Choi Seung Min’s Dance History – Lee Woo Sung, Expression Crew leader [25/30]


Leader Lee Woo Sung from the Expression Crew who created the famous “Marionette” musical. I remember working with him on the SBS program “Lee Woo Sung and Turntable”.

At that time, his dancing style was based on soul dance (?) and Michael Jackson’s style. He was really an outstanding dancer, but his fame kind of cooled down through the boom of hip-hop. He still visited the Moon Night club and had great interest in hip-hop, but he had his own philosophy and he was too stubborn, so he only cared about his own style.

One day, I heard a bboy crew was being created. At that time, I wasn’t that interested. Once the “Lee Juno’s Dance factory” started, I met Leader Lee. Meeting him allowed me to see the real worth of Lee Woo Sung and Expression’s dancing.

As they used bboying, standing, and perfect bboy moves, they (Expression Crew) were recognized for their performances. Usually, bboying was everything, but they added this bboy and animation flavor. Should I say that the Jackson’s dance technique and bboying technique were good together? They always tried new challenges by combining their dances like the magic meeting with bboying.

A lot of dancers that Lee Woo Sung groomed stepped on the international scene. He groomed talented people such as Drifterz Crew’s bboy Ducky, Jaeyong, Gorilla Crew’s Ha Hui Dong, Lee Woo Jae, Kim Sang Min. Lee Woo Sung created a musical with the ones he had performed on stage with. The outstanding musical “Marionette” was created by him.

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