Choi Seung Min’s Dance History – Takaya, the B-hyung talented dancer [16/30]


Takaya was a dancer from Japan. The standard of the Japanese dance style was very high. They had the same feel and energy as Black people, their fashion, their hair styles were also good.

One day, I went to the Moon Night Club. I noticed a Black guy who was back to me and had a dread perm. His dance style showed perfect understanding of traditional hip-hop. So, as I kept watching him, I told to one of my close dongsaengs “wow, this B-hyung (nickname for Black people) is really good. He’s so real”.

And then, oh my God! The one who stopped dancing and who was walking in my direction was an Asian guy. He was tanned and his dreadlocks were quite long. This left a deep impression on me. We greeted each other. He was a Japanese dancer who danced in the way I was longing for, in the way I had only seen on videos.

With his great mind and vision, Takaya spread the real hip-hop in Korea. He gained followers. This helped to develop the dance level in Korea.

Takaya went back to Japan about three years later after coaching Korean singers for their choreographies and helping spread the dance scene and fashion.

He’s one of the best dancers that I still remember today.

Original article: sportsseoul
Translation: @onesunnylady

t/n: I couldn’t find a picture, so it’s a Taeyang screen picture…


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