do it now.

Elle - Jang Ki Yong

Jang Ki Yong

Profile. 23 years-old. Model debut in 2012. “Fashion model” award during the 9th Asia Model Awards in 2013. He was in IU’s music video “Red Shoes”. […]

Your image changed. It’s something I’ve been hearing a lot these days. I had braces when I debuted and a lot of people thought it was a fresh image and came to me. However, I feel like this “cute guy” image solidified at some point. Thankfully, I removed my braces and managed my weight, so my face structure changed and I gradually got offered to do concepts different from what I used to do.

Were you originally a student of many talents? I wasn’t. I was quite shy and passive. I think things just kept piling up in my heart. I feel it kind of came out when I started working.

Your special connection to this business world is… A year and a half ago, I shot designer Hong Seung Hwan’s look book. I was his collection’s main model. He took care of me like a father, so I’m used to get advice from him every time I have a problem.

The words you remember when you’re going through a hard time.
“It will pass this time again!” I think of any hardship given to me from heaven as something small and trivial.

The outcome you consider as priceless… When I received an award during the model awards ceremony this Spring. It made me realize that I didn’t waste my time. The dreams I have are still far from coming true, but first of all, I want to become a model who can express more diversity and portray a visual of high level.

You will be singing the congratulations song in a wedding today… My manager-nuna asked me this as a favor. It’s my first time, so I’m quite nervous. I just have to close my eyes and go for it!

Elle - Choi Min Su

Choi Min Soo

Profile. 26 years-old. He worked as a professional soldier for 4 years and got discharged in 2013. He debuted in 2014 F/W Seoul fashion week.

Choi Min Soo uploaded pleasant pictures on SNS and was discovered by his agency through cyber hunting. Unlike the famous actor who shares the same name, he has delicate features and this calm and nice image. It turns out that he actually spent half of his 20’s in the army. He never lost his fair smile during the photo shoot as he said “I’m confident that I will never fall/collapse.”

You are a former professional soldier. I wanted to become a model since middle school, but my parents were quite against it. In the end, I followed my father’s wish and I went to the army until I was 25. Still, what was I supposed to do about my dream that was still to become a model? I was then offered a good opportunity.

Living as a model… It’s really fun when you put aside the financial side of things. You do something different every day, so it’s exciting to go to the studio. It’s my first time trying this wild concept like we did today. They didn’t know if I’d have to get undressed, so I ate less yesterday and I stopped by the gym before coming to the set.

Do you display such sincerity/loyalty to the one you love?
I think I’ve never been late to any date. Yet, it’s stranger how we always break up within a month. Does it mean I will never get to meet someone I really love? I’m ambitious about my work, so I’m staying away from dating right now.

You have big enthusiasm for SNS. I uploaded many pictures while being on a trip. With some model friends, I spent two weeks in Choi Mi Ae’s guest house in Jeju Island. I spent my youth in the army, so it was my first time going to the beach with some friends.

Do you know the Elle’s Facebook page? Of course, I do ! When I was running on the treadmill, I saw your models’ posting from previous photo shoots. Won’t you do the same for me?

Elle - Kim Ki Bum

Kim Ki Bum

Profile. 20 years-old. Debut through the 2013 S/S Caruso collection. He worked as a model for General Idea online stores. “Fresh” is the word to express the first impression he gives. His pale and small face makes you want to tease him when his expression sometimes turns defenseless. However, as he wears this outfit with layers and stands in front of the camera, he oozes this “modelness” that seemed switched off. He doesn’t seem to easily back off from the things he wants, the things he likes and the determination he shows is unexpected. To this 20-year-old man who even lost a lot of weight in high school, modeling is still “the best job in the world”.

What kind of person are you? I’m someone who wants to be perfect but can’t be. My desire to show a “good image” is big. That’s why I was upset whenever I didn’t like the outcome, even if it was just a little. I felt more at ease as time went by and I told myself “it’s a good thing, even if it’s just one more time”. Now everything is just fun for me.

The things you’re passionate about… I enjoy listening to music and I’m interested in mixing. That’s why I play around with the equipment I bought. My friends and I usually rent a venue and party. When we do, I’m the DJ. When a party I’ve planned is a success, I feel great joy.

Your first love… I was in my first year of high school. I was young and clumsy, so there were many things I wanted from my girlfriend. I spilled out every thought I had. On how a relationship must be.

The charismatic man you want to look like is Kim Won Joong-hyung. Don’t you find him charismatic as soon as you see him? From what Ahn Jae Hyun says in his interviews, he seems mad cool. I respect people who donate a lot because they earn a lot of money. It’s kind of hard to be this way when you work as a model, though (laugh).

Do you think you’re an adult? I don’t. I will when I give pocket money to my mom?

T/n: I kind of summed up some of the introductions. I just focused on translating the answers because I’ve been quite busy lately, so I’m going straight to the point.

Original article: Elle
Translation: @onesunnylady – http://www.thesunnytown.com


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