Choi Seung Min’s Dance History – DEF, the hip hop culture icon [18/30]


Do you know the DEFCOMPANY (DEF)? Nowadays, they also teach singing, but it was an academy that would teach hip hop at first. That’s why the DEF students are a bit different from the students of other academies.

Founder of DEF, CEO Yang Sun Kyu was one of the first generation dancers that worked a lot and his hip hop mind is great. The Korean hip hop educational system was lacking back in the day. It was the time when real street dance literally ruled everything.

There was no real dance theory and there were dancers showing off their skills, so it wasn’t easy to receiving proper dance training. Studying dance was “asking for the moon”. Yang CEO was painfully aware of this reality, so he created a training system for young dancers. With girls’ hip hop, cover dances, he was the number 1 leader to popularize the hip hop dance that was born on the underground scene in the end of the mid-90’s.

DEF invited foreign dancers, sponsored and supported dance shows. The guests at the DEF “dance workshops” were on the highest level. Among the Japenese dancers, there were Stezo (hip hop), “Hero (house). Among the US dancers, there was Elite Force. They bragged about having super luxury guests, even Sam, member of the Electric Boogaloos who founded the Boogaloo pop style and who didn’t easily accept invitations.

DEF was a frontrunner of the dance culture that he carried to the next level up to dream performances that upgraded the quality of the shows. I wonder if CEO Yang’s DEFCOMPANY wasn’t the biggest steppingstone of the current hallyu fever.

Original article: sportsseoul
Translation: @onesunnylady –


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