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And September is here… Well, as always, I’m still amazed how time just flies by, although you sometimes feel that your life isn’t moving fast enough. So I’m going to be honest, I’ve been slacking… a lot. That’s because I’ve been much busier. I don’t know if it showed in the very few translations I published in August. I’m also dealing with some personal stuff on my own and I need to keep my priorities straight. Anyway, if you tweeted me and I didn’t tweet back, I was not ignoring you and I will definitely work on that.

On with some news.

A couple of days ago, David Mann contacted me about a radio show he just started. He worked in Korea from 2006 to 2011. He was a teacher at first but did some acting too. He’s also a photographer and was in charge of the photography on “Hype Nation”, this movie with Jay Park and B2K members (the feels I still get whenever I mention B2K) that took forever to get a release date. His radio show is mostly about K-indie/underground scene. If you don’t know much about this aspect of K-music, this show might help you to discover some new artists.

Show times for live broadcast:
Dallas – 7 – 9PM Monday
L.A. – 5 – 7PM Monday
NYC – 8 – 10PM Monday
London – 1-3AM Tuesday
Seoul – 9-11AM Tuesday
Sydney – 10 – 12PM Tuesday

You can also learn more about the show at:
Music Player
Facebook Page:

So what do I have planned for the Sunny Town in September? Well, I don’t know what happened in August, but I translated way too much guys’ interviews. I had actually managed to translate a female celebrity’s itw, then a male celebrity’s itw back-to-back until August… Anyway, September should have more female celebrities’ interviews starting from next week… I hope.

I’m getting ready to recap the second season of my French soap opera that will start airing in October, so I won’t post any K-drama review until December.

Let’s have a great September together!


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