[August 2013 – Cuvism] Mad Clown – Interview [2/2]

Mad Clown (2)

Part 2

The lifestyle of Mad Clown, the rapper with a distinct philosophy

How do you usually spend your day?

“SMTM” finished not long ago, so I went back to my regular daily life. I think I just listen to music a lot. I didn’t have the opportunity to listen to music while I was shooting the program. I really love the site Soundcloud. You can find many foreign musicians there. With the follow option, if I find a musician I like I can also listen to the musicians he follows. I can listen to good musicians or unknown beatmakers from all around the world. I’m addicted to this site.

I wonder if you’d like to try another music genre.

I’m intested in eletronic genre like Breakbot. I don’t know about it a lot, but if I get to release an album, I’d like to have a track like that.

Your fashion style has been quite an issue online these days. Round glasses and hats are your trademark items.

Really? This is quite funny. (laugh) Back in the day, the hyungs often told me “don’t dress like this, please!”. (laugh)

Was the style you showed on TV your regular style?

Yes. I just wore the clothes I wore at home.

When did you start wearing glasses and hats?

I’ve been wearing hats every day since elementary school. Still, it’s not because I have hair loss. (laugh) And the reason I like round glasses is because I love Hermann Hesse. I was influenced a lot when I was on my own overseas. I saw his pictures and he always had round glasses, so I wore them too.

SNS users wonder where you bought your glasses.

These ones? I was riding my bike in Namdaemun, I just saw them and I bought them. I think I got them for 20,000 wons.

I think you get many questions about your name. Right now you have two names: “Jo Hyun Jin”, “Jo Dong Lim”.

My grandfather gave me the name “Jo Hyun Jin”, my mother gave me the name “Jo Dong Lim”. Right now, I’m using the name “Jo Dong Lim”.

You sometimes do Q&A events on SNS. Do you remember one specific question?

There were many questions about my name. Or they asked me which song I have the most affection for and I replied “Loneliness in the Palm of My Hand”. As for the rest, they’re ordinary questions.

Music aside, what’s your personal dream?

I have this definite dream. I’m not like “I must become this”, I’m more like “I must live this way in a couple of years”. Either in South East Asia or Europe, if there’s somewhere I want to live, if I get the ability to make an income wherever it can be, I want to live there. If I can speak 4 foreign languages, I can write and get royalties and make music anywhere, so I can get copyrights for my music. Right now, I’m working a lot on my stocks. If this can become a fixed income, I’ll be able to go anywhere I want overseas, right? I think I must definitely do something like that later on. My dream is being able to go anywhere I want and live there.

What is “Soul Company” to you?

The place where I spent my 20’s. It’s my musical roots. Soul Company’s forever influence on Korean hip-hop is obvious. The simple fact of being able to work with them makes me proud and happy. I have some kind of love-hate relationship with it.

Please says something to the Cuvism readers.

“SMTM” gave me recognition, but it was very hard to prepare and perform at the same time in such limited period of time. There were many disappointing things. I will take my time to release a single or an album to show my musical skills. I will show even more sides of me, so I hope you will anticipate. Thank you!

Original article: cuvism
Translation: @onesunnylady – http://www.thesunnytown.com


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