Choi Seung Min’s Dance History – The rise of Sadaechunwang [20/30]

Seo Taiji and boys - Comeback home - MBC

Kim Ho Jin and Shin Hyun Geun’s house dance was famous for a while. Then, they mysteriously disappeared with the appearance of Sadaechunwang. The members of Sadaechunwang were Kang Min, Oh Yoon Joo, Seo Jin Suk and yours truly.

They were backup dancers of Seo Taiji & Boys during the promotion of “Come Back Home” of their 4th full album. To be honest, Sadaechunwang could have been popular early, but Kang Min was the oldest hyung and his enlistment made the crew known later.

Each member’s dance style was different. My style was traditional hip-hop and robot moves, mad hyung Kang Min was good at mixing the house and hip hop styles to create a clean balance. Maknae Oh Yong Joo’s vibe was similar to Kang Min’s, but the hip hop he showed was more detailed. Seo Jin Suk who was the same age as me had a dancing style that gave off this loose vibe.

Through its activities, Seodaechunwang really opened the doors of the dance era. The number of dancers who followed them increased so much that you could fill 100 pratice rooms.

During Yang Hyun Suk’s prime days of the 1st hip hop generation, the dance scene was at the Moon Night Club. For Sadaechunwang which was the 2nd generation, the dance scene was a the Blue Monkeys club. When they walked into the Blue Monkeys Club, the crowd would divide in two and stared at them in awe.

This produced many famous dancers such as Poppin’ Hyun Joon, House Rulez’s Pako and Lee Young Ho, Lee Woo Sung who was a member of “The Ballerina who loved a B-boy” [t/n: it’s a musical that started in 2005], the Gorilla Crew. Dance shows, dance schools, dance videos, dance TV shows… the number of activities related to dance increased. They’re the key people to the productive activities of the current 3~4th generation of dancers.

Original article: sportsseoul
Translation: @onesunnylady –

I assume Sadaechunwang are the dancers in this performance. I love this performance and I cannot not use every opportunity I can get to show it because this was taking lip synching to another level with Lee Juno “singing” with no mic and with a mask on. I love the 90’s.


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