Choi Seung Min’s Dance History – Sean’s Ring Ding Dong dance [13/30]

Sean - Jinusean

Sean was always a pioneer and developed new things.

He was a backup dancer for Seo Taiji and Boys until their third album. One day, he stopped and practiced with Mi Ae-nuna from the duo Chulie and Mi Ae.

Back then, I didn’t know about the dance they practiced. Yang Hyun Suk instructed me to go to the rehearsal room of Mi Ae-nuna which was in Hongdae.

So I went to this rehearsal room. Sean, “Honey Family” member Mi Ae-nuna and Park Kwang Bum (Seo Taiji and Boys’ backup dancer) were there. Back then, there was the “Ring Ding Dong” style that was used to dance on very slow hip-hop songs and it gave me this fresh feeling.

If the hip-hop dance we were seeking was limite to a dynamic music, the Ring Ding Dong dance Sean showed us stood out because it was more about hands gestures and moving your shoulders than steps that depended on the feel.

There was a lot of body waving that gave off this soft vibe. If you caught a glimpse of it, it might have looked like it had no energy and it was loose, but the rhythm lived through the waves. It was a dance that had great rhythm power.

Now that I think about it today, I think “Come Back Home”, the 4th album of Seo Taiji and Boys, was a bit similar. Sean was never scared to try new things and was really an amazing dancer.

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