Choi Seung Min’s Dance History – Bboy dancer Ha Hui Dong [26/30]

Ha Hui Dong

Ha Hui Dong is a good-looking bboy dancer with an idol singer background.

He did bboy dancing in the Gorilla Crew, and he also put his bboy skills at use by working with many other crews. Among dancers, he’s called “Snake”. Because he has the visual and the talent, he also shot CF and ads, TV shows.

The first time I was introduced to Ha Hui Dong was shortly after I had met Expression Crew leader Lee Woo Sung who had created “Marionette”. My first impression was that he was quiet as if he hid his talent and his skills… Anyway, he looked quite shy.

He was a bboy dancer, but he was also interested in standing dance. I remember him often exchanging with standing dancers. He went for bboy moves, but he also wanted to bring a change by using standing moves.

After long research and efforts, he managed to change bboy standing (footwork, tamwork [?]) moves into house dance. It was the birth of the unique Ha Hui Dong’s style. His style is recognized in Korea and all around the world and his popularity in international festivals was high. He’s currently working with the bboy crew TIP. Despite the many offers he received to debut as a singer, he’s a sincere dancer who silently walks down the dance path.

Original article: sportsseoul
Translation: @onesunnylady –


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